From the Desk of the Headmaster – 23 October 2020

As per introduction I share with you that there are now 34 school days left to receive our full attention until the final day of this academic year namely Tuesday 15 December.  It is quite alarming to note that when we return after the one week break that we will actually be in the eleventh month of the year with the start of November.  Let us brace ourselves for the exciting journey ahead.


I personally continue to acknowledge and applaud the staff, parents and boys for ensuring that each day, now that all grades are back on a daily basis, has been noted for the standards of excellence.

We have worked together which has led to the smooth operation and functionality clearly evident throughout the academic and extra mural programmes each day.  It is so encouraging to see our boys actively involved with their staff and peers across the school, arriving and leaving the school with a smile on the face and a Proudly Prep greeting. Thank you Prep – let us build on this positivity throughout the remaining days ahead.


Bravo – Encore – Prep has made it happen!  Congratulations to the Performing Arts staff members under the co-ordination of Mrs Briscoe, our directors – Mrs Vosloo and Mrs Harker, supported by Mrs Parry, Mrs Nixon-James, Mr Thatcher and Mr Spencer for producing and presenting this flighting of the online play – “DPGT”. (Durban Prep’s got Talent).

The Prep community have made it happen with rehearsals and fine tuning taking place on weekends as well as during school break times.  The classes are now invited to watch the streaming of the play in class and enjoy this production which displays the amazing talents of all involved from producing, directing, behind curtain support, as well as the talents of the multi-talented Prep actors.  Please appreciate this amazing achievement considering that this final outcome has been created whilst health and safety standards have still been implemented throughout the process.


Every year our school looks forward to hosting Grandparents Day assemblies which are always so well attended.  This annual event is always a highlight on our DPHS calendar as the messages of love, respect and appreciation expressed by the boys on stage and in their classroom, are so well received by all persons present.  Unfortunately, we could not host the assemblies this year but we have still managed to create the same presentation and theme that will be forwarded to our loved ones.  I take the opportunity here to express our DPHS appreciation to all our grandparents.  We may not have been together in the hall to celebrate with our beloved family members but we have still created the opportunity for our messages to be shared.

Thank you again DPHS grandparents for being there for your family and for our school.  May you be blessed in abundance with our Prep love and good health for the remainder of this year and the many years ahead.


Last week I presented a list of boys from classes across Grade 1 to Grade 7 that I had personally identified.  This week a similar list of boys is presented but chosen by the respective class teachers.

Congratulations to the following boys.

Gr 1 Greensill – Sloan Brouard    

Gr 2 Hardouin – Jack Clarence

Gr 3 Vawda- Yusuf Osman

Gr 4 Fletcher – Cruz Chapman

Gr 5 Fisher – Izah Roux

Gr 6 May – Landa Tose

Gr 7 Turner – Zwa Mpanza


Thank you to Mrs Linda Horning who has been the locum tenens teacher in Grade 2 Martin class.  Mrs Horning has taken the class for the past 7 months whilst Mrs Martin has been on maternity leave and will thus resume her service when we return to school after the holiday break.  Mrs Horning is to be complimented on her dedicated and committed efforts given to the boys, families, Junior Primary phase and our school during this time which is greatly appreciated by all partners, especially Mrs Martin.


I wish every staff member, Prep boy and his family a week’s break filled with much time to rest and enjoy with your family.  We have all be looking forward to this much needed time off where the “batteries can be recharged” for the extremely busy period that lies ahead on our return.  Well done and thank you to all Prep partners for your outstanding service and support given to our beloved school.  May I again remind all families to ensure that their son is neatly presented for school on the first day back – the week is an ideal opportunity to focus on appearance standards especially by having that haircut.

Enjoy your holiday break Prep!


“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea and drink the wild air.”

Kind regards

Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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