Message from the Desk of the Headmaster

We are now into the first full week of the year, with 7 days having passed.  I can confidently state that we had a wonderful start to the year with the school buzz and functionality at a high.  Well done to staff, boys and parents for the combined synergy that has been created so far.

The large number of parents attending each of the respective grade evenings is greatly appreciated by the staff. This support really assists us in sharing the relevant information with our Prep community so that we can practise a common focus on certain school, grade and classroom issues.  Please ensure that these structures are followed and implemented as soon as possible especially regarding your son’s progress and involvement.
I hereby remind you of some of these points that I shared with you at each of the evenings.

A. “Lighthouse Leaders”
This is our school theme for the year that has been clearly explained to each class from Grade R to the senior Grade 7 level.  Please continue to include this “Lighthouse” theme at home with your son eg. – how brightly his lighthouse lights are shining with regards to his behaviour, completing of household chores etc.

Late arrival – The new system of all school gates been locked at 7h25 is already proving valuable with our security control throughout the day now tightened up.  Please note that the only entrance is through the front reception area until 13h35 when gates will be re-opened for collection of your son, after his academic day at 13h40.

This system has also assisted us with our controlling of the ‘late arrivals’ for school where there has already been a major improvement with regards to late-comers.  Please remember that I/or a member of management will be on duty at reception to receive any boy arriving late, record his name in the “lates file” and then monitor this boy/s for the first period at the area adjacent to the hall.  These boys will be then sent to class at 8h00.


  • Boys are not allowed to bring cell phones to school.  Parents are to please monitor this so that no cell phone is confiscated if this matter is not adhered to.
  • I have requested at the evenings for parents to not bring or collect their child from school whilst talking on their cell phone.  Please use this as quality time to wish your son well for the day and then eagerly await to receive his exciting news of the school day, on collection.  You can do it parents!

C        TRAFFIC

I will be taking a firm stance on monitoring family members with regards to those who selfishly disrespect the laws of the road and their fellow DPHS families around our school.  These are the issues that need immediate attention:

  • Double-parking to let your son out.
  • Parking on the pavement.
  • Leaving your car unattended in front of a driveway.
  • Parking on red lines in the road.
  • Stopping on the corners with the car sticking out into the oncoming traffic.
  • Speeding along the roads around school.
  • Racing into a parking bay whilst children are nearby.
  • Doing a U turn across the solid barrier line.
  • Crossing the barrier line to take up a parking bay on the opposite side of the road ie. – facing the on-coming traffic.
  • Calling your son to cross the road away from the controlled pedestrian crossing.
  • Hooting for your son’s attention.
  • Being impatient.

There are a dozen reasons listed above to clearly show why there is major concern for the safety of our Prep community around the school.  Each family is to fully respect these reasons so that we can all be consciously aware of the safety of all, especially our boys getting out of a car and crossing the road.


Please ensure that your school fees are paid as expected, not only now at the beginning but also throughout the year.
Thank you to the staff for hosting these information evenings this week and for your attendance and involvement.  A proudly Prep effort.


  • All the boys who have been selected so far for the various teams in all age groups across the codes.
  • The Grade 7 boys who will be receiving their Grade 7 leaders tie at assembly this coming Monday 27 January.
  • The boys who were voted in by their peers in the respective houses to be the House and or Vice Captain for Bullimore, Evans, Haysom, Stubbs at the house meetings on Friday.
  • The boys who will have qualified for the DPHS Top 10 Championship Gala to be held next Tuesday evening at 17h30.
  • All our new boys to Prep who have made the necessary effort to be actively involved in all aspects of their Prep life.
  • Our past staff member and parent namely Sean Everitt who is the Head Coach of the Sharks rugby team and his newly appointed Captain Lukhanyo Am – DPHS wishes you gentlemen and the Sharks a most rewarding and successful 2020 season.

I was really looking forward to watching our cricket teams in action this week/end against Clifton but unfortunately I have just been called to attend an urgent SA Schools Rugby Committee meeting on which I serve, in Cape Town on Friday and Saturday.  I will be watching the results from there in true Prep spirit.  Mr Phipson will lead the school on Friday. Go Prep!

We have had our first week back to monitor and introduce our ‘Mr Prep’ for the JP and SP phases ie. – a boy selected by his class teacher in each of the classes who has been neatly presented for school – polished shoes, garters, neat haircut and uniform.  Each week the selected boys will be sent to my office to show me why they are Mr Prep, leaving me to choose the overall Mr Prep from the JP and the SP sections.  These two recipients will be announced in the Prep Patter every Wednesday and will also be called up in front of the school at the main assembly on Friday.  Please encourage your son to be that Mr Prep every day and if he does receive the overall recognition then please celebrate this proudly Prep achievement.  We do by giving the two boys at assembly, each week, a sponsored stationery pack from Stanleys Stationers.
Congratulations to our first Mr Prep’s of 2020
JP      Michael Barritt        –        Gr 1 May
SP      Ntsika Mkize           –        Gr 7 Jali


Let their lighthouse wobble in a breeze. Stand tall and proud as a lighthouse, shining brightly.
Forget what their parents shared with them from the information evenings. Practise all the constructive positive points from the information evenings.
Arrive late for school. Get to school well on time.
Allow their parents to break the ‘traffic’ laws around Prep especially. Insist that their parents respect the ‘traffic’ laws.
Show any selfish behaviour. Celebrate the achievements of their peers.

The greatest limitations in life are the ones we place on ourselves”.


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