Message from the Desk of the Headmaster – 01 October 2020

I remind you that our DPHS fourth term began on Monday this week with us now launching into the final programme for 2020. 
You will have recently received the academic reports which I do hope you were able to spend quality time going through the entire document with your son. 
We are well and on track here at DPHS with our academic planning ready to focus on this important final quarter.  Let us continue to combine our efforts into making this remainder of the year a most productive and rewarding finale for all Prep partners.  Positive energy will bring those positive outcomes.

It is true – we celebrated the exciting news received that Mr Chad Fisher (Grade 5) and Miss Lauren Hardouin (Grade 2) got engaged on Tuesday.  We as the staff have been quietly waiting for the day of announcement to arrive and were thus delighted to be able to be part of this celebration.  May their exciting journey ahead be blessed in abundance with much love and happiness.  Congratulations to Miss Hardouin and Mr Fisher.

Please understand that we have throughout this Covid-19 Pandemic tried to accommodate all our families and staff, by making decisions in the best interests of all partners.  Judging by the response of our families, by now sending their son back to school in the vast majority, shows that the guidance provided by DPHS has been greatly appreciated.
You are also aware that there are other directives and health standards that need to be respected before rushing into any decision.  Hence with the above in mind, we as the School SMT are presently looking at options of how and when to have our boys back at school on a daily basis.  We must know with “peace of mind” that the timing is right for Prep to move from the alternating day programme to that of being present on a daily basis – a decision that I am sure we would all look forward to.
DPHS is aware of the general pressures and concerns that are felt amongst our Prep community, as well as your personal viewpoints.  Please rest assured that we have and will continue to give our full attention to this matter with further communication to be forwarded as soon as possible.
Your respected and on-going support is most definitely valued throughout these challenging times – thank you.

There has definitely been an improvement with attention given to the appearance standards expected of a DPHS boy with regards to haircuts, garters, polished shoes with the focus on daily appearance.  I have personally visited each SP class throughout this week to, with the assistance of the teachers, monitor these standards especially now as we begin our final term.
I will be moving to the JP Section shortly and ask that our families in this phase use this message again as an advanced notice to prepare for and to ensure that their son is neatly groomed for school.
Thank you DPHS for your support in this level of excellence that all partners should be constantly monitoring in our combined efforts.


“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Kind regards
Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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