From the Desk the Acting Headmaster – 25 March 2022

The First Term has drawn to a close and we now have the opportunity to reflect on all that we have achieved in a very short space of time.  DPHS is “alive” again and the restrictions over the last two years are starting to feel like a distant memory with classes back to normal, fields packed with boys taking part in sport and the cultural programme in full swing.  The outstanding start to 2022 has filled us with hope and determination to make the most of all the opportunities available to us.


Term 1 Reports for Grades 1-7 have been sent home and I encourage you to sit down with your son and take some time to discuss the contents of the report.   Please pay particular attention to the class teacher’s comments and observations.  All Senior Primary reports indicate a level of attainment, in the form of a percentage mark, for each content based subject.  It is very important not to see this as a stand-alone mark but to always compare it to the Grade average as this will give a better understanding as to the level at which the new concepts have been grasped.  The Grade R and Junior Primary Phase have already had their “Teacher/Parent” meetings while all Senior Primary parents will be given the opportunity to meet with your son’s class teacher early next term to discuss school related matters.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Lambert, who filled in for Mrs Schamotta while she was on accouchement leave, for her outstanding service at DPHS.  Mrs Schamotta’s subsequent decision to resign, in order to spend more time with her new young family, has meant that we are now able to permanently welcome Miss McIntosh onto the DPHS staff.  The McIntosh family have a long-standing connection with DPHS and we are very excited to secure the services of Miss McIntosh as we know that her Grade 4 class will continue to be in very capable hands for the remainder of the year.  Welcome Miss McIntosh.


I am sure that you have all seen the improvement to the Gordon Road entrance with the building of the new wall and the revamping of the gardens.  We will continue the improvement of our gardens in a six-phase project and look forward to having beautiful, indigenous gardens at DPHS.  The building of the new Design Technology Centre has begun and we expect to have this project completed by the beginning of July.  You will be able to watch this new space develop as it is attached to the DPHS Learning Support House on the recently acquired lane.  The new facility will ensure that we continue to set the standard in this exciting and very important learning area for boys.


It has been so encouraging to see Prep Boys doing what Prep Boys do well!  The cricket season was very successful and was capped off with a most enjoyable DPHS/PhotoNote Cricket Festival and tour to St Stithians. The local Water Polo matches, coupled with the tour to Johannesburg and the First team tour to celebrate Selborne’s 150th birthday was yet another sport in which our boys once again highlighted the fact that we are indeed a school to be reckoned with.

The Swimming code was very busy with numerous inter-school galas and three very successful Top 10 D & D Galas.  Our Tennis continues to grow at an alarming rate, we again had boys make representative teams, and we now look forward to a term of inter-school fixtures.  These are just some of the sports in which our boys have been able to participate and we now encourage you to ensure that your son is making the most of the extended DPHS programme by ensuring that he participates in an extra-mural sport or club activity in the second term.  It is through Sport that he will learn to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle while enhancing his social and emotional development.


A special appeal to parents dropping off boys in Gordon and Rosetta Road: Please be considerate of those around you as this area can get very congested in the morning.  We have two schools in close proximity and have had numerous unpleasant incidents this term that could have been avoided if a little patience and consideration were shown between drivers.

Please continue to keep abreast of all the DPHS news by making use of the D6 and by following us on Facebook, Instagram or by visiting the DPHS Website in order to get all the latest news and results.


We wish you all a relaxed and enjoyable holiday and look forward to having everyone back at DPHS on the 5TH April, ready and excited for the new and extremely busy term ahead.

Kind regards


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