From the Desk of the Headmaster – 23 June 2021

Down to the last dozen academic days until the term ends on Friday 9 July – only 12 school days left until the mid-year break.  I am sure that we as the DPHS community of staff, boys and parents are really looking forward to enjoying this mid-year break that is rapidly approaching.

As per the letter sent yesterday to our DPHS families, I hereby inform you again that our staff who serve under the Department of Education went for their vaccination at Moses Mabhida Stadium this morning.
You will have heard from the national address on the weekend that the rollout of such vaccines for staff in schools would begin today.  Our school is scheduled in this first batch on this very first day.  The plan that is circulating is that the rest of the SGB staff serving in all sectors of our school are likely to be called during next week with the intention to have all staff at schools across the country, covered by break-up day on the 9th July.  I also share that this procedure, although encouraged by higher levels, is voluntary with each person on the staff having been given that choice.  I share in advance that depending on the rollout plan for the SGB staff that we may have to suspend tuition for that day at Prep.  Please note that you will be informed immediately of the decision we as a school will make, depending on information received from that circular and how it could affect our functionality.  It is encouraging to note that the programme began today as was announced on the weekend.

We send our combined appreciation to our DPHS Mothers Committee for arranging a new initiative for the boys to enjoy yesterday.  The Committee had advertised some time ago as to what the various treat box options were with regards to the choices.
Families were then able to order according to their choice prior to the day and the boys could then look forward to their chosen treats.  Attention to detail had really taken place regarding the selection and the health/safety factor with the boys receiving their choice in a personally prepacked box.  There was much excitement as the boys in each grade received their treat box.  Judging by the large number of boxes prepared this clearly showed that this initiative had been welcomed by the families of Prep.
Once again we congratulate and extend our sincerest appreciation to the Mothers Committee for making this highlight happen for the boys and school.
I am aware that the Committee have another exciting launch to take place shortly – lookout for their advertising.  I personally believe that this item will be special for the boys – “I had better not say too much now!”

The staff throughout the school are still focused on the teaching programme on a daily basis as well as marking and finalizing these results for this second quarter.  The preparation of reports is also on the agenda as these in-depth appraisals for the second term take a long time to prepare, with much valuable content, results and comments included in the reports of each grade.  I again applaud the entire staff team for their combined efforts in presenting these “models of excellence” reports which clearly reflects their professional expertise when considering each boy.

Renee Vandenberg, a founding staff member of the DPHS Reception Unit, passed away peacefully on Sunday 20 June.  We send our combined love and condolences to her husband Lee, son Breton and his wife Katherine.
Renee was a much loved and devoted Grade R/(Reception Unit) staff member from 1995 to 1999.  She will be fondly remembered as a wonderful, nurturing teacher by her boys and colleagues.

Congratulations to the following boys:
JP      –        Ndumiso Mabuya – Grade 3 Vawda      
SP      –        Aiden Martin – Grade 5 Huber

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”

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