From the Desk of the Headmaster – 24 March 2021

The long weekend has definitely given everyone an opportunity to just ‘catch their breath’ with regards to the busy programme here at school and I am sure also in the business arena.  I do hope that you and your family had quality time together to enjoy as a family.  My reminder now is that we are down to ‘20’ academic days left until break up day for this first term on Friday 23 April.  I also share that there is another long weekend next week with Friday 2 April and Monday 5 April also down as public holidays – this means that next week Thursday 1 April is the last day of next week.


DATE                                                  ACTIVITY

Thursday 25 March                     –        Gr R ‘Hearing’ screening

Wednesday 31 March                  –        Chris Cubitt/DPHS Memorial Assembly.  We will also be paying our respects to our staff member Mr Mbongeni Zulu at this assembly as well as respecting the standard format shared each year at this assembly at 7h30.

                                                          8h00 – Prep Pal Meeting for Grades 1 – 7.  Staff directing the programmes for the above events will forward further information shortly.

Thursday 1 April                         –        DPHS Championship Gala for the JP boys at 8h30.

                                                –        DPHS Championship Gala for the SP boys at 10h15.

                                                          Unfortunately, no spectators can be accommodated at these galas.

Wednesday 7 April                      –        Mothers’ Committee host an Ice Cream’ day for  school.

                                                          Please see the letter from the Mothers’ Committee Chairlady Mrs Jane Oliva that fully explains the ordering and health/safety directions that will be followed.

Thursday 8 April                         –        As already advertised well in advance.  Round 1 –DPHS SGB elections – 18h00.  Please note that a quorum is required by parents in attendance so that the meeting can continue.  Your support at this election which as explained will be held outdoors for social distancing purposes, is thus of paramount importance.

Thursday 15 April                       –        Round 2 – SGB elections – 18h00.   Round 2 is held only if the quorum was not met the previous week at Round 1 of SGB elections. Please note that this meeting will continue as no quorum is required hence elections will take place.  Let us aim not to have two rounds of elections with parents making the effort to be present at the first round on 8 April.


In last week’s edition of the Prep Patter I wrote about lifeskills that have been practised in society – some which we may still emphasize today in our school and home environment.  Many of us as parents were brought up through our childhood on these values that were of paramount importance hence the continued need to ensure that these denominators are still with us now.
However, I would like to remind all Prep partners of that ‘Quality Time’ that we all enjoy as members of a family unit with emphasis especially on such ideas for the benefit or our children.
These general points I list serve merely as reminders and encouragement to introduce if you feel any are of worthwhile need to embrace during that family ‘quality time’

  • All family members seated at the dinner table to enjoy their meal together – the TV and music should be turned off.
  • Call on each family member, one by one, including parents to share ‘how their day was’ hopefully focusing on positive and exciting points.
  • To discuss the next family outing that lies ahead on the weekend or holidays coming up ie. a planning/sharing feedback.


  • Call a family get together meeting in the lounge after dinner to have the ‘family’ feedback instead of at the dinner table – coffee/tea/milo etc. always adds to the meeting time.
  • Family reading time where all family members follow a set half an hour for all to sit together enjoying their own book/reader.
  • Be creative – create a family masterpiece on a canvas, piece of material whereby the family paint/draw their designs onto one base.  The more abstract the design is the more creative or purposeful for the final outcome.
  • Take the family to the kitchen for a team effort in baking – that family ‘chocolate cake’ will be so delicious even if there are a few preparation slip ups.
  • A family run/walk in the neighbourhood or going out for a cycle together always builds up a good sweat with much opportunity for that family chat.
  • “Time to Dance’ through the eras ie. teach each other rock and roll, disco, the waltz, hip hop, traditional cultural dances as a variety of dance and music.
  • Does anyone still enjoy the family favourite of “I spy with my little eye something beginning with …..”    All ages can become thoroughly involved in these challenges.
  • Work as a family towards your own family ‘fundraiser’ which can simply refer to each member finding five items of their own possessions to place in the combined ‘family basket’ that the family will donate to charity or a person/family in need.  Clothes no longer worn, toys not played with, books left on the shelf can always become ideas for this goodwill gesture.

Come on Prep families – I personally challenge you to diarize a ‘quality family time’ whereby you include some of the above suggestions or even better some of your own family initiatives.  This will be time well spent which could lead to a weekly event for the entire family.  Enjoy!


Congratulations to the following boys:
JP      –        Jack van der Merwe        –        Grade 1 Langley
SP      –        Oscar Dreyer                   –        Grade 7 Turner

REMINDERThank you to those families who have already made a voluntary donation by sending in their ‘cash envelope’ or making an EFT payment in in honour of Mr Zulu.  Our collected amount will be handed over as a lump sum to a member of his family at the Memorial Assembly next week.

Headmasters Quote for the Week

“Having somewhere to go is a – home
having someone to love is a – family
having both is a – blessing.”

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