From the Desk of the Headmaster – 26 August 2020

It is so pleasing to note that there has been such a positive response to the boys returning to school to enjoy their school day amongst the staff and their friends.  It is also encouraging to note that the boys are in good spirits and are making the most of their ‘new normal’ academic day.  We look forward to even more boys returning in the near future.

Staff News

I share with you the exciting news that we received yesterday of the birth of Sadie Jade Murphy, second daughter to our Grade 2 Staff member, Mrs Liz Murphy and husband Mitchell.  Congratulations to the Murphy family – may you be blessed in abundance with the happiest of memories with your new daughter.  Thank you to Miss Karyn Glock for returning to Prep to be the locum tenens teacher in Mrs Murphy’s class whilst she is on maternity leave and to Miss Carolyn Gilroy for teaching the class in the interim.


We hope that you enjoyed our first Virtual Online Presentation of Friends’ and Founders’ Day Assemblies held on Thursday and Friday of last week.  There has been much positive feedback from the DPHS community, Old Boys and friends with regards to this celebration which we proudly host each year.  Thank you and well done to Mrs Parry for co-ordinating the event and the staff and boys who assisted her in making these ‘Proudly Prep’ events.  To add to this our school is also acknowledged through a most beautiful (carpet bed) exhibit on the bank at Jameson Gardens near the Mitchell Park intersection.  Please make the effort to drive past the display – it will really warm your Proudly Prep heart especially if you take your son with you who I am sure, will be just as proud and excited to see this display.  Congratulations and thank you to Mrs Hunter (Marketing) for arranging and co-ordinating for this ‘Lighthouse’ display for the city to join in our 110 year celebration.

“Newsflash” Information / Reminders

  • 82% of our boys attend school now from Grade R through to Grade 7 on the Alternating Day Statistics
  • Boys in Grade 1 to Grade 7 are to be at school by 7h25 at the latest – please be punctual for school
  • Please do not do a “U Turn” across the solid white line in Gordon Road
  • Follow the standard and varied dress code days
  • Prep boys always raise their cap off their head when greeting
  • We as Prep greet with a “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon”
  • Garters are still required when wearing our DPHS school uniform
  • Polished shoes – when wearing the school uniform
  • Prep provides Golf, Tennis, Body Boarding, Bike Club and Running Club at present
  • Grade 7 will return on a daily basis from this coming Monday 31 August
  • Grade R will return on a daily basis from Monday 7 September
  • The DPHS bus is operational to transport boys to school
  • Homework Centre and Aftercare are operational on a daily basis


“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”

Kind regards
Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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