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Down to the last of the ‘40’s’ now with 41 school days left to enjoy during this third quarter.  We are ticking off the weeks now that have already passed by so rapidly – the third week of this quarter is upon us at present.
I do hope that you are really enjoying the revamped and user friendly formats of our weekly newsletter.  Thank you to Mrs Hunter for her committed efforts in this regard as well as to all the contributions both in the preparing and content for the Patter, from the various staff members and their departments.  Please continue to look forward to your weekly edition and be of kind assistance to encourage many other parents, friends of Prep and the community to read the Patter.  We as DPHS want to share our news with you and beyond.  NB – however I call on you to please share the editions with your son, hopefully in its entirety but definitely with those sections relevant to him.  The Prep Patter is a ‘family’ newsletter – enjoy!
Thank you for some general feedback relating to how you as parents welcome the Prep Patter each week as a form of communication and sharing of information/updates.  It was also encouraging to receive personal feedback on my ‘take it for granted’ message expressed last week which again indicated how our parents do actually read these presentations.  I thus choose to share some more ‘food for thought’ messages with you at times which will hopefully encourage some awareness in a positive manner to our daily lives, as well as the relevance of the message to DPHS.

Whilst flicking through the various channels on TV recently I came across this Formula One major race which was about to begin.  I am not really an avid motor-racing fan but I become quite mesmerized to stay tuned by the excitement ignited through the race commentator.  The green lights flashed and these magnificent vehicles jostled for position down the track to a thunderous roar of engines and cheers from the grandstands.
My imagination soon transferred this event to our beloved school which could be visualized as one of the multi-million rand machines taking up pole position on the grid.  Our DPHS ‘Ferrari’ would definitely without any arrogance be up front determined to lead the way for the rest to follow.  However I asked the question “What has assisted us and ensured that we can constantly begin up front?” and I suddenly could give a flood of answers to emphasize my pride.

  • Our 109 year history as a school is a solid legacy foundation to build on – we over the years have come to understand the “track in education” and the various challenging circuits we have raced on securing that prized chequered finish flag.
  • Yes – DPHS – in pole position again which is an aspect that we must honour and respect, never feeling we have to feel uncomfortable or apologise for .
  • These dark blue, gold and white colours of this streamlined machine stand out proudly locally, nationally and even on the international circuit – this machine can take up front position with any ‘make of vehicle’ of any international standards.
  • Looking across at the sea of colours and flags in the stands in their thousands alongside the track brings to mind the loyal supporters that we as Prep have enjoyed from past, present and even our future stake-holders of Old Boys, parents and the general public who follow the educational circuits closely.  I thus call on you to continue proudly displaying your Prep colours of belief in our school, as it is this support that encourages all within to fine-tune our machine to greater speeds and achievements.  Please don’t ever put down your Prep flag, especially whilst presently in our ranks or even consider to transfer your cheer across to another set of colours.
  • Fans, loyal supporters, team-players, business partners etc believe in associating themselves with a leading brand that is respected amongst other recognized brands in society.  DPHS is that ‘leading brand’ and we appreciate the fact that such brands do come at a higher price.  You made the wise choice to support the brand of Prep which is an investment not only for now but also for the future as we ‘develop our brand (boys) for life.  I thus respectfully call on all partners in Prep to honour their investment to the brand in ‘school fees’ ‘pledges’ ‘sponsorships’ or ‘financial arrangements’ made.  The maintenance of our brand needs every investor to contribute as we re-design, upskill, upgrade and simply maintain our stream lined vehicle of success.
  • The race soon progressed through many of the laps with cars now making their necessary pit-stops to attend to various needs of the vehicle eg – fuel, tyre changes, panel adjustments, race information etc.  Here professional experts waiting, ready to focus on their specific task, in unison, so that no valuable time or position is lost.  This same team-work happens here on a daily basis with the staff, in the classrooms, in specialist subjects, in the extra mural programmes, in the administrative offices, in the maintenance/general assistant’s responsibilities as well as the security officers around the vehicle.

Our Prep team is well trained, skilled but most important passionate to their brand and the smooth running of their beloved school – there will be no unnecessary delay in the pit-stop due to any negligence of this team who are always ready to improve, initiate but also ready to provide and deliver.

  • Then there is the ‘Pit-Boss’ observing and focussing on the developments of the race and the position of the Prep brand throughout each lap/year.  There may be oil slicks ahead, races taking place in stormy weather, strategic movements and informative decisions made to ensure that the Prep vehicle steers clear of any such obstacles that other brands may unfortunately have to confront.  Here one can recognize the School Governing Body and staff in management/leadership at Prep,  for the wisdom, sometimes bold decisions and genuine commitment to supporting and guiding the brand of Prep.
  • Down to the final laps – yes some other brands draw close or do challenge for our position whilst we were in the pits but again I emphasize how ‘Prep’ is steered in that No 1 position across the finish line to thunderous applause.  There has been excitement, hard work, sweat, sometimes maybe tears in efforts and celebrations but one common purpose and vision ie – to remain at No 1 on that winners podium.  However the Prep brand needs a driver and as much as we as the adults cheer our senior efforts let us never lose focus of our dedicated and priceless partner in driving us to these honours – our boys.  Year after year so many of our champions have stood proudly spraying ‘champagne’ over us as their support team, with many achieving further success on the high school or business circuits.  These drivers are not winners for a year but also leave a legacy in  life for their avid and loyal fans to continue to be proud of – cheer loudly Prep, leave your colours for the world to see as we continue to create ‘Champions’ with our leading brand.
    Go Prep!
    Please respect that your child needs to be presented for school on time whether it be in the Reception Unit, Junior Primary or Senior Primary years.  Each phase has their set times for your son to be delivered and collected on a daily basis whether it be for the academic or extra mural programmes.  It really does matter when your son arrives late to start his academic day or practice when the rest of the class or team have been punctual in their efforts.  I again respectfully remind you that it is unfair on the other boys and staff who sometimes are well into the lesson only to have this valuable time and focus disrupted by the ‘casual late-comer’.  We are extremely sensitive to emergencies or matters that are out of your hands that may arise but please do not expect a sympathetic response going forward to those regular ‘late-comers’.  I for one and I am sure you as well, become extremely frustrated to those late-comers who arrive casually well into the movie or show at the theatre, expecting all those already seated to lose focus and pay attention to the late-comers immediate needs.  We may be able to watch the movie again – believe me each academic lesson/day cannot be simply replayed.  If need be – your urgent attention is required to be at school on time as emphasized by the Department of Education.  Thank you to all the families who constantly pride themselves on being extremely punctual for the school day and school events.

It really is with a warm heart that I proudly acknowledge our members of the Marimba Band and the Gumboot Dance Team who will be representing our school at a National Festival Workshop in Johannesburg this weekend.  Our boys do not just participate but together, under the direction of our staff on tour, are annual guest-presenters for other schools to join them at the ‘DPHS’ venues’ there to learn about gumboot dancing as a school activity.  Our Marimba Band always receive our applause when they perform in the marimba programme – 2019 will be no exception.  Thank you and best wishes to our Director Mrs Briscoe, Mrs Nixon-James, Mrs Kasia Vosloo, Marimba Band, Gumboot Dance Team Captain Kristian Bunyan, members of these groups and parents on tour for a most rewarding cultural experience.
Keep the Prep flag flying high!

Miss out on reading the
weekly Prep Patter.
Insist that their parents share the Prep
Patter information on a weekly basis.
Lose control whilst driving
in ‘DPHS Grand Prix’.
Constantly shine as the race champion
for DPHS.
Arrive late for school or
school events.
Pride themselves on respecting the call of ‘Puncuality.’
Weaken when the ‘race challenges’ become tough. Strengthen and persevere throughout and Prep/and or life challenge.
Blame others. Practice Accountability.

JP      –        Daksh Soni             –        Grade 1 Greensill
SP      –        Ntsika Mkhize        –        Grade 6 Hammond
“A word of encouragement after failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.”
B WILSON Headmaster

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