Grade 7 | Market Day 2019

As part of the Grade 7 Economic and Management Sciences curriculum, the boys have a section on Entrepreneurship. In the spirit of good business development, and management, the Grade 7 boys host a Market Day, in the 4th term, each year.
In the lead-up to the day, the boys cover sections, through the curriculum such as Business Management, Advertising and Marketing, Skills & Characteristics of an Entrepreneur, as well as the Economic and Accounting principles of running a business.
The boys are split into groups and have to plan and prepare or the market day, from scratch. A business plan must be submitted prior to the day, in order for the staff to evaluate the planning phase of the event.
The day itself is a highly anticipated event on the school’s calendar as the boys sell their wares to the rest of the school, and of course the staff! Each group must sell a certain number of products that are home/handmade.
Funds are generated by each group having to pay “rent” to the school, and this money is then donated to a worthy cause.
2019’s edition of the Grade 7 Market Day was one to remember, with the many stalls selling out completely, and most groups making a healthy profit for their efforts.

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