From the Desk of the Headmaster -26 February 2020

The month of February has passed with next week’s message entered into the first edition of the Prep Patter for March.  This means that there are now only 17 school days left to enjoy of this first term.


We all have those special days in our lives that we can fondly recall and cherish in the memory bank of our lifetime.  I experienced such a day yesterday as I was treated to a list of celebrations here at school to welcome in a very special birthday milestone – my 60th!  My family had ensured that this was a day to remember with well wishes and treats with the surprise at school adding to the memories.  I had quietly planned to treat each boy in the school to a packet of chips and the staff to a chocolate only to be outdone by the quiet planning of the staff and boys.  I was called from my office to the hall shortly after the school day had begun to find the entire school from Grade R to Grade 7 sitting quietly for a special assembly.  The Gumboot Dance team waited to escort me to the hall, accompanied by a drum solo to get the hall buzzing which then led to a choreographed dance routine relating to the code of rugby, in my interests.  I had barely recovered from this treat to then have the school and solo presentation from the boys to the singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ with the delivery of an extremely large cupcake, in Prep colours, presented to me on stage.  This was followed by messages and congratulations on behalf of the school community which made it extremely difficult for me to follow with a vote of thanks and appreciation.  Further excitement followed with me now been able to hand out the treats personally to basically each boy/staff member present – what a memory to be wished over 650 times by these Proudly Prep partners.  The staff planning went further under the superb co-ordinating of Mrs Tsouris, to then have an earlier break with a scrumptious tea provided by our DPHS Mothers Committee – thank you ladies for spoiling us with these treats.  I also acknowledge that the school had arranged for each boy to receive a mini ‘Prep’ cupcake to add to the celebrations of the day.  With the support of the staff, I was able to declare a ‘no homework’ day for one day of this week left to the discretion of the class educator – this too was so warmly received by the boys.  The time had flown by rapidly and before I knew it I had to race off to attend a Principals Meeting called by the Department with my colleagues from other schools.

Thank you to our DPHS community for the overwhelming messages of congratulations and well wishes that I received throughout the day.

A Birthday to Remember

Please believe me when I state that my day was made even more memorable because of the opportunity I was afforded to share the memories with the staff and boys of our beloved Prep.  This is a day that will remain cemented in my memories of my life’s journey – a day where many people planned to create a programme of DPHS excellence and Prep goodwill for which I am so deeply indebted.  Thank you Prep!


We had two teams of four entering into the Primary Schools Literary Quiz held at Durban Girls College.  We have always entered and been extremely pleased with our achievement noted each year against some well-read learners with an amazing general knowledge foundation to present from, during the inter-school challenge.  It just shows again how commitment and perseverance pays off as one of our teams ended up in the second position which now enables them to advance through to the competition finals in Johannesburg this weekend.  Please join me in congratulating the team leader/co-ordinator Mrs Muthusamy and these four boys namely Lucas Peria, Mohammed Mujahid Hansa, Max Oliva and Nitai Pertab.  Best wishes in this challenging final round now held at national level for school champions.

Literary Quiz Lighthouse Leaders


Our annual cricket festival begins with the 1st teams from around the country arriving today to be hosted by our DPHS families.  I have thus enclosed my official ‘Welcome’ message from the programme that covers the involvement and appreciation of schools, staff, individuals and these talented young cricketers.  Enjoy the DPHS PhotoNote Cricket Festival!

                           WELCOME MESSAGE FROM THE HEADMASTER               

It is indeed an absolute honour to warmly welcome each person to our DPHS PhotoNote National U13 Cricket Festival – a Tournament that can boast the talents of future cricketing names of our country. Each of the participating schools can proudly call upon their past players who have gone on to play this wonderful game at the highest levels. Just look at this list:
DPHS; Northlands Primary, Glenwood Prep (the Durban Schools), Grey College Primary (Bloemfontein), KEPS (Gauteng) Laerskool Lynnwood (Pretoria) Selborne (East London) and Trinityhouse Preparatory (Gauteng)
May the Headmasters, staff, parents, supporters and the most important guests – the players, return home with fond memories of exciting games, warm hospitality in our Durban homes and long-lasting friendships that have been created throughout their visit. If the above can be achieved then this Festival will have been a resounding success for all involved – Welcome!
We acknowledge the respected and appreciated involvement of all partners listed below:

  • PhotoNote have always been most willing to be more than just the major sponsors of our DPHS Sporting Programme. They have been our long-time loyal friends and supporters, helping to create that unique DPHS experience.
  • The community of Northlands needs to be highlighted not only for their participation but for their much valued association and overall assistance prior to, and during this Festival. We, as DPHS, truly value the relationship that we enjoy with Northlands.
  • Welcome this year to our loyal friends Glenwood Prep to the Festival.  Enjoy your experience!
  • May each player, coach, staff member, parent and spectator join DPHS in paying our heartfelt respects and genuine appreciation to the officials of each fixture i.e. the gentlemen of the KZN Umpires Association who year after year, respond so positively to being actively involved in our programme – thank you!
  • To the many DPHS as well as Northlands families, who have so kindly invited our “guests” into their homes. Your caring and comforting hospitality encourages these young players to perform with confidence, on a daily basis, as you provide a “home” away from home for each participant – It is so greatly appreciated.
  • The spotlight must also fall directly onto the Director of Sport at DPHS – Mr Michael Dick, who has been meticulous with his hands-on attention to detail. A Festival of this magnitude takes months of thorough planning and he, with combined energy and commitment from the Prep Staff, has yet again excelled in setting the standards of excellence for all to enjoy. Take a bow Mr Dick as we loudly applaud you and your team of staff/parents who have been so committed in the front-line duties, as well as behind the scenes – Congratulations!
  • This Festival incorporates various formats of the game of cricket so we can all look forward to a variety of skills expressed on a daily basis. May each player be blessed with an abundance of runs, take many wickets in bowling and a team spirit that is strengthened throughout your visit – make your coaches and school proud!
    Please remember these special words “Thank You” during this Festival, as they should never be forgotten during and after each game, in your host homes, amongst your team mates, towards your staff, to your own parents, with your opposition and for those people who have made it a successful experience for you.
    If you are returning to this festival then I encourage you to score double the runs, take twice as many wickets but as a priority to double the friendships that you make whilst here.
    May I close with a loud Prep call of “THANK YOU – BAIE DANKIE – SIYABONGA”

The excitement is now really buzzing as the preparation period for the important Inter School galas takes place over the next week.
We look forward to:

  • Hosting our JP Inter School gala at our Gordon Road pool tomorrow afternoon.  Please make every effort to be there to cheer on our juniors to victory.
  • The D & D galas start on Monday next week at the Kings Park swimming pool with our:
  • D team competing on Monday at 13h00
  • C team on Tuesday at 13h00
  • A and B team both competing in the A league on Wednesday at 09h00 – please note this time is set in the morning.

Our coaches and boys have been training exceptionally hard over these past weeks and will be determined to swim DPHS to the highest honours.  Your parental support is needed at each gala so please diarize these dates and times to support our school, even if your son is not involved – we need to encourage our Prep community to be there in good cheer and spirit.
Here we go Prep – let’s go!
This is an initial message of encouragement and acknowledgement for our coach Mr May and the 1st team squad who will be leaving for Port Elizabeth on Wednesday next week to participate in the annual Grey PE National tournament.  Our team have performed with distinction in these local fixtures played so far and we sincerely hope that their unbeaten status continues through to the finals next Saturday.  Bring that gold medal home Prep!
It is so encouraging to note that many of our parents have been attending their ‘Parent Information’ one on one meetings with their class educator, held during this week.  This may well be the first meeting relating to academic progress where professional advice and feedback will be shared by our staff.  Please embrace the constructive advice provided remembering to transfer the information received to your son after the meeting.  He is definitely old enough to understand his appraisal feedback that has been provided in order to build on this academic platform laid down for the year.  Your attendance is greatly appreciated.


Miss the opportunity to express their care and goodwill messages to their staff. Ensure that they genuinely care for the well-being of all their staff and headmaster as personally experienced.
Attend their training sessions with a casual mind-set. Focus on their physical and mental preparation for any inter-school activity.
Forget to support their Cricket Festival this week. Arrive dressed correctly in supporters kit/school uniform to cheer on the school.
Become distracted in their commitment to their teams success. Make an important contribution to the achievements of their team.
Disrespect the efforts of any opposition team or individual. Proudly practise their respected DPHS sportsmanship at all times.

JP      –   Adam Herron – Grade 1 Langley       
SP      –   Nitai Pertab – Grade 7 Bedford
The secret code for this week is:
“Our Headmaster enjoyed a Proudly Prep birthday!”
I look forward to your son visiting me at the office to share this secret code.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  They must be felt with the heart”


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