Message from the Desk of the Headmaster

Welcome back to what has already started as an extremely busy term – a third quarter that still has 46 school days left to enjoy until break-up day on Friday 20 September.  We are now into the latter half of the year with ‘time’ passing rapidly so I call on all partners not to delay in their ‘planning and presenting’ responsibilities that lie ahead.  2020 is already starting to tap on the door!
Do we take things for granted?
I had a most heart-warming experience whilst on tour in Cape Town which prompted me to begin this Prep Patter by highlighting these sentiments with you. To hopefully just raise our awareness to certain aspects in a positive way.
There are so many ‘blessings’ bestowed upon us that sometimes get taken for granted, as we hurry through the hectic pace of life and its routines, under the burden of being weighed down with deadlines, demands and expectations amongst family and the work arena – do some of these ‘blessings’ become routine or pressures that cause us to stop from pausing and reflecting on what a ‘blessing it actually is and not a burden’.
My experience was that whilst I was in Cape Town I had the opportunity to be with family and given the responsibility as ‘Papa’ (ie. grandfather) to simply walk my three grandchildren into their respective schools ie. – Pre School, girls school and the boys school and again be there in the afternoon to fetch them after their school activities.  Yes I did practice what I preach to our Prep parents – my cellphone was off at this precious time as each grandchild held tightly onto my hand sharing exciting stories about their day ahead at school, followed by each one introducing me to their teacher and some nearby friends.  This led to a ‘Proud Papa’ glowingly acknowledge the respective professionals for the love, care and guidance that they have shown to these precious children whilst in their care, remembering that they too are parents focusing their full support onto these grandchildren of mine each day.  Where does this lead me too?  Well, Prep community count it a ‘blessing’ that you have that opportunity to walk your child in to school each day too, with the same chance to just acknowledge a staff member/coach for their efforts with your children.  So please don’t waste that moment to cherish that special time with your child at the start of each day or on collection time from school.  I thus encourage both parents to share that joy when possible don’t make it the duty of one parent and be kind by calling on your parents ie. – grandparents if possible to share that experience of taking/fetching your child from school.
In reading this you might find it difficult to comprehend my message but please, focus rather on the sentiments expressed.

  • The blessing to start and end each day with your child.
  • The many blessings we have in our families, employment, homes to live in, friends, love and support.
  • The greatest school DPHS which we are all partners of.
  • Whilst looking at Table Mountain remembering what a beautiful country we are blessed with.

And so I could continue with our blessing but I will leave that for another time ….
Don’t take it for granted – enjoy it – you’ve deserved it.
This week Mrs Bush heads on her new adventure to New Zealand. We wish the Bush family much happiness as they settle down. We are delighted to welcome Mrs Linda Horning back into DPHS in this Grade 2 position.  Mrs Horning will be with us until the end of the year so that there is no further disruption to the class. Welcome and thank you Mrs Horning!
We also welcome Ms Kelly Jones who is a Grade 1 student teacher in Ms Langley’s class.
Thank you to 99% of the families who ensured that their son returned to school neatly attired and presented for the first day back last week.  It is so encouraging to note that our boys are extremely proud of their general appearance which included the standard DPHS haircut.  However I was disappointed to note that a few boys had not been well prepared for the start of this term by not abiding with the appearance expectations.  I will personally, with support from the staff, ensure that these boys do comply with the appearance standards so that we can raise the bar to 100% of our boys and again honour those boys who have made the necessary effort, on behalf of our school.
Please note that the boys have been reminded at the recent assembly that I am visiting each class to monitor these non-negotiable matters following up with consequences for those children who do not meet the set requirements.  I thus call on all families for your full co-operation in our combined efforts to focus on ‘appearance’ on a daily basis.  In closing I raise my cap to the ‘99%’ majority group for setting our high standards – 1% will not lower these efforts.

Thank you again to all partners of staff, coaches, boys and families who represented DPHS on tour last week.  Mr Dick, the overall Tour Director, needs to be acknowledged for the planning for this tour and for the support and involvement received from the combined Prep partners.  A proudly Prep effort.
I again stood proudly in admiration throughout each day watching our coaches, boys and parents stand united in support of our beloved school and all members involved.  The boys excelled in their attitudes during each fixture, off the field of play and especially in the respective ‘host family’ home.  Many Cape Town staff and parents came to me to compliment our boys on their manners and general behaviour throughout the tour which for me is far more important than these combined, wonderful results shown below.  DPHS had seven U13 teams and three U11 teams in action for the three fixtures, recording these combined results below for our school.
DPHS played 29 matches in total – won 18, drew 2, lost 9.
Your support as parents, in abundance, added to the overall success of this memorable event as DPHS crowded the side-lines encouraging our boys in their team efforts.  Another Proudly Prep memory of 2019.
There are many activities lined up in the next few days to encourage all partners to be present to cheer on the boys and staff involved.  I hereby list a few reminders from the Year Planner.  Inter House hockey matches; Inter House Cross Country at Crusaders tomorrow – compulsory for SP boys; School Cross Country League starts on Friday.

  • Start of mini hockey at Riverside – Grade 1 and 2 on Saturday.
  • Reception Unit Fun Day – Saturday – Walshaw Field.
  • House play rehearsals.
  • Marimba Band/Gumboot Dance Tour next week to Johannesburg.
  • Class Assemblies.
  • Hockey fixtures versus Umhlali – start next week.
  • Inter Schools Bodyboarding.
  • Mothers Committee Ladies Night Function.

These are some events to take us through until the end of July


Forget the advice found
in their recent reports.
Implement the academic advice given with immediate effect.
Take their ‘blessings’ for granted. Give thanks for their blessings each day.
Become idle this term. Are actively involved in the many activities
at Prep this term.
Drop their appearance
Aim for that 100% in total for appearance
amongst all boys.
Display disrespect to
any person.
Care for others.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”
B WILSONHeadmaster

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