Durban Preparatory High School (DPHS) is supported by the School Governing Body, convened in terms of the South African Schools Act No 84 of 1996. The SGB plays a vital role in assisting in the governance of school matters primarily related to strategic vision, policies, plans and procedures that ensure all pupils continue to enjoy the high quality of education and overall experience for which DPHS is renowned. The SGB does not intervene with the operational management of the school, this is the responsibility of the highly capable school management team and staff. The SGB members are:

Parent Component:

  • Saadia Essack – Elected Parent Member (Chairperson)
  • Matt Pohl – Elected Parent Member (Vice Chairperson)
  • Liz Gray – Elected Parent Member (Treasurer)
  • Linden Bowes – Elected Parent Member (Secretary)
  • Jonathan de Bufanos – Elected Parent Member

Staff Component:

  • Grant Phipson –  Headmaster
  • Samantha Parry – Elected Educator
  • Luke Turner – Elected Educator
  • Anna Sacks – Elected non-educator
  • Denise Tsouris – Secretary (co-opted)