Grade 2 Assembly for Grandparents Day

The Grandparents’ assembly presented by the Grade Two boys on behalf of the school, was absolutely delightful! The boys did themselves and the school proud as they entertained the Prep Grandparents with a “Once upon a Time” tale. The combination of the story, humour, singing and acting made for a wonderful show and from the audience’s feedback it was thoroughly enjoyed. The Grade Two and Music & Drama staff are thanked for their creativity and dedication in producing this special assembly.

At the conclusion, the Reception Unit and Junior Primary grandparents were invited to visit their grandsons in their classrooms where they were presented with a gift which had been prepared with much love – a potted seedling from the RU boys, a hand decorated shopping bag from the Grade Ones, a beaded bookmark from the Grade Two boys and a sweet treat from the Grade Threes. We thank our Grandparents for visiting our school and trust that they were made to feel as special as they are.

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