From the Desk of the Headmaster – 24 February 2021

The second month of the year is basically over with March now rapidly approaching.  Once again I begin by applauding the combined efforts of the staff, boys and parents for the positive attitude and committed efforts that has been clearly noted so far during 2021.


It is so encouraging to note the Prep synergy that is taking place with staff and parents working together.  The online interviews that are being held creates that personal inter-action at this early stage of the academic year.  I am sure that our Grade R parents enjoyed this opportunity last week and that the main school parents will also benefit from the quality time shared.  Let us build on this initial meeting by sharing constructive information that will strengthen the channels of communication in the best interests of each boy.  Please follow the guidance and directives presented by the class teacher/staff so that there is a clear understanding of the responsibilities and support structures required which will need our combined attention moving forward during the term and year.  May I also call on our parent community to interact with our staff during our formal business hours of the day so that the staff members can also enjoy their personal quality time with their own family.

Thank you to all Prep partners for your involvement during these important online interviews.


Please attend to these matters listed below which we are well aware of through information already sent.  I place them in point form for you to identify.

  • Grade 1 to Grade 7 boys must be at school by 7h25 at the latest.
  • Boys must be collected on time directly after their academic day or their extra mural activity.
  • No boy is allowed to be left to wait for his parents/lift.
  • Please register your son into Aftercare or Homework Centre if you cannot fetch your son at these expected times.
  • Each boy in the main school must arrive and depart from school with his DPHS cap on his head – your monitoring of his wearing of the school cap is essential.
  • Every boy from Grade R through to Grade 7 must have a DPHS sunhat here at school in order for him to be allowed onto the field to play during break time.
  • Staff have been informed as well to monitor the wearing of the sunhat with their own class and whilst on duty.  No sunhat will result in your son remaining seated on the stands.
  • Our circulars sent home have clearly indicated the dress code for the academic days as well as for the extra mural practices.
  • DPHS has always requested predominantly white running shoes for the JP and SP practices/ball skills etc.  This also applies to the PE day where we have allowed our boys to attend school in PE kit.
  • NB – Please ensure that your son has predominantly white running shoes as this is part of our standard DPHS dress code otherwise your son will not be permitted to participate in the practices.
  • The tracksuit top may not be worn to or during the school academic day.  This tracksuit top is to be worn over the cricket kit after practice when leaving for home otherwise the boys from Grade 3 to Grade 7 will change into full school uniform.
  • All blazer buttons need to be in place.
  • Broken or faded DPHS school bags need to be replaced – this also applies to school uniform items that the boys have outgrown or need replacing.


Thank you for your prompt response to the returning of the Covid reply slip which was sent with DPHS circular no 12 on 10 February.  Each class teacher has been asked to keep a register of such returns which is forwarded to my office once all replies have been returned.  Unfortunately, we are still waiting for those few replies in certain classes which are slowing down our process of monitoring.

I have thus asked the teachers to follow up on these late replies which need to be returned urgently.

The same reply slip is included in this edition for you to use if you have misplaced the slip sent earlier.  Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.


We hosted an assembly with our Grade 7 seniors on Monday which was also screened online for our parents to enjoy.  This annual event is an important part of our DPHS programme where we practise our call of “Preparing Our Boys For Life”.

Each of our Grade 7 boys received their senior DPHS tie at this assembly where certain life skill aspects were highlighted for the attention of our 2021 group.  I remind you that each boy in Grade 7 is awarded this tie as we confidently believe in each boy and their respective leadership skills that they would have developed throughout their years at Prep.

The boys were reminded that:

  • by receiving the tie, it does not give them the right to leadership but rather the responsibility to guide all partners through the journey of the year.
  • although the focus may be on them now that they will be required to shift their focus on to the well-being of their juniors, staff, school and families.
  • this is another step in our programme of “preparing our boys for life” where the call of “I am first” is shifted to “I am last” thus emphasizing the need to care for others first.
  • this tie will be a magnet for all of us to be attracted to for help, guidance and assistance.
  • his tie symbolizes that growth in maturity where he moves from Junior to Senior, from young boy to young man, from a follower to one that leads and paves the way forward.


At the beginning of every year we host the House Meetings of the SP boys in the first week back.  The Grade 7 boys, if they so wish to stand for the position, have the opportunity to address the boys in their House as to why he believes he is ready to lead the House in his final year.  It is encouraging to hear our seniors call on their House Members, in a mature and proud manner, to give them their vote of support to lead the House.  Every boy in Grade 5/6 and 7 then cast their vote in secret ballot which is collected and tallied by the respective staff members in charge of their houses.  This means that the boys have their sole responsibility to elect their House Captain and Vice-Captain ie – those leaders who they wish to have leading them in the inter-house competitions during the year.

Our Director of Sport Mr Dick announced the House Leaders at the Leadership Assembly where I had the honour to hand over the badges to the boys listed below.

Congratulations to all the boys who stood for the position of House Leaders and who addressed their House.  It gives me great pleasure to again formally compliment the selected boys below who were voted into these House positions of leadership – a position that these boys will honour with much pride.

Best wishes to all the houses in your spirited efforts to be crowned House Champions for 2021.


Congratulations to the following boys:
JP – Bandile Zungu – Grade 2 Murphy
SP – Shivay Gunpath – Grade 5 Huber

“Headmasters Quote for the Week”
“Count your rainbows not the thunderstorms”

Kind regards

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