Message from the Desk of the Headmaster

We are now well into the third quarter embracing a programme packed with continuous assessments relating to tests, projects, orals, classwork and homework tasks as well as a wide range of cultural and extra mural activities to participate in.  The term has got off again to a solid start in all the three pillars of academics, cultural and sport activities with our staff, coaches, boys and parents showing a positive and appreciated ‘hands-on’ approach.  We look forward to this combined Prep synergy continuing throughout the remainder of the term ie. – the 31 days left to enjoy.
I managed to receive the official letter yesterday from the Department of Education for the appointment of our Head of Department (HOD) position in the school.  We have been eagerly awaiting for the document so that we can now welcome the person into this role.  Our interview Committee of SGB and Management had interviewed five applications early on in the year and thus required the department’s official approval of the successful candidate.  It gives me great pleasure to now formally announce that our own Mr Ross Bedford (Grade 7 teacher) and who has been ‘acting’ in this position, is now permanently appointed by the State as the DPHS SP HOD.

Ross Bedford : New HOD at DPHS

This announcement was shared with our staff yesterday which was also met with much delight.  I now officially forward this information on to our Prep community who I am sure will be just as excited to recognise Mr Bedford’s acknowledgement.  He has fully dedicated himself to all his responsibilities in and out of the classroom as well as with the extra management and leadership duties given to him throughout his years of service at DPHS.  Take a bow Mr Bedford as we now proudly applaud you as a Head of Department (HOD) at DPHS Congratulations!
We have noticed that there has been a general improvement with regards to various DPHS standards for which we are extremely grateful.  There are still very few ‘slip-ups’ in these aspects but as stated before consequences are implemented to prevent such re-occurrences.  Thank you for attending to:

  • Appearance in uniform and extra mural kit.
  • Haircuts.
  • Polished shoes/Garters.
  • Punctuality for school, extra mural activities and fixtures.
  • Attention to classwork/study responsibilities.
  • Manners practised by a DPHS boy.
  • Commitment to extra mural activities.

We look forward to these standards been maintained throughout the rest of the term.
We as the school management team have been again following up on re-visiting our ‘security standards’ across the school on a daily basis.  Although we have a strong presence of our front-line security guards at all entrances we are also noticing a general free-flow of adults whether it be parents, service-providers and visitors around the school during the academic days/hours.  It is being discussed at present to now look at the front of the school as the only official entrance during the day ie – thus locking all other entrances after early morning drop off and then opening gates again at the end of the school day for collection.  This means that all partners visiting the school will be screened and monitored by our security at reception which will heighten up our general awareness as to ‘who’ and ‘why’ it is necessary for any such persons to be around the school building during the teaching times.  If it is essential then boys could be called to reception from class to be collected for doctor’s appointments or to receive items instead of at times being met around our school.  Please note that this monitoring and appraisal of security measures by management and staff receives constant and thorough attention on a most regular basis so that we can continue to provide for the ‘safety’ of all DPHS partners.  I will keep you updated once we have formally finalized any such decisions.  I am well aware that you as family members always warmly embrace any security upgrades relating to our school.
Our senior boys are at present in Bethlehem participating in the National Schools Tennis Tournament held there annually.  Our teams have produced pleasing results in the local  domestic tennis leagues but this opportunity will afford our boys the chance to compete against some of the best tennis playing schools in the country –  which, I proudly say, we are one!  Thank you in abundance to our Director Mrs Smith, staff and coaches on tour, as well as to the many parents who will be present to positively cheer Prep on from the sidelines.  Here we go Prep – Lets go!

2019 Senior Tennis Tour to Bethlehem

I remind you again that I am presently at the conference for Headmasters of all boys ‘State’ schools across the country.  It is always such an enriching experience for all present to be addressed by leading presenters in education and to also share in common ‘best’ school practices that we enjoy in each of our well-respected schools.  I look forward to sharing any such ideas/initiatives with our management, staff, parents and boys on my return.  Please see our Deputy Mr Phipson if there are any urgent matters in my absence as I will also be in regular contact with school.
You will hopefully have noticed and read in the recent Prep Patters that I have been sharing some ‘food for thought’ ideas about general school functionality and reaching out further to include positive life-skills for young and old to ‘chew’ on and ‘digest’ ie – implement.  I would again like to finally touch on ‘Accountability’ which is clearly defined as ‘accepting responsibility for oneself’.
I thus continue by sharing some points that will ignite ‘families’ to encourage and implement especially in our combined development  of our boys for now and the future.

  • The responsibility of your son keeping his bedroom clean and organized.
  • Taking out his own school uniform and getting it ready for the next day – especially his PE kit.
  • Polishing his own shoes.
  • Preparing or assisting him with his ‘lunch-box’ for the school day ie. – making his sandwiches and for his brothers/sisters and parents even if it is just once a week.
  • Feeding his pets – food and water on a daily basis.  So often the child wants the pet but the novelty of ‘caring for’ soon wears off.
  • Laying the dinner table – clearing the dinner table.
  • The washing of the dishes.
  • Washing the family car.
  • Making his own bed.
  • Preparing the coffee/tea tray for the family.
  • Doing his own homework.
  • Packing his sports-kit/PE kit that he will be wearing.
  • Remembering his cap/blazer and or tracksuit top etc.
  • Ensuring that he gets his homework book signed as well as the reply slips.
  • Looking after his possessions and using his pocket money to replace those lost or broken items.
  • Practising daily with a meaningful ‘good night’ or ‘good morning’ greeting to family members.
  • Getting to school on time even if it is up to him to ensure that the family are punctual in meeting these time needs.
  • Helping with the braai/especially the meat.
    The list is endless but I do hope that you as partners in Prep will reflect positively on the above mentioned and even start to practise and implement such ideas.  I would also welcome any further ‘accountability’ measures that you as a family already implement with much success so that I could share the positivity amongst other Prep families in our combined efforts to educate our boys in the ‘accountablity’ factor – it is not always meant for other partners to take ownership for matters that are genuine life-skill learning experiences.  Enjoy.

PS – Please be ‘accountable’ by sharing the content of the Prep Patter with your son/family each week.  Thank you.

We at our recent assembly paid our respects to this public holiday this Friday – National Women’s Day.  We as a school, especially on all boys school, do warmly acknowledge the presence and the positive influence that ladies young and old, share in our own families, school environment and society.  We as DPHS honour and respect ‘National Women’s Day’ and hereby express our love and appreciation to ladies not only on this public holiday but each day.
Happy ‘National Women’s Day’

Slip–up on any DPHS standards. Build on these standards daily.
Become casual in any security aspects. Remain alert to any security observations/needs.
Demand ‘pocket-money’. Earn their pocket money.
Disrespect any person especially the ladies. Respect the ‘female’ gender at all times.
Look for excuses. Strive for practising “Accountability”

JP – Michael Spooner                  –        Gr 3 Veerasamy
SP – Ike Githinji                         –        Gr 7 Davis

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right”

B WILSON – Headmaster

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