Message from the Desk of the Headmaster

With today being the 17 April it now means that there are 39 school days left to focus on during this extremely busy second quarter.  We will soon be celebrating the mid-year break after this disrupted term of long weekends and public holidays.  Please keep your focus on the DPHS Year Planner during this period in going forward.

Recent Events
The boys were involved in the ‘Visual Screening’ process that took place last week.  It is our combined responsibility to ensure that each child is monitored with regards to their vision etc. when at school so that each one is not hampered in any way with regards to their learning programme.  Thank you to Mrs Tournier and the staff for co-ordinating this much valued and professional service for our boys.  Please ensure that any recommendations and needs are implemented with immediate effect so that we can gain the maximum benefit from the feedback provided.

It was wonderful to see the positive response in attendance numbers to the Reception Unit Activity Evening.  The boys were so excited and appreciative of the creative designs prepared by their parents.  The general buzz was one of great synergy with both mom and dad working closely together to produce a ‘Masterpiece’ with both parents actively buying in to the production and design of each item.  Well done and thank you to Mrs Phipson and the Pre Primary Staff.

Don’t forget to place your orders for the class and individual photographs also taken last week as discussed previously and with regards to the ordering process. There was such an amazing start to the rugby inter-school fixtures with a clean sweep of victories over Northlands followed by our school winning 16 out of 17 fixtures against Merchiston on Friday.  There was a test match atmosphere here during Merchiston matches with a massive turn-out of supporters throughout the day along the sidelines and especially around the refreshment area/s. It was truly a Proudly Prep experience which was complimented on by many of our own supporters and those of Merchiston.  It is highly encouraging to note the high standard of coaching structures that our teams displayed across all age-groups.  I say this without any bias but credit needs to be emphasized with regards to our coaches and boys relating to their preparation at this early stage of the season.  Congratulations Prep – may this same if not even better standard continue against Umhlali at home next Wednesday as well as at the respective age-group rugby festivals that will be held the weekend of Saturday 27 April.

‘Our Term 2’ Open Day was a great success yesterday with over 100 visitors present at   Tour 1 followed by a further ± ‘30’ families yesterday, at this stage of the year.

Thank you to all the management staff involved, the boys around the school in welcoming our visitors, as well as to ‘Prep’ for ensuring the neat appearance standards for our school.  Mrs Hunter our Marketing Director can be extremely pleased with the overall outcome.

Late Arrivals / Collections
Parents are to please take note of this urgent and important reminder to the following matters addressed below.

Start of School Day
All boys are required to be at school by the following times without any unnecessary excuse.
Grade R by 07h30
Grade 1 to 7 by 07h25 (when first bell rings(

It is totally disrespectful to our school and partners of staff and fellow pupils to arrive thereafter – at times some 20 minutes without exaggeration.  We can be understanding to the occasional late arrival but to notice the same faces arriving late each day is alarming.  It is not fair on your son to arrive into a classroom that is already settled into the first lesson and/or to a full assembly where he is now noted by the entire school.  It is also in defence of all the families/boys who make the necessary effort to comply with school times and regulations to not have their formal start to the school day disrupted whilst waiting for the late-comer/s to settle.  Your attention is urgently needed if your family/son/s are guilty of the above late arrival at school, so that consequences do not have to be seriously implemented for those late comers.

End Of School Day
We have provided for our boys in the afternoon to be under supervision of staff/coaches at extra-mural activities, homework centre or aftercare.  All families are aware that the collection of their son is to be by 14h00 at the latest if he does not have any further activity on at school.  No child can be told by their parents to simply wait at school beyond this time – sometimes for hours until the parent can fetch their son.  This means that the son is unsupervised and left to entertain himself until collection which invariably leads to ‘behaviour issues’ as the child is now bored from waiting.  Please will all families now ensure that their son then attends extra-mural activities and the supervised programmes held by the staff.  Please note that all boys involved at extra-mural activities should be received by parents immediately as they have finished practice with a ten minute leeway understood.

We still have boys after these activities now waiting until 17h00 after practices who are not moving on to the Homework Centre etc. after practice.

Please note that our staff have also had a full day of providing an excellent service to your son but also need their own personal time for their own family needs and responsibilities.  Our staff should not be expected to stand waiting after 17h00 for half an hour etc. for parents to collect their child, knowing that our kind-hearted staff will still be waiting.

I am firmly addressing these issues even though the majority of our families respond so positively to such school structures.  May I also emphasize that no Prep boy can now be instructed to wait around corners on the pavement or at shopping malls for their parents who are late to collect them.  Their security and supervision cannot be compromised on in any way and we call on all parents to respect this message of concern in the positive manner in which it is intended.

Early Closure
We received notification late yesterday from the KZN Education Department re the early closing of their Departments and schools tomorrow Thursday 18 April @ 11h00.  Please note that I plan to close the school at the following times:

Reception Unit –    10h30 
Junior Primary – 11h00
Senior Primary – 11h15

Main school staff – can depart at 11h30 (except for Homework Centre and Aftercare staff)

These staggered times are to assist with traffic congestion at collection times.

Homework Centre and Aftercare will continue as per normal.  Parents who are in a position to collect the boys attending both Homework Centre and Aftercare at these closing times or earlier than usual are encouraged to do so, although we understand this may not be suitable for all.

A plan will be put in place for those Homework Centre and Aftercare Care boys who are not collected at the closure times to be supervised by staff members who are willing to be on duty during the time prior to the official starting time of Aftercare and Homework Centre.

Long Weekend
I wish all the Prep community a very enjoyable and relaxing weekend with your family and friends.  Please travel safely to your holiday destination.  I wish those families celebrating this weekend a blessed Easter.

Prep Boys

Take their ‘senses’ for granted eg. Sight, hearing Appreciate the Vision Screening process
held at school
Arrive late for school Arrive before the warning bell at 07h25
Remain at school without any supervision Attend the extra-mural programme and or Homework or Aftercare Centres
Forget the ‘Early Closure’
Appreciate the early start to the long
Leave the academic
responsibilities until the
last minute
Follow a structural time-management
programme regarding the academics


“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending”

B WILSON Headmaster

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