From the Desk of the Headmaster – 27 August 2021

Back down into the twenties which now actually leaves 24 school days until the final day of term 3 on Friday 1 October.  Let us keep going with our positive synergy that is so evident as we together focus on reaching this term end.


Now that this information has been announced to the staff, I hereby briefly inform you that:

  • Mrs Ntshingila, a long serving teacher, in our Zulu Department will be retiring from teaching at the end of the year.  She has worked closely with our beloved Mr Zulu and recently with our new staff member in this Department Miss Mdlalose.  Mrs Ntshingila has thoroughly enjoyed the younger grades in the school displaying passion and dedication for her subject and school.
  • Miss AJ Logan in our Grade 3 section will be immigrating to the UK at the end of the year to start a new chapter in her life with Brannon who has recently left our shores to set up their home there.  Miss Logan has been actively involved in our school having made a meaningful contribution in the JP phase where she has dedicated herself to her classroom and the school extra mural programmes.

This is just brief feedback for now on these two loyal staff members who will continue to serve with excellence throughout this academic year.

I am also delighted to share that after our staff survey that the rest of the entire staff team have indicated that they will all be present to serve our school in 2022.  Please note that DPHS has already moved in the process to ensure that these positions will be filled with the most suitable candidates to join our proudly Prep team.


We celebrated our annual day today via a virtual presentation to pay our respects to the importance of this day on the DPHS calendar.  Every year we reflect back on the history of our great school travelling down memory lane whilst also focusing on the general progress and present status that our school enjoys today.  It is important that our boys especially and our community of staff, parents and Old Boys pause to be reminded of the 111 year journey of DPHS.  Today was also a celebration in honour of a true friend of DPHS who has supported this school both financially and as a proud Prep Old boy namely, Mr Howard Buttery who sadly passed away earlier this year.  He was enrolled at DPHS in 1955 and has embraced our school since that day.  We are so appreciative that his wife and family were present as our guests today.  In attendance were the family, our Trust Chairman, Mr Craig Simpkins, Trust member, Mr Dave Henry and Mrs Henry, as well as a proud Old Boy, Mr Pat Goss and Mrs Goss.

This day always highlights the value of our school call and motto on our school badge “Debile principium melior fortuna sequetur” which we proudly express as “from small beginnings better fortune follows.”

On reflection, our history shows that we as Prep are fulfilling this vision in every way, as we continue to prepare our boys for life.

Thank you to our co-ordinator of the event at school Mrs Parry and to the staff and boys in their involvement for this presentation.


I will be sending in the very near future a comprehensive guideline clearly laid out so that our Prep community of staff, boys and parents can follow a standard DPHS procedure.  This will relate to what we have developed during this lengthy Covid period so that all partners are aware in the DPHS guidelines moving forward.  There may well have been some minor adjustments made since our first dealing with cases but this information should assist with a clearer understanding.  Please note that this entire document has been shared with the SMT and our medical expert who has been our professional go to person throughout this time of Covid, so please receive and respect the attention to detail that has been given in formulating this information.  The guidelines will fall under headings such as, to mention a few:

  • What to do when testing Positive.
  • What is meant by a ‘close contact’ and what to do if identified as a close contact.
  • When a second member in the immediate household family tests positive.
  • Who is a ‘secondary’ contact?
  • A DPHS Timeline Form to complete and return to the school that will show symptoms, date and test and when to return to school.

I am well aware that there could be guidelines from other schools or people that you are aware of but please note that these DPHS protocols as presented will serve for our school.

I also applaud our parents for the immediate and honest contact that you have made with the school regarding any Covid case in your family.  Your willingness to work with the school and vice-versa for an outcome in the best interest of the health and safety of all partners is so appreciated.  May this relationship continue as we still work together in our Covid journey ahead.

I send our best wishes to all our DPHS families during these challenging times of Covid.


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –  William Briscoe – Grade Hardouin        

SP      –  Mnini Zondo – Grade 5 Huber                        


“Life’s most important question is –

What are you doing for others?”

Kind regards



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