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Into the ‘twenties’ now as the countdown reaches ‘27’ days left to celebrate in this extremely busy third quarter.  We are now well into August with a full calendar of events to enjoy in the remaining two weeks of this month.  It is quite alarming to note that the ninth month of 2019 is knocking on the door already.
I report back to the Prep community that the Headmaster’s Conference that I attended last week, was most rewarding with the opportunity to share in workshops relevant to our modern day education programmes.  The presenters were of the highest standard leading us to brainstorm topics relating to: (to mention just a few)

  • South African systems in Education.
  • Managing change.
  • Demystifying a complex technology world.
  • Reflect actions for Leaders.
  • The purpose of sport.
  • Parental role and involvement.
  • Identifying personality traits.

You will see from the above that a wide variety of relevant matters were shared throughout a jam packed agenda.  I am sure that I will be able to implement many ideas and promote further development and progress with our staff and Prep community as we strive to build on our levels of excellence here at Prep.  I could sit there proudly and quietly acknowledge that many of the strategies are already practised at DPHS which highlighted the ‘why and how’ that we as DPHS believe in, in our drive of “developing our boys for life.”
I also share with you that our School Management team are also holding our own workshop where we will spend our morning/s together to focus of DPHS present and future styles/structures and needs in our committed vision to “Prep 2019 and beyond …..”
Rest assured that our combined wisdom, passion and vision is close to all our Prep hearts in ensuring that the valued and respected standards across all grades, codes and departments are not compromised in any way – sentiments that our School Governing Body and Trust fully support.

This tour was truly an amazing success judging by the positive feedback expressed by staff, boys and parents.  We may not have ended in the top positions on the courts but as a school we have ‘won’ in the eyes and hearts of many.  Positive feedback has been received relating to:

  • The only school that had 5 teams present-most schools bringing an ‘A’ side and some with a ‘B’ side.
  • The behaviour of the boys throughout the entire tour both on the court and on the sidelines and in the hostel.
  • Our boys saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to the hosting staff and at meal times and in the hostel.
  • The neatness of the boys.
  • Showing that you can knock a Prep boy down but you will never knock him out – a never give up attitude.
  • The passion, commitment and dedicated service shown by the staff on tour.
  • The large number of parents supporting the tour with positive cheer for DPHS at all times.

Thank you to all partners for ensuring that this event has been another ‘Proudly Prep’ experience to celebrate.

There has been much hard work and excitement taking place in the school hall over these past weeks as the Reception Unit staff and boys have dedicated themselves to regular rehearsals for their concert.  This show always warms the hearts as our young men dance, sing and express themselves as true Hollywood stars.  This year promises to deliver yet another performance to cherish so please make every effort to be present with the entire family in support.  Even if your family has moved on into higher grades you are still most welcome to attend.
I do remind older brothers in Grade 3 through to Grade 7 to be dressed in full school uniform if they are attending.
I do take this opportunity, in advance to loudly applaud the combined efforts to Mrs Phipson, the staff, boys and families in support for this year’s ‘presentation’ – Bravo!
Concert        –        Shake up at the Lake
Date            –        Thursday 15 August
Time            –        18h00
I look forward to seeing you there.

Last week I shared some ideas on ‘accountability’ as I do believe that some of the boys have engaged in practising their accountability in various ways – well done.
Whilst out shopping the other day – yes for the grandchildren – I noticed the shelves filled with many games that I enjoyed as a child and more recently with the grandchildren.
When last did you manage to turn off the TV or the computer games and get the family together for a fun-filled evening of games such as:

●  Snap                                     ●  O’s and X’s                            ●  Scrabble
●  Snakes and ladders             ●  Chess                                   ●  Trivial Pursuit
●  Bingo                                     ●  Monopoly                             ●  I spy ….
●  Hide and seek                       ●  Swingball                             

This can be taken further with the family gathering in the lounge for a ‘sing a long’, ‘concert time’, family story time, with the favourite popcorn and snacks.
So often we all turn to the ‘babysitter’ as in the television set for an immediate relax or switch off, instead of focussing on those loved ones around you.  Each day brings its own ‘quality experiences’ to share which unfortunately get swallowed up by our indulgence in front of the technology available to us – especially the curse of the Cellphone and the time spent messaging.
So I hereby encourage all families to open the cupboard and find those wonderful games that are hidden in each of our homes.  Please find the hour even if it is only once a week to embrace the quality time of the family being together, to enjoy the challenges from a wide variety of these games.
I say again ‘when last did you ………? And if it is as way back as in your own childhood, then I call on you to please not deprive your child from enjoying those quality moments when we played games indoors and outdoors almost every day of the week.
It is game time family – enjoy the fun!

You will have received the information from our Golf Day Co-ordinators namely Mrs Mia Venter and Liz Elliott who have already secured some amazing prizes for us to benefit from even if you are not participating on the actual day.  By this I mean that you as a family need to become involved by ensuring that your son has sold his Golf Day raffle sheet or sheets.
There are many rewards now on offer to support the individual and overall class efforts in sales with vouchers to enjoy at our own Prep Club or at Gateway, depending on the amount of tickets sold.  Remember you have to have a ticket to win our amazing ‘family’ prizes eg – Hotel accommodation, aeroplane tickets to use around our country etc.
Please read your Golf Day letter/s and join in the DPHS drive to raise our biggest ‘fund raising’ amount this year.
Let 2019 be the Golf Day that we can cheer as the proudest Prep celebration over all the previous Golf Days.  We as the staff are committed to encouraging our boys and their family and friends to support this Prep annual highlight.
I have taken my raffle sheets and purchased my tickets for the draw/please join me by handing in your completed sheet/s and money to the office of Mrs Liz Elliott here at school.
May your tickets be just as lucky for you at the draw on break –up day!


Forget to wear their uniform to school functions. Respect the school rule in dress code when attending school events.
Take for granted their foundation years here at Prep. Fondly remember their Reception Unit, JP and SP experiences.
Waste time in front of the television screen. Look forward to playing some board games.
Disrespect quality family time. Help to encourage that quality family time.
Lose their raffle sheets. Aim to sell the most raffle sheets for Prep.

Well done to all our boys involved in representing their school in Inter School events such as the recent hockey matches, tennis fixtures, cross country runs etc. with much success!  This has again been clearly noted in our team efforts against Clifton yesterday with the 2nd team winning 3 – 0 and our 1st Team winning 5 – 1.
We look forward to the rest of the school teams being just as successful in todays fixtures against Clifton and then again on Saturday against Merchiston in Pietermaritzburg.
JP      –        Blake de Bruin       –        Grade 3VA
SP      –        Owami Maduna      –        Grade 5TH

“Some people feel the rain.  Others just get wet”

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