Message from the Desk of the Headmaster

Welcome back to the fourth and final term which as you read this today, now leaves 44 school days left to enjoy until break up day on Wednesday 4 December.  I have called on all staff and boys throughout the school – Grade R to Grade 7 – to focus on a committed school effort to make this the most positive term in all aspects for the year.  Please join us as parents in supporting our drive to make this happen where we can continue to build on and celebrate our call for 2019 of “Celebrating and Creating Champions”
In support of the above paragraph I share with you my call to the school at assembly to celebrate in advance a term of zero tolerance for any anti-social behaviour ie – a final lap of encouragement amongst all partners highlighting the aspects of excellence, we are privileged to share as partners in our GREAT school on a daily basis.  This means that we need all hands on deck in all departments of the school as well as at home to buy-in to our school focus for the term ie – let us be there to encourage, motivate, inspire growth in each individual as a partner in Prep.

If you have been watching or reading about the Rugby World Cup in Japan then you too would have noted that spirit of ‘Ubuntu’ amongst the spectators from around the world – even more so from the Japanese spectators and public who have welcomed visitors to their country and who have embraced each match with their attendance to a sold out capacity for the respective matches.  Let this fourth term also be a World Cup term for Prep where our respect for Ubuntu meaning ‘humanity’ translated as “I am because we are,” or “humanity towards others” is highlighted in the brightest spotlights.  Each class has thus been asked to return to the classroom and together with their teacher decide on a word that they as the ‘we’ have chosen to be there for each other.  When I visited the classes throughout the day I was encouraged how proudly each class expressed their selected word and the heart-warming reasons that they had identified in choosing their most suitable word to respect and focus on for the term.  This again clearly emphasized the values and principles that we as ‘Prep’ uphold and continue to build on as we “develop our boys for life.”
Please ask your son to share with you their class ‘word’ for this term and to explain to you how he and his class members will strive to show this value on a daily basis.  Therefore any negative, hurtful, unkind words or actions ‘trespassing’ will definitely be made to feel most unwelcome amongst our Proudly Prep partners in our positive environment.  Your encouragement and input will be so greatly appreciated so that our commitment to Ubuntu is enhanced by all, at all times of the day, for all to celebrate in a most meaningful manner.

There will be another opportunity to stand united in our spirit of goodwill and cheer this Friday as we join our country in the “Go Bokke” dress-up for our Springboks involved at the World Cup in Japan.  You do not have to be a rugby follower here at school to support the call for our showing of being Proudly South African as a Proudly Prep partner.  We as staff and boys are encouraged to wear the following to school on Friday. ie – from Grade R to 7 (and staff)
Dress Code for Friday
Running shoes (preferably white) Grade R to wear their normal footwear.
White tennis socks or Prep white socks.
White shorts or Prep blue tour shorts.
A Springbok/SA Rugby Jersey and/or T Shirt.
NB – Please note that none of the above need to be purchased for this supporting drive as any green shirt can also be worn to be part of our ‘Go Green Springbok” dress day.
No school uniform is needed for this Friday.  However if your son is not wishing to be part of the Springbok call then normal school uniform is to be worn.  No other items representing other countries are to be brought to school even if you are not a South African rugby supporter – this is Springbok Day and not World Cup Day.  Our national team also plays against Italy this Friday so let us really support the national spirit of the day.  Go Bokke!

2019 Water Polo on Tour

To our Grade 4 section who leave on their excursion this Thursday returning on Friday.  These life skills experiences always add to the growth of each individual whilst together learning away from school.  Thank you to Grade Leader Mrs Miloszewski, the Grade 4 staff, you as parents and the boys for making this tour another positive reality.  Enjoy and celebrate friendships!
To our 1st Team Water Polo squad who left on Wednesday afternoon for their involvement in the National Water Polo tournament hosted by our good friends SACS in Cape Town.  We appreciate the coaching/managing efforts of Mr May and Mr Ferreira as well as the boys (and parents) who will be on tour in their role of ambassadors for Prep.  I look forward to attending and cheering the team on from the side of the pool.  Go for it Prep and let us return victorious on Sunday to celebrate our ‘Champion’ efforts.
You will already have been reminded about the “Market Day” hosted by our Grade 7 leaders next Tuesday 8 October.  This opportunity is an extension to their academic programme and the entrepreneur section that they study in this grade.  They can now create a practical experience for the school to enjoy when all grades are invited to purchase from the wide variety of market stalls available.  This annual event is a highlight for the boys and staff so please remind your son to come prepared to enjoy the day!
We welcome our professional presenter Mrs Kasia Vosloo and her show “Show Chef” to our school this coming Monday 7 October.  A letter has already been sent explaining the full details of this show celebrated in schools and the benefits gained in healthy eating, food types, general knowledge on food etc.  Our boys will be enriched and well educated from their attending and involvement in this presentation.  Enjoy!
Please read the Prep Patter in its entirety and then share the Prep Patter with your son so that he too is well informed of the content expressed within.  This Prep Patter has been streamlined for you via various media forms so there is no real excuse not to enjoy the Prep news shared on a weekly basis.  I have informed the boys that next week I will be questioning them individually or as a class as to the content in the Prep Patter – which I and the staff expect them to be aware of.
There is much relevant information of past or forthcoming events, achievements, results, and general reminders about the busyness at Prep each week.  A lot of effort and time is spent by the staff with their respective contributions, the staff in typing the information and then especially with Mrs Hunter (Marketing) who has to collate and design the information for our electronic usage.  Please appreciate these combined efforts and share the Prep Patter each week at home.  Thank you.


Waste their abilities during the next 44 days. Rise to their highest levels in the time ahead.
Express or practise any negativity this term. Celebrate the spirit of “Ubuntu” each day.
Forget to support our Friday “Go Bokke” dress day. Cheer proudly for their country South Africa.
Let their parents not share the ‘Prep Patter’ with them. Remind their parents to share the Prep Patter content each week.
Be ‘lazy’ in their extra mural efforts. Commit enthusiastically to their extra-mural progress.

Thank you to the school for respecting our DPHS dress standards for the start of this term.  Our boys are presenting themselves as Proudly Prep ambassadors.  Well done Prep – our ‘Mr Prep’ programme commences from next week where our achievers will be highlighted on a weekly basis.
Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, which is a most beautiful gift to that person.

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