From the Desk of the Headmaster – 23 September 2020

Congratulations to the DPHS partners of staff, boys and parents who have together successfully reached the end of the ninth academic month of our calendar.  We are all well aware of the combined journey that we have had to travel to now be ready to forward these academic assessments that reflect on each boy’s performance.  Yes, there may have been new challenges to cope with but we as DPHS have risen above such obstacles as we continue to strive for those levels of excellence that we are all so proud of.  However, our race of 2020 is far from over so let us again stand united moving forward to really embrace those calendar months left for this year.  Our DPHS Term 4 begins this Monday 28 September and lasts until Tuesday 15 December – let us not waste any of the 52 academic school days left of this year, which we will all remember as the “first” in so many ways.


Please sit down with your son and take that quality time to read through his entire ‘report’ back.  Do not just look at the results/percentages but focus especially on the comments and effort symbols expressed throughout each section.  I have read and signed each report and I wish to compliment the staff on their thorough appraisal, recognition and constructive advice expressed.  It has not been easy for the staff to report on those boys who have followed our online programme, to those returning at regular intervals, as well as to provide a full day teaching programme to our many boys who are back at school.
Please praise your son where needed but be ready to support those firm guidelines also provided as there is now only one term left to rectify any area of concern.
I must stress that any boy, in any grade, who has been identified to give his academic responsibilities his full attention during this next term is well advised to take serious note of this advice.  One must not feel that due to this Covid 19 pandemic that every boy will automatically progress through to the next grade.  There will still be those standard criteria/results that the learner must attain in order for him to progress which will be the same procedure applied across all schools.
Let us all ensure that we do not need to deal with any such disappointments later in this year hence the need for me to emphasize the urgency of any boy’s academic focus.
We have also held our Virtual Assemblies this week where we continued to recognize our boys in the senior primary classes with Certificates who achieved an overall aggregate of 80% or higher, as well as to the boy in each class who showed the most improvement.  Congratulations DPHS we can all be proud of our combined efforts in this academic programme.


Each family is reminded that the DPHS Term 4 begins this Monday 28 September.  This means that the following points must be seriously considered and be given immediate attention.

  • We strongly encourage that as the vast majority of the boys are back in attendance at school that every boy should now return to his class and school programme.  We fully respect the extreme comorbidity case which are now few but this Term 4 is such an important term for consolidating the entire year.
  • Term 4 is seen as a “summer” term hence the wearing of blazers is optional with the wearing of the school uniform.
  • Please note that as from this Monday 28 September no other DPHS tour jacket/tracksuit top will be worn with school uniform.  A blazer or DPHS school jersey are the only items to now accompany our proudly DPHS uniform.
  • The DPHS school cap will be worn from Monday with the uniform as a compulsory item – please ensure that your son has a school cap on his head to and from school.
  • All boys to be at school on time in the morning and to be collected punctually at the end of the school academic day.  The following time will now be strictly monitored with consequences for late-comers to be implemented.
  • Ie. – Grade  R to be at school by 7h35 at the latest.
          Grades 1 to 7 – the school gates used at Gordon Road are the only entrances in the morning.  These gates will now be closed at 7h25 which has always been the time for the school bell to signal the beginning of the day so that staff can be back in class to begin their first lesson from 7h30 instead of being on gate duty.
  • Appearance – Boys have until this Monday 28 September to have a haircut which will mean “short back and sides with no mop/thickness of hair on top of the head – or any fancy styles.  This is not negotiable.
  • – GARTERS must be worn with the school socks.
  • – Polished shoes are back!
  • The raising of the DPHS cap lifted completely off the head followed with a formal yet friendly eye to eye greeting of “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon” is to be continued daily by all Prep boys.
  • Please refrain from doing a U Turn across the solid lines in Gordon Road.
    I would like to on behalf of the staff and school loudly applaud those many boys and their families who never have to be reminded of these issues raised above.  It is out of full respect for your continued positivity and ongoing support that we will continue to monitor and focus on all our boys.

Thank you to the staff, for hosting and providing for our boys and families to enjoy our “extra mural” initiatives.  This also includes the daily services provided at Aftercare and Homework Centre.


We do hope that you as a family enjoyed our Chris Cubbitt Memorial and Heritage Day Assemblies that were hosted this week.  Thank you to Mr Bedford, Mrs Parry, staff and the boys involved who were part of the presentation.  This was also followed by the Academic Online Assembly organized by Mr Phipson and the staff.  Thank you to everyone involved.


Let us now shift the mindset back to those practises and values that we all subscribe to as loyal and passionate partners of our beloved school DPHS.
We as the adults need to shine brightly as the ‘Lighthouses’ in guiding our sons back to the safe harbour of DPHS.  It is through our commitment in maintaining our levels of excellence that we as Prep will be able to focus on and enjoy our final term with much happiness and further achievements across our school.


“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then is not an act but a habit.”

Kind regards
Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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