From the Desk of the Headmaster

Into the second to last week of the term which means that we are left with 7 academic school days to enjoy until the end of term 2.  I remind you again of the break-up times for next Friday 14 June, as indicated:
Reception Unit       –        10h30
Junior Primary      –        10h45
Senior Primary      –        11h00
There are still many events to focus on in all areas and levels of the school.  I call on all partners of Prep to maintain the appreciated service of ‘all hands on deck” so that we can ‘safely reach our’ harbour to dock in for the holiday period.
The staff are extremely busy at the moment preparing the end of term/mid year reports.  Please note that these reports will reflect on the academic progress noted so far in the first half of the year.  We will issue these reports in the envelopes to be brought home on the last day of this term.
The DPHS PhotoNote National Rugby Festival began today with fixtures being played on both the Wally Walshaw (top) field and the John Smith (bottom) field.  These fixtures will continue through until Friday with the traditional final fixture between DPHS and SACS taking place at 12h00.  I remind the learners from Grade 1 to Grade 7 that the whole school will be seated on the stands to watch this match in support of our school.
Please remember that this final fixture of our Festival will finish so that the boys can be fetched at 13h00 (15 minutes later than the normal  Friday closure.)  I thus call on the Prep Community to please attend the festival and support the teams, Café Prep and Prep Club – your attendance at the last game on Friday will be greatly appreciated.  Rather come and sit on the stand than sit in the car waiting for your son.  A mighty DPHS cheer in appreciation roars out to all the families who have so kindly opened up their homes to host over 200 visiting players – this is an amazing Prep effort! Congratulations are in loud applause to the entire school for supporting the event with regards to the hosting of so many visitors in our corridors.  Special mention must be made of our Estates Manager Mr John Spencer and his general assistant’s team who have, as both ladies and gents, ensured that our school is ready to welcome our guests.  However, the spotlight must also shine down on Mr Michael Dick, our Director of Sport, who together with his team have spent weeks preparing for the Festival.  Congratulations Michael – DPHS is extremely proud of these efforts!  I close this section by highlighting our major sponsor PhotoNote who have again sponsored with open arms to ensure that the DPHS Photonote Rugby Festival is another resounding success.  I look forward to seeing you at the Festival – enjoy.

Thank you for the positive and encouraging feedback received regarding the variety of presentations held in the Maurice Wilkinson Hall last week.  This evening has always been an opportunity to showcase our talented learners who have excelled in their individual and/or class Choral Verse items during the recent Speech and Drama festival.  It was even more encouraging to be able to enjoy an evening of dance, violin ensemble, song, poetry and presentations selected from the Speech and Drama entries.  Last year our boys from Grade 1 to Grade 7 received 234 Gold Certificates – distinctions.  I did call on the boys at the assembly prior to this Festival to challenge for over the 300 mark for 2019.  I am astounded and beaming with pride to announce that this year we scored 414 merits and additional 180 A’s.  This achievement relates to a ± 70% overall A rating for the entire school!  I am sure that by having been in the audience that you will agree that you could see why the neutral adjudicator awarded our boys for their amazing efforts, confidence and talents.  Our staff, boys and parents have had an extremely busy period involving mid-year testing and extra mural commitments, both for school and at district level, yet have still risen to the occasion to reach these levels of excellence – a mighty Prep achievement.   Congratulations staff, boys and parents for your combined team effort.

We are extremely grateful to the many Dad/Grandparents who made the effort to be in attendance at the assembly hosted by Grade 1 staff and boys.  Another bow for Mrs Langley and her teaching team in the grade, as well as all the specialist and support staff who presented an outstanding assembly in honour of our Dads.  Well done team!  As was stated there that DPHS has declared this build up to the day on the 16 June as “Happy Fathers’ Month” so I do hope that your sons/families are still spoiling Dad as was encouraged.  Once again ‘Super Dads’ – thank you for your positive input within your family and our school.
Happy Father’s Day ahead.

Well done and thank you to Mrs Phipson and the Grade R staff and support team for hosting a most exciting Grade R Fun Walk/Run for both our boys and our Grade R friends from Gordon Road Girls.  It always warms the heart to see so many parents gathered to cheer on these mighty athletes to record as many laps as possible.  This hard work is then followed by the picnic treat under the trees which always goes down as another highlight of this event.  A wonderful Prep effort of staff, boys and parents in working towards the success and enjoyment of the fun/walk.
Please ensure that our high standards in appearance remain until the final day and the term.  Hair must be neat and tidy, shoes must be polished, garters are worn at all times and school caps are not to be forgotten.  Thank you again to 99% of the boys who excel in this non-negotiable responsibility.
Here’s to wishing all our Muslim families celebrating the joyous occasion of Eid al Fitr.  May the blessings of joy, peace, prosperity and happiness be showered upon you and your families.

Think that ‘break up’ day is
already here.
Maintain their focus in all aspects of
their school day until term end.
Misbehave on the sidelines
during the festival.
Express positive support for all
teams at the festival.
Forget their manners at Cafe Prep or at the Prep Club. Appreciate their time spent at these food/refreshment areas.
Litter Keep their school, home, city and
environment litter free.
Stop caring for their families. Remember Father’s Day – still to

“There is no elevator to success – you have to take the stairs!”
B WILSON Headmaster

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