From the Desk of the Headmaster – 16 September 2020

I am sure that you are just as amazed to how the time is flying by.  To think that we are halfway through September and that we are now nearing the end of the third academic DPHS term is mind-blowing.  So fasten those seatbelts as we now prepare for that important final quarter that is approaching rapidly.

We as a staff share our celebration with you with the announcement of the birth of a baby daughter Ziyanda into the family of Mr Nyathi Magwaza – member of our general assistant staff and his wife Thube.  This is the first-born child for these extremely proud parents.  May the family be blessed with many fond memories in the years ahead with their daughter Ziyanda.  Congratulations Mr and Mrs Magwaza.

Thank you to the staff, boys and parents in your combined efforts in ensuring a smooth start and end of each day, with regards to the bringing and fetching of the boys at school.  It is this team-work that lays down the foundation to further success in our school functionality.
I have personally enjoyed inter-acting with you as a family in the front of school and have been extremely impressed with observing the following as in the:

  • Friendly greetings exchanged.
  • Boys lifting of their DPHS cap in greeting not only to myself, staff on duty but also to parents nearby.
  • Acknowledgements in appreciation shown to our gentlemen on duty at our scholar patrol crossings namely Magwaza and Agrippa.
  • Wave in greeting from the car as you drive by.
  • Levels of excellence shown by the majority of our boys in their dress appearance for school.
  • Definite improvement and awareness in patience and respect for fellow motorists around you with less speed or rushing whilst waiting for a parking space.
  • Wonderful family time noted with many families sharing a final hug, kiss or wave on the pavement as in farewell or when seeing each other at the end of the school day – long may this special family time continue.

HOWEVER – there are those aspects still needing immediate attention to improve the situation for everyone.

  • Punctuality – a few children arrive after the second bell at 7h30 which delays certain staff on duty from their first lesson of the day.  This also causes unnecessary stress for the child.
  • “U Turn” – “Please” refrain from breaking the law especially directly in front of the school.  There is a solid line in Gordon Road yet parents at times pay no respect to this or the flow of traffic in both directions.  If you unfortunately cannot respect this safety call priority then I respectfully ask that you do not do a U Turn in front of the school whilst I or the staff are present on duty.
  • Reply slip – It is important that your son has his completed “Health” questionnaire completed before he gets dropped off at school.  Parking is of a minimum so please be mindful of other parents wishing to park whilst you now start filling in the reply slip for your son.
  • Driveways – I remind you that there are driveways to houses, flats etc. where you have delayed the residents from leaving or returning.  Please be considerate to their urgent time needs as well.
  • Parking – If your car cannot fit comfortably into the space provided then please do not try to squeeze in which leaves your car jutting out into the flow of traffic, especially if you have left the car unattended.

You will note that I have highlighted far more positives than those matters needing attention as acknowledgement and appreciation is extended to the vast majority of the DPHS community.
Please join me in aiming for “good – better – better” in our collective focus and efforts.

We do hope that you participate and enjoy our first virtual “Book 2 You Fair” that takes place this Thursday 17 September and Friday 18 September.  This book fair has always been an important event for all partners of DPHS to enjoy and we look forward to this experience being just as rewarding this year.  Thank you to Mrs Muthusamy for again co-ordinating this event for our school.

In conclusion I also refer to the email sent to each family last week relating to the title “Back to the Future.”  Thank you for the positive response noted in monitoring these DPHS levels of excellence that require our constant hands-on assistance.  There may still be some families who have not read this email or shared it amongst the family members as was required.  Please follow up again on the content of the email as we highlighted our non-negotiable standards of excellence at DPHS.
Please be reminded that you will be receiving an academic report next week on Wednesday 23 and Friday 25 September which signals the end of the DPHS academic third term.  The staff are presently preparing this important academic assessment for each boy in every grade.

Stay healthy – stay strong – stay Proudly Prep!


“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters in life”.

Kind regards


Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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