From the Desk of the Headmaster – 26 May 2021

Already now down to the last of the thirties with 31 school days left until the final day of this academic term namely Friday 9 July.  We say goodbye to May (fifth month of 2021 – unbelievable) and prepare for the very busy month of June.


We as DPHS express our sincerest appreciation to our DPHS community for your continued support during this challenging time of the pandemic, especially now with the third wave upon us.  There will be mixed reactions as to what is heard and read across all platforms but rest assured that we too are closely monitoring the news daily.

It is encouraging to note that our boys here at school are actively enjoying their full day of activities whilst respecting health and safety protocols.  We are constantly reminding and monitoring that masks are worn over nose and mouth with emphasis on social distancing.  I again call on you as parents to emphasize such health/safety standards with your own child so that each boy can understand that the same messages are shared, with importance, both here at school and at home.  May I also call on our families to please inform us at school if your child may have been in close contact with any family member or friend outside of school who has tested positively for Covid, even if your child is not showing any symptoms.  It must be clearly understood that parents would not be sending their son to school under the above mentioned circumstances.

I would also like to take this opportunity on behalf of our entire “DPHS community/family” to pay our utmost respect to any DPHS family member who is in the frontline as a health care worker.  Thank you in abundance for your dedication and professional service provided in caring for our citizens and our country.  May each of you be blessed in each of our prayers for your own health and safety, as well as for your personal position within your own family.

I (and DPHS) proudly raise our DPHS cap to you in honour of your unselfish commitment given on a daily basis …….. thank you.


Please make use of the opportunity this week for you to spend time with the educator/s relating to your son’s academic development.  I have asked the boys to remind you to please share the constructive guidelines, compliments and information with them.  In this way each boy will be able to benefit from the combined input to prepare and improve further especially during this extremely busy and important academic quarter.  The educators also value this time to be able to share their assessment and professional expertise with you as parents.  Thank you to all Prep partners involved.


  • This is the last week of our Speech and Drama adjudication across the grades in the school.
  • Mothers Committee will be hosting a Pizza Day here at school tomorrow.  Please make sure that your orders have been placed.
  • Grade 6 & 7 Standardized Testing Programme begins on the 9th June.
  • Wednesday 16 June is a Public Holiday – Youth Day.
  • Prep Pal House Dress Day takes place this coming Friday 28 May.  Please note that the dress code includes predominantly white running shoes/takkies ie- no other colour shoe is permitted.  If any boy does not have any item of correct attire, then he is to please come to school in his full school uniform.

The boys must still wear their blazer and cap over their House Dress uniform.

The DPHS uniform shop does stock white footwear here at school carrying from boy through to (men’s) large sizes.


Last week I mentioned the value of “accountability” and taking ownership for one’s actions and decisions.  I do highlight the lifeskill of Appreciation this week.  It is always appreciated when the family share these same messages expressed here so that our boys can ‘appreciate’ that there is a partnership between school and home.  I thus remind the boys to appreciate the:

  • efforts that their parents make to provide for their family.
  • special treats/presents that they are so privileged to receive on a regular basis.
  • food that gets provided for their enjoyment throughout each day.
  • those extra snacks that get prepared for the cooler box here at school.
  • wonderful school that we are so honoured to be part of whether we are scholars, parents or staff.
  • body and mind that we have been blessed with to celebrate our journey in life – we can think, learn, run, play, enjoy life!
  • extended family members in our lives of grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins etc.
  • expensive fashionable clothing that the boys have in their wardrobe as casual clothing.
  • constant care and dedicated service provided by the staff and coaches here at DPHS.
  • loyal friendships that are made amongst their peers that will last a lifetime.
  • the holidays and weekend away trips that the family arrange.
  • Love, care and support that our boys receive at home and school on a daily basis.

The list is ongoing but I encourage you as parents to share these general appreciation points above with your son just to remind them how blessed and fortunate each one really is – especially during these new and challenging times.


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –        Samuel Ash            –        Gr 3 Veerasamy

SP      –        Benjamin Joram    –        Gr 5 Mouton


“Sometimes the best way to ‘appreciate’

something is to be without it for a while”

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