From the Desk of the Headmaster

I start by calling on you as parents especially to read through all the contents of this Prep Patter enclosed so as to be fully informed of all matters shared.
We have crossed the second term finishing line in first position which has been made possible by the combined efforts of staff, boys and parents.  Our DPHS partners have stood united on the side of the race-track, as the mechanics in the pits, as the strategists plotting the race tactics of this term, as experienced drivers in the school activities and again in large numbers as spectators at different areas/events around the track of term 2.  We as Prep can stand proudly and in admiration of our achievements in Creating Champions when we loudly applaud the raising of the ‘trophy’ for a most successful and enjoyable term.  Congratulations Prep!

I remind you that Mrs Britney Schamotta will be taking her accouchement leave from the end of this term as she and her husband Byron prepare for the rapidly approaching birth of their first child. We are extremely appreciative of Mrs Schamotta’s commitment to her teaching and school responsibilities especially in wanting to reach this mid-year break before leaving her position.  We look forward to Mrs Schamotta’s return to school in November as well as her visit with baby in arms for us to celebrate their precious child.  Congratulations!
We have very recently informed the DPHS community that Mrs Lydia Bush has just received a teaching position in New Zealand and will need to re-locate overseas at the end of the first week of next term.  The Bush family have intended to immigrate but have now received an opportunity that has definitely made it possible and encouraging to now make this new adventure a reality as a family.  Mrs Bush has been a dedicated and ‘Proudly Prep’ staff member (and parent) who ensures that her boys in her trust reach those levels at Prep expected of them in all areas.  We are sad to see any Prep partner as in teacher, boy or family leave our school and I can definitely state that this sadness is emphasized again with Mrs Bush.  We, as DPHS, wish the Bush family much happiness filled with the richest blessings, as they settle down in New Zealand.  Thank you for your professional loyal service Lydia!  However we are delighted to welcome Mrs Linda Horning back into DPHS and this Grade 2 position.  Many of you will know that Mrs Horning has been a loyal, dedicated and experienced Prep staff member as she spent her many years here at DPHS and that Prep passion is still raring to contribute in this cause.  Mrs Horning will be with us until the end of the year so that there is no further disruption to the class and this position of service in the staff team.  Welcome and thank you Mrs Horning!
Congratulations are proudly called out to both Mr Ross Bedford and Mr Shaun Ferreira on our staff who ran their 8th and 4th Comrades Marathon respectively last Sunday.  DPHS is extremely proud of their disciplined efforts to training, focus for this event as well as their glowing achievements and efforts on the day.  Congratulations gentlemen – you are both Proudly Prep Champions especially with the busy DPHS term end programme that you are also both actively involved in at this time.  Well done!  The same compliments are also extended to many Prep parents and family members for your involvements and success in running the Comrades Marathon.
I also highlight the staff in general throughout the school for their amazing team-work, commitment and professional service that they have all shown again through this extremely busy second quarter.  I am positive that boys and parents could raise their ‘Prep Caps’ in acknowledgement for the staff/coaches in all departments in support of my personal appreciation and acknowledgement deservedly given to these ladies and gentlemen, both in the front-line and behind the scenes.  Take a well-deserved bow staff and a well-deserved holiday break!

This festival which is now in its 14th year in this format can definitely go down as one of, if not the most memorable of the festivals that we have hosted as a school.  I base this proud compliment on the abundance of positive comments expressed throughout each day and after the event this week by Principals, staff, parents and boys that attended the programme of events – and this also includes the positive feedback from many of our own Prep families and staff.  There was such a ‘buzz’ felt where the warm DPHS hospitality, team work, synergy and attention to detail was felt by those in attendance.  Many visitors stated that this festival must rank as the No 1 event in the country based on the organization, hosting, participation and amazing talents on display throughout the 39 fixtures played during the three days.  I need to shine the spotlight on to:
Our main sponsor PhotoNote and all other sponsors for their continued support in our school which definitely makes it possible to host this festival – Thank you PhotoNote!
Our over 200 families who opened up their homes to welcome and ensure each visiting boy was cared for with much love and genuine support – these boys kept on sharing their ‘happiness’ in this regard with me.  Thank you Prep!
The Mothers Committee and the parents in the grades who ensured that ‘Café Prep’ again maintained its excellent standards in meals, refreshments and in the friendly hospitality.  Congratulations to Chairlady Mrs Cheryl Turner, the Committee and all involved each day.  Thank you Café Prep!
The ‘Prep Club’ is a new addition to the festival this year and the food/refreshment provided there too added to the excellence in this regard both at the Prep Club and in the VIP tent.  Congratulations to Director Mr Brett Sklarchik, Manageress Mrs Bronwyn Matthews and their staff.  Thank you Prep Club.
Our loyal caterers Peppers and Pans again contributed to this excellence in the providing of food for the VIP’s and the boys in the hall over these days. Congratulations to Mr Wayne Usher and their staff.  Thank you Peppers and Pans.
To medical staff on duty under our own Dr Craig Springate and the Rescue Care medical services who displayed a professional service at each field and in the medical tent when dealing with any injuries.  This was again highlighted by many visitors.  Thank you Dr Springate and Rescue Care.
To all the KZNRU and DPHS staff members who officiated as referees for the fixtures which again brought many compliments for your dedicated services in this regard.
Thank you Mr Burton Hufkie (KZNRU) and referees.
To our maintenance team/ground staff/and cleaning staff who under our Estates Manager ensured that our facilities were so well presented and maintained from the days before, early and late hours or service each day and for their hands-on presence.  Thank you Mr Spencer and Staff.
To Accelerate Security Services for your combined commitment as patrolling security guards and car guards outside the premises for ensuring our safety and that of the visitors vehicles and possessions.  Thank you to all the security members.
I thank our invited announcer, Mr Dave McLeod for his professional service keeping us well informed of matches and activities throughout each day.  Thank you Dave.
To our boys in the school who brought many compliments to Prep for your conduct in the classrooms, corridors and especially with your manners and friendly assistance.  This was definitely noted.  Thank you boys of Prep!
To the coaches and their respective DPHS players who displayed their outstanding structures as a team in their many victories for our school and for playing their fixtures in the true sportsmanship manner that Prep is respected for.
To all the staff again in the classrooms, offices, behind the scenes in support, our Marketing hostess Mrs Tarryn Hunter and those in the immediate presence – your dedication to your beloved Prep was definitely noted and commented on in abundance.
Special mention must be emphasized regarding our Director of Sport/festival Mr Michael Dick who has spent months planning to ensure that the DPHS/PhotoNote Festival is recognized in all areas as a leading example in festival functionality.  Congratulations and thank you Mr Dick, your right hand support in Mr Carroll and your working team of DPHS staff/parents for ensuring that the 2019 Festival ranks at the very highest of festival levels.

I call on parents each term to please find the quality time to receive the academic report and then constructively go through the report with your son together.  This is so important that he can be praised where it is indicated, as well as he can be directed to focus on the constructive advice given in all sections of the report.  Please do not just look at results but read the comments that have been thoughtfully presented so that the third term academic achievements can be raised even more.  By doing this then all our learners from Grade R to Grade 7 will benefit from this extremely important, mid-year academic assessment. Let us be positively united in this academic feedback so that we as staff/parent and Prep boy can build on this foundation going forward.  Thank you to our many parents who constantly support our teachers in their efforts at parent interviews and at report times in working together to improve the child’s academic levels.  Enjoy your DPHS reports as a family – I did when I read and signed them.
If anything really disappointed me at times this term, especially towards term end was the drop in efforts and standards by certain Prep boys in their appearance in the academic and extra mural programmes.  Firstly I loudly applaud those many staff members, Prep parents and boys who constantly support this call of polished shoes, garters, neat uniforms, standard Prep haircuts, wearing of blazer/tracksuit top, cap to and from practices/fixtures etc.  However, it only takes one (and sometimes two/three) to slip through with socks down at school, shirts or sports jerseys out, long untidy mops of hair during the school day or at practices/fixtures that get noted in the public arena that lowers our Prep standards and traditions.  I, or we as the DPHS community cannot allow this to creep in so please be advised that this ‘appearance’ call will be seriously monitored here and with the support of families from DAY ONE ie. Tuesday 9 July of the third term.  Please take the opportunity of this lengthy holiday break to give attention to shoes, uniform that needs replacing, or buttons, badges or to uniform items that your son has outgrown. Any boy travelling to Cape Town on rugby tour must have these items checked especially with regards to our non-negotiable haircut standards – short back sides and top of head ie. – no mop of hair/long fringes or fancy styles or cuts.  Please respect this call to families as I will personally be monitoring, as well as calling on the staff to pay extra attention to the appearance of boys in their trust.
DPHS has always been proudly admired and respected for these high standards in appearance throughout the 109 year history of the school and not one Prep partner, which includes me can now become casual in the monitoring of these most important lifeskills in developing our DPHS boys.  Your immediate and positive support is so greatly appreciated.
I write to you on behalf of the school management team and staff relating to boys bringing these items to school.  There are a few boys now who are fortunate to have these valuable items but we do feel it necessary to share with the Prep community of our concerns already noted and that could develop further with these items.  This digital watch provides many other features besides timekeeping which become a distraction during lessons and the school day, including break-time.  These items are also expensive and DPHS does not want to be held accountable for any such items that may one day be misplaced.  These watches are also linked closely to smartphones for functionality with regards to certain apps which again can lead to further complications for usage at school.  With all of this considered with ‘open minds’ we feel that these smartwatches fall under the same category here at school as any cellphone that a boy brings to school.
I thus remind you that any boy who have for whatever reason brought a cellphone on any day has to hand it in to the class teacher immediately on arrival in class for the teacher to lock the cellphone in the safe, – the cellphone is only handed back at the end of the school day.  Boys breaking this rule will have their phone confiscated to be locked away for a much lengthier period.
We will thus expect any boy bringing a smartwatch to also hand it in immediately on arrival to the teacher to be locked away until the end of the school day.  It is thus requested that the boys rather use these valuable items in their own personal time which is outside of the school day, activity or fixture.
The call is thus made to families to please respect this school concern which will be implemented from day one of this third term of 2019.   This matter does not effect a major percentage of our boys but we do feel that this matter be addressed now before this item also becomes a requested item for more of the boys to receive from family members for usage at school.
Your support and understanding for your son NOT to have a smartwatch and/or cellphone at school is greatly appreciated.
I look forward to seeing our staff, boys and families from the U11A, B & C, and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th, 6th & 7th teams on tour enjoying our DPHS annual tour against Wynberg, Bishops and our hosts, with whom our boys will be staying, SACS, during the first week back in the third term, in Cape Town.  May we as the DPHS community be there in the largest of numbers to positively cheer on all our teams and that of the opposition schools from the sidelines.  May the fondest of happy touring memories be ignited for staff, boys and parents especially those in Grade 7 who will be enjoying their final Cape Tour.  Thank you to all Prep partners for the arrangements and providing for this tour to maintain this long serving, annual tradition.  Here we go Prep – Let’s go!
Please do not think that the pace and involvement drops off next term especially with hockey, House Plays, Cross Country and Athletics taking centre stage.  Please ensure that your son is well prepared to be actively involved in this busy programme of events with a well-organized time management schedule to follow.  May the third term see us grow even more in the cultural pillar activities too eg. – the Gumboot Dance, Marimba Band tour to Johannesburg, the music lessons, Choir/Performing Arts and the Visual Arts/Clubs on offer.  Fasten those third term seat belts – here comes Prep!

Look for excuses when
reading reports
Appreciate the praise given regarding
their reports
Return to school with
an untidy appearance
Ensure that their appearance is of the high
Prep standards
Misbehave on any Prep
Maintain the high standards of Prep
behaviour on tour
Litter anywhere Keep all areas litter free
Get bored in the
Keep themselves ‘happily’ busy in the holidays

I would like to close the term by wishing all DPHS partners of staff, boys and families a most enjoyable and relaxing holiday period.  May you and your families be blessed with quality family time where long-lasting happy memories of these holiday experiences can be remembered well into the future.  Please be safe on your travels so that we can all look forward to a relaxed call of ‘all hands on deck” to start term 3 on: Tuesday 9 July (not later) with the smartest DPHS appearance in place.  Please remember that term 3 is still a blazer term.
I call on all our boys to spoil ‘Dad’ this coming Sunday 16 June as we remember our ‘Fathers’ Day’ assemblies and the messages expressed so lovingly there – Happy Fathers’ Day Prep!
Thank you – thank you DPHS for ‘Creating Champions’ this term in all that we as Prep believe in and stand united in support for our beloved school – Go Prep!
Happy, happy holidays! Enjoy!
“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says
I’m possible”
B WILSON Headmaster

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