Message from the Desk of the Headmaster

‘Double’ 2 = 22 = the amount of school days left until break up day on Friday 20 September.  August is almost behind us so brace yourself for an exciting finale to the term filled with action-packed events to enjoy.
Welcome to our Friends and Founders Week where we celebrate the 109 history of our school, through our athletics programme and the various functions namely:

  • JP and SP Field Events.
  • U9 800m and Tug of War.
  • SP 1200m and Tug of War.
  • Friends and Founders Flag raising Ceremony 08h00 Thursday.
  • JP Athletics Meeting – 09h45.
  • SP Athletics Meeting – 14h00.
  • Friends and Founders Day Social Function – 18h30.

Please note that we also include the Inter School Cross Country run on Friday at Crusaders Club, the full round of hockey fixtures versus Glenwood Prep, the 1st Team hockey involvement at the Clifton Hockey Festival at Riverside this weekend and our Grade 1 and 2 Mini Hockey programme on Saturday morning.
We strongly encourage you to please attend these events, in full cry, wearing your respective proudly Prep house colours, to cheer your son and his house on to victory.
Every family is cordially invited but I personally remind every Grade 7 family that this will be their son’s final athletics celebration at DPHS – please do not miss it!
I wish our House Staff, House Captains and their teams a most enjoyable Athletics Day as you challenge for ‘Champion’ House.
Here we go – Bullimore, Evans, Haysom, Stubbs.
Here we go – Prep!!

Please make every effort to attend the function on Thursday evening starting at 18h30.  It is an event for parents, Old Boys who have finished High School and Staff to enjoy as an annual ‘birthday’ celebration for our school.  You will have read that we are hosting this function down on the field/pathway around the “Prep Club” who have kindly agreed to – cater for our food and refreshments.  There will also be some live entertainment provided by an Old Boy enjoying his reunion here at Prep so this does really promise to be a fresh and well-deserved treat for all partners to enjoy.  Thank you to our School Trust, Prep Club and our Director of Marketing Mrs Tarryn Hunter for co-ordinating the celebration for us.  Happy memories – happy times now – happy future for our beloved school – Prep!
Carrying on from the above theme of Friends & Founders, when we pay our respects to our journey at Prep and life, I also now invite families to support my message here on ‘reflection’ through those fond memories we sometimes hide away.  I have recently called on families to enjoy quality family time through playing ‘board games’ together but I now add to this by calling on you to gather the family around the table as you bring out those dusty photo albums.  I guarantee you that this will be a time filled with much laughter, lots of banter and maybe even some heartfelt tears but it will be a most precious experience for all family members.  Have you as parents shown the family photographs relating to your:

  • Early childhood days.
  • Primary school years.
  • High school achievements – matric dance.
  • Performances in the house plays/concerts.
  • Sports teams photographs or action moments.
  • Dating days ie. – when mom and dad met.
  • University or college days.
  • Wedding day memories.
  • Children at birth and as toddlers.
  • Family celebrations at birthday parties: those turning ‘1’ special treats.
  • Memories of your children on the first day at school and/or their final day at school.
  • Family holidays that years later you have forgotten about.
  • Relatives, distant family members, grandparents etc.
  • House where you grew up in.
  • Neighbourhood friends.
  • Certificates of achievements.
  • First car/bicycle.
  • Trips around early ‘Durban’ eg. – how the beachfront or your neighbourhood has changed.
  • Fashion styles at that time – some may even get framed and placed on the lounge/bedroom wall.

The list is endless but I am positive that you and the family will be in for a treat – some of your photographs may even become sought after pieces amongst the family members.  I look forward to any feedback from any family who followed this advice – maybe you can let your son bring a photograph of mom and dad in their early years to share with ‘Mr Wilson’ in my office – I dare you!  Enjoy your ‘trip down memory lane’ – don’t hide those fun and quality memories away!

Again the above ‘memory’ call is linked to our Grade R staff and boys who hosted their concert here at school last Thursday evening.  If you were in the audience then I know that you will again rise to a standing ovation in applauding this team for these proudly Prep achievements and memories.  It is remarkable to witness how confident each young man was in their combined efforts of speech, song, dance and movement, in their amazing costumes celebrating ‘Shake Up at the Lake’.  Congratulations to Mrs Phipson, her staff and boys for proving to us that our school call of ‘from small beginnings better fortune follows’ is so true.
A proudly Prep memory to celebrate!
It is that stage of term where some boys again need to give that necessary attention to their appearance for school.  Polished shoes, garters and haircuts need to be constantly monitored.  Prep boys know that it is their responsibility to present themselves at the highest levels of appearance during the academic day and the extra mural programmes.
Please ensure that your son’s hair is neat and tidy ie. short back, sides with no ‘mop’ of hair on top.
Thank you to the many DPHS families who respect this standard of appearance.  I raise my ‘Prep’ cap to you.


Let their house down by not giving of their honest efforts. Proudly contribute to the success of their ‘house’ at Prep.
Disrespect the efforts of any individual representing their house or team. Applaud and encourage the efforts of all Prep boys.
Forget to remind their parents about attending the Athletics Day. Remind their parents to also wear the house colours in support.
Let mom and dad hide those family photographs. Encourage the family to bring out those photo albums.
Simply allow those past days to be forgotten. Cherish those Prep and family memories.


JP –    Reed Kent              –        Grade 2 Murphy

SP –    Alexander Blyth      –        Grade 6 Richards

“Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards”.

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