Dedicated Facilities


Innovate, Create, Collaborate and Communicate….
The DT lab is where the boys learn 21st Century Skills through access to the laser cutter, 3D printers, Arduinos and drones and any new piece of technology we can lay our hands on. In an uncertain future, where 90% of the jobs that our boys will be doing in the future have not yet been invented, and in the midst of the Technological Revolution where robots will be taking over more jobs, the DT lab is where the boys learn to program rather than think like robots!!!!

Led by the ever-popular Mrs Sam Parry, who also runs the school bodyboarding and surfing programme, learning is very much a get-your-hands-dirty, make-mistakes and blow-our-minds kind of experience. Scroll through our video gallery to see the boys in DT action!


The DPHS Learning Support Centre located in a refurbished house on Claribel Road (next door to the school) provides emotional, social and academic support to all boys from Grade R to 7, including assessment and on-site therapy sessions.

Under the guidance of Mrs Amber Kiddle – a qualified remedial specialist and the only member of the British Dyslexia Association in South Africa, the learning support team consists of well-respected and experienced professionals who, through their collective approach to each boy, ensures they are holistically supported. This team includes:

  • Director and Remedial Specialist: Amber Kiddle
  • Occupational Therapists: Kate Rowland Practice
  • Speech Therapists:  Heidi Allen Practice
  • Counselling Psychologist: Gina Laurie
  • Junior Primary – Remedial: Melanie Fletcher


The DPHS MUSIC / DRAMA ROOM is our creative hub, occupying both floors of the double story ‘Annex’ building located right next to our on-site uniform shop. This free-flowing space facilitates freedom of expression for the performing arts at DPHS from Reception Unit to Grade 7 and is used throughout the school day and into the late afternoon. Lessons, rehearsals, class group activities and extra instrument lessons are held in this specialist room, where our boys are involved in a holistic performing arts programme under the guidance of performing Arts Director, Annette Briscoe and her team of  Luisa Scarpa; Glynis Harker and Daisy Spencer. The programme is listed below, with full details of each art form noted under Performing Arts:

  • Choir
  • Choral verse
  • Class drama and music
  • Gumboot Dance rehearsals
  • Instrumental lessons: Violin, piano, guitar, voice
  • Marimba band
  • Movement and choreography
  • Orchestra rehearsals
  • Play rehearsals
  • String Ensemble rehearsals
  • Speech and drama festival


Towards the end of 2019, the Sklarchik family from the well known Press Club took over the school tuck shop, turning it into a social hub with convenient, healthy and affordable food options for our boys, staff and parents alike. Open on weekends during sports events and on other special days and evenings, this dedicated facility is a proudly Prep upgrade boasting professional and friendly service.


This Unirite uniform shop has been re-located in its new premises in the ‘Annex’ building across from the school tuck shop and next to the music room.  Owned by Mr Ebrahim Varyawa and managed by Cheryl and her staff, the professional and friendly service offered by this facility is an incredible convenience to our parents and boys.