The Performing Arts Department housed in a dedicated facility provides weekly Music and Drama lessons for all learners from Grade R to Grade 7 as part of the DPHS school curriculum. Performing Arts Director, Annette Briscoe, and Sally Perks teach music, while Glynis Harker and Daisy Spencer teach the drama lessons. In addition to these lessons, DPHS offers an extended programme that enhances the dance and musical experience to learners in the Junior Primary and Senior choirs, through the Marimba Band, Gumboot Dance Team and the Instrumental Music Programme. 

The essence of our performing arts programme is captured below, with performances captured on videos uploaded via our YouTube channel:

Early morning rehearsals ensure that choir practices do not clash with afternoon activities. Staff are greeted by enthusiastic singers who begin the day in song on rehearsal days. The choirs are closely integrated into many school functions and ceremonies and are expertly led by the team of:

  • Annette Briscoe – Conductor
  • Sally Perks – Accompanist
  • Madlen Tzankova – Technical Direction

The Drama Club facilitates weekly drama and dance activities for Senior Primary learners.

The Durban Prep Gumboot Dance Team, through their traditional stomps, claps and slaps, communicates as a closely knit unit, embodying the essence of cooperation, resilience and respect for each other in the dance. Audiences enjoy pulsating journeys, sometimes mellow, but eternally charged with discipline and mutual respect to create fun and laughter too. Gumboot Dance Team members are learners from Grade 6 and 7.

Interhouse plays for both the junior and senior primary grades, are presented at the end of the third term. Rehearsals and staging of the plays brings much excitement to the boys learners of each of the four school houses namely Bullimore, Evans, Haysom and Stubbs houses, and is a highlight of the year.

The DPHS MUSIC CENTRE hosts an after school instrumental music programme. Musicians proficient in piano, violin, guitar, recorder, clarinet, flute and percussion provide private tuition to learners on request. The Tuition Fee includes theory and aural lessons that are scheduled immediately after school on two afternoons each week. Musicians perform at regular concerts and may enter for examinations set by Trinity Guildhall or the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

Members of the popular Marimba Band are drawn from Grade 6 and 7 learners, many of whom have patiently waited to enjoy this senior priviledge. The bands’ repertoire includes traditional African music and contemporary items.

Dramatic skills practised as part of the DPHS curriculum in weekly lessons are integrated into school activities. These include Assembly Readings, Open Assemblies presented by class and grade groups, the Reception Unit Concert and the Grade 3 Concert.

The Speech and Drama department, together with the South African Speech and Drama Association hosts the Annual DPHS Speech and Drama Festival in the second term. Learners are encouraged to utilise skills developed in Drama classes when preparing items for the Festival. The Festival concludes with the annual Performing Arts Evening.