From the Desk of the Headmaster : 25 June 2020

As stated in the message sent last night, I hereby follow up with the letter as stated.  Please note that the information below will be brief so not as to repeat the content already sent.  This letter is sent to serve as a reminder with some further explanation on certain points.

With regards to Coronavirus:

  • Thorough deep cleaning by a professional company was conducted across all spaces of Grade 7 movement.
  • The Department of Health, the Department of Education and our Doctor on our Committee were kept well informed of the process that needed to be followed.
  • Reports have been written with continued Coronavirus protocols being administered.
  • The Department of Education on observing the process/reports then granted DPHS the permission to lift the “suspension on tuition” which is the correct terminology.
  • Please note that constant sanitization practices have been maintained across all grades/sectors, facilities of the school, on a daily basis even though other grades have not been back.

With regards to School:

  • I remind you that I had communicated a few weeks back when the first Gazette came out, it stated that the return dates would be as follows:

Monday 8 June – Grade 7

Monday 6 July – Grade R/ Grade 1/ Grade 2/ Grade 3/ & Grade 6

Monday 3 August – Grade 4 & Grade 5

  • I also stated that schools could write a letter to ‘deviate’ from those dates to request an earlier return to school which we as a staff and parent community had been wanting.
  • A letter was written to the Department with support from the SGB to request that DPHS be granted permission for all the above grades to return earlier than stipulated in the Gazette.
  • This could be granted once the Departments of Health and Education had inspected the school with regards to the School Operating Procedures during this process.
  • We were visited by both the Department of Health last week and the Department of Education yesterday who both went through the operating procedures.
  • This now means that an Orientation Programme can now be implemented for the grades to at least have one day back to be able to go through their respective functionality procedures prior to the official return dates.
  • These are the proposed return dates below (still to be certified by the Department). We will notify you immediately once we get confirmation of these final return dates.

Wednesday 1 July  – Grade R/ JP Grades/ Grade 6

Monday 6 July – Grades 4 & 5


Tomorrow Friday 26 June      –        Grade 1 & Grade 6

Monday 29 June     –        Grade 2 & Grade 5

Tuesday 30 June    –        Grade 3/ Grade 4 & Grade R

  • Please note:  Once your grade has enjoyed their respective Orientation Day then that grade will only return when I inform them of their official return date that has been approved.
  • Eg. –   Grade 6 return for tomorrow then will only be expected to come back in the latter half of next week as expressed above.


We are well aware of the various questions relating to the academic programme.  Please note that the Deputy Principal, Mr Grant Phipson will be sending you a letter relating to the academic programme shortly which will again clearly outline all the academic systems.


Please note that there will be a standard dress code for the school from Grade 1 to Grade 7.

Monday/Wednesday/ Friday 
Full School Uniform with Cap
Blazer is optional
DPHS School Jersey can be worn
Full School Tracksuit – top / long trousers
For JP – White shorts can be worn underneath
For SP – Blue DPHS shorts can be worn underneath
Predominantly white running shoes
DPHS short white ‘tennis’ socks
No secret socks
White DPHS Sports Shirt
No DPHS Cap required
Thursday “House Dress Day”
To encourage House Spirit and to assist with clothing for the Week
School Tracksuit/Prep House (Colour) Shirt
White Shorts for JP and SP can be worn underneath
Predominantly White running shoes
DPHS Short white tennis socks
No secret socks
DPHS House (Colour) Cap
Sun hat is required daily as per normal routine.
This means that there will be adequate time to do washing of clothing/mask items with alternate dress code days in between.


The Education Department has informed us that it is now permissible for learners and staff to wear a mask and/or a visor.  Both may be worn if that is a personal preference.  Each boy will be issued with a DPHS mask.  He is also allowed to wear a personal mask that is accepting in a school environment.

ARRIVAL PROCEDURE:  Between 7h00 – 7h25

•    Grade R boys to enter at Grade R building /Claribel Road.

•    All Junior Primary boys will enter through the Gordon Road gate/JP off ramp.

•    Grade 6 + Grade 7 to enter through the gates in Gordon Road that are directly in front

      of the Maurice Wilkinson School Hall.

•    Grade 4 + Grade 5 to enter through the gates in Gordon Road directly in front of the

      Front Reception Area.

•    This means that our boys will be screened at three venues and will then follow separate

grade routes once inside the building.

  • Please note that staff will be present to do duty on the pavements, gates and tables.
  • Once the boys are in the buildings:

–        JP boys will be led directly to their teacher in the classroom.

–        SP boys will be led directly to their ‘waiting areas’ where staff will also be on

Duty until the bell rings to start the academic day at 7h30.

Please respect that parents will not be permitted to enter the school buildings/ground on arrival before school and during the school day.  However, if any parent does need to come to the school during the course of the day, you will also be screened/tested at the Gordon Road entrance.  Once that is completed then all parents will be guided to the Front office/Reception area for further assistance.

Parents do not need to wait in their car in the morning to note that he has passed the screening test.  Please do not gather as parents around the gates/entrance in conversation both in the morning and at collection time – we must minimize congestion at these times.


Normal Home Times will apply which may vary throughout the school so there should be minimum congestion

Grade R – Grade R Gate – Claribel Road

Grade 1 – JP Ramp – Gordon Road

Grade 2 – Claribel Road Motorgate

Grade 3 – JP Ramp – Gordon Road

Grade 4 – Claribel Road Motorgate

Grade 5 – Millenium Gate in Rosetta Road 

Grade 6 – Main Gate in Gordon Road

Grade 7 – Millenium Gate in Rosetta Road

I look forward to welcoming each of you as family members when the opportunity arises moving ahead.  We will keep you informed of any further developments and we look forward to your continued support.

Kind regards

Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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