DPHS Aftercare is a vibrant environment where Prep boys from Grade R to Grade 3 are overseen by experienced care-givers. Boys are given the opportunity to relax and play after the school day in a constructive context, and full-care boys are assisted with homework and are encouraged to manage their time productively.

Catering to as wide a range of care needs as possible, DPHS Aftercare offers the following aftercare times:

Flexi-Time: 12h40 to 14h30
Full Time: 12h40 to 17h00

Our DPHS Aftercare is housed on the same property as our Grade R Unit, catering for boys from Grades R to 3. At the end of their school day, the learners are collected from school by a DPHS Aftercare staff member and escorted to the Aftercare Centre.

They change into their civvies and head outside where numerous outdoor activities are offered, including: a large Astro area for soccer, cricket, volleyball and badminton as well as a sandpit, jungle-gym, scooter track and basketball hoop. The boys can also enjoy quiet time indoors building puzzles, creating artwork or playing with construction toys and educational games.

The friendly DPHS Aftercare staff members provide a safe and caring environment where the individual needs and well-being of the boys are met within a supervised programme, while doing homework and then enjoying the afternoons socialising with their peers.

Application forms are available from Denise Tsouris (denise@dphs.co.za) or please call 031 312 2154 for more information.