Message from The Desk of the Headmaster – 18 August 2021

Right down to the last of the ‘thirties’ which now leaves 31 school days to enjoy for this third quarter.  To know that there are only 9 school days left before the ninth month of September arrives is actually alarming.


A huge thank you to so many people for your kind words of support with regards to my official letter sent last Friday regarding my retirement at the end of this academic year.

It has been an amazing journey of 36 years in serving education which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  My reasons were clearly expressed in my letter.  However, I must emphasize that my major focus is to be able to enjoy my time as ‘grandpa’ with our young grandchildren in Cape Town.  We are living our days as grandparents with them through photographs and phone calls which really leaves a vacuum in comparison to us being there in person.  The heart strings are really pulling to assist our family there with taking or fetching our young ones to school/practices, to ‘baby sit’ when needed and to share their journey of growing up through the grades, with a grandchild in Grade R, Grade 2 and Grade 5 in 2022.  After these 36 years of hosting ‘Grandparents’ assemblies in my career I cannot wait for that day for my wife and I to be in the audience watching such presentations, to then be treated in the classroom to ‘Marie Biscuit and Sprinkle’ treats and to receive cards covered in glitter and crayon.  This may sound as an exaggeration but believe me it is the honest truth – life is flowing by rapidly and before we know it these children will be at High School.  I am sure that you can relate to this in your own families where you have watched your own children ‘grow’ before your very eyes.

There is still plenty of time to travel together as proud partners of DPHS for the remainder of this year which I personally wish to enjoy each day with you as staff, boys and DPHS family members.


We are looking at fading out this form of communication in the format of this Patter by the end of this term.  The plan is to send three such Patters until then whilst steering and educating our families to be into other media resources available for Prep.  Parents will thus find and refer to the detail that they are specifically interested in.  Further details and guidance will be sent to you in due course of the proposed system which is actually already in place, for your usage.  I will still be preparing my weekly “Message from the Headmaster” which I plan to have distributed every Wednesday which may carry general and official content.  Please make the necessary effort to enjoy all formats of communication that will be shared.


Please note that we at school are constantly monitoring the health and safety standards that need to be practised on a daily basis.  We are also aware of the rise in positive cases across our province with more cases recorded amongst people of varying ages in KZN.

This message again serves as a reminder to all parents that it is of the utmost importance that you continue to inform the school immediately of a suspected or positive case involving your family.  We are extremely grateful to the parent community of Prep for their genuine, on-going support in this matter but I need to remind everyone that no casualness or chances can be taken at any time.  It is due to our combined sharing and monitoring of such information that we are still able to function throughout each school day with peace of mind.

These are anxious times but with the continued focus and buy in from all of us we will be able to provide our academic and extra mural programmes on a daily basis.


I will encourage all our boys and families to please support this charity that we as Prep care for on an annual basis.  This is the year where we can really commit to “feeding the babies” in desperate need and thus raise our highest amount to forward onto this organization.  Please send such financial amounts through to the school remembering that your son is expected to raise these donations through doing his household chores.


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –        Talin Naidoo           –        Grade 3 Logan

SP      –        Art Mpungose         –        Grade 7 Davis


“A life lived for others is a life worth while.”

Kind regards


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