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We have enjoyed hosting the Orientation Day programme for the respective grades which was well represented on each day.  Once again I extend my sincerest appreciation to the staff, boys and parents for your combined support in leading to the success of each day.

DPHS now looks forward to welcoming all our grades back to school on Monday under our ‘Alternating Day’ option which has been explained in communication sent earlier.  I remind you that every boy has been placed in either the ‘Walshaw” or ‘Smith” group and that these groups list (per class) have been sent home already.

It was wonderful to see the co-operation and support of parents provided at the gates in the morning and at collection time at the end of each day – thank you.

FURTHER REMINDER (as practised during Orientation Days.)

Enter at – Morning                                      Exit at – Afternoon
Grade R – Claribel Road   Grade R – 3 Gates
Grades 1/2/3 – JP Ramp – Gordon Road         Grade 1/3 – JP Ramp
Grade 2 – Claribel Road (Staff Car Park Gate)
Grade 4 – Middle/Reception Gate – Gordon Road          Grade 4 – Claribel Road (Staff Car Park Gate)
Grade 5 – Middle/Reception Gate – Gordon Road             Grade 5 – Rosetta Road Gate
Grade 6 – Hall Gate – Gordon Road                Hall Gate Gordon Road
Grade 7 – Hall Gate – Gordon Road                Rosetta Road Gate


Please note that if your son has his Physical Education lesson on the set day then he is to come to school in his PE kit irrespective of the dress code that was set for that day.  This will mean that there will be no need to change his clothes during the day and bring extra bags to school.  It might also mean that his PE lesson falls on the day when ‘touring kit’ or house dress kit is to be worn – please note if this is the case then he is most welcome to wear his ‘touring kit’ or house kit for PE as well.  This will assist families with their washing and preparing of clothes for the week.


Please note that both the Aftercare and Homework Centre facilities will be operational from Monday 6 July, also operating to cater for the Walshaw/Smith groups on their respective days.

I take this opportunity on behalf of the staff to personally acknowledge our DPHS families for your continued support during these challenging times.  Please believe that we are really focussed to continue to give of our very best attention to all matters relating to school functionality.

Kind regards

Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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