From the Desk of the Headmaster – 30 July 2021

Welcome to the start of term 3 which is going to be an extremely busy term of 48 school days until the end of the term which is Friday 1 October, at present.  May we remain committed and positively focused as DPHS partners throughout each day so that we can continue to function at the highest levels of excellence that we as Prep believe in, across all grades and departments in our school.


*        It gives me great pleasure to report back that attendance levels in classes/grades are extremely high since day one of this week.  School tuition is in full flow with     our staff and boys creating that positive synergy during each academic day. In my classroom visits I shared with the boys that this academic year can be related to running the 800m athletics event ie four laps of our track.  Our boys were reminded that we are now closer to the end of the year – two laps of the year, having been run already.  Boys were made aware of the importance of this term as this is really the ‘make or break’ lap for 2021.  Some may have jogged at the back of the race up until now but must realize that it is of paramount importance to pick up their academic pace to close the gap on the leaders. One cannot, as seen decide to sprint from the back in Term 4 – it will be too late by then. Those boys who have paced themselves well or even set the leading pace must ensure that they pull away even more from those following behind them – do not let anyone take your “Olympic Medal” away from you during this third lap. Our grades all understood that they are closer to the next grade above, this point highlighted even more so for our Grade 7 boys who enjoy their final race at DPHS, with High School rapidly approaching. Our boys were encouraged to see this race as a challenge in their own individual growth, perseverance and determination.  They need to succeed in their personal capacity especially if they have not expressed themselves and shown their true talents and abilities so far this year. We, as staff and parents are their coaches on the sidelines motivating them to grit their teeth and make their move during this term.  You too, as his coach, must express the importance of this third term before he hears the ringing of the bell for the final lap of the year. Each boy should take out his report from last term and focus on the constructive advice given by his ‘class coaches’ which will inspire and motivate him to make term 3, his very best lap of success, during this challenging event of 2021.

          We hosted the Senior Primary Academic Assembly yesterday where the boys will be acknowledged for their second term achievements.  This included the Top 10 positions in each class, the Most Improved boy on percentage score and the merit achievers (+-80%).  The boys above were then invited to the ‘Headmasters Tea’ in celebration of their academic achievements.  Let us make this quarter a most successful term – enjoy.

*        It is most encouraging to note how neatly presented our boys returned to school with regards to their appearance.  Shoes are shining, garters are keeping up socks    and DPHS standard haircuts are in place.  The boys have taken personal pride in their presentation for school which again helps to better those high standards across all areas. Thank you and well done boys! Our boys are settled and happily focussed on their busy programme at school with positive inter-action noted with their staff and fellow peers.  It should be peace of mind knowing that our boys have bounced back in true DPHS spirit, ready to tackle the exciting new challenges of term three.


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –        Nkululeko Mnguni   –        Gr 1 Langley

SP      –        Ty Trent                 –        Gr 4 Johnston


Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

Kind regards


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