From the Desk of the Headmaster : 17 June 2020

It gives me great pleasure to report back that we have had a most successful return to school for staff and for our Grade 7 boys.  The full Timetable is fully operational with staff and boys enjoying their variety of classroom/specialist lessons.  Our screening process each morning has worked exceptionally well – thank you to Parents, Boys and Staff on duty for your combined effort in following the programme.  I am extremely proud of the Grade 7 boys who have been sensible and understanding throughout the school day by respecting the health and safety directives and the social distancing requirements.  A solid platform has now been laid down that has clearly shown that DPHS is also now ready to welcome further grades back when their respective date is upon us.


Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Jali and family on the birth of their son Siyamthanda Oliver Victor Jali, on Monday this week.  All members of the family are doing exceptionally well with a very proud Mr Jali sharing this wonderful news with us.  We have those admissions forms already prepared for the Jali family as this ‘young Jali’ definitely displays the solid characteristics of a true Prep boy.

I can also share that all is well with Mrs Martin, Mrs Pullen and Mrs Richards who are off on maternity leave enjoying their new born babies.  We have received many photographs of these children and their proud parents.  May I also add that all three babies are future DPHS boys as well!

Today I am going to record a ‘reminders/facts’ in a list format for your attention:

  • Our ‘Prep Patter’ has been sent out for the last two weeks.
  • I have sent a video recording in each Patter with the last video focusing on a ‘Walk down Memory Lane’ around the school. This was done to provide the boys throughout all sectors of the school with visual reminders of their own work and play areas.
  • Please make every effort to watch the video of last week with your child.
  • It has been so encouraging to note how the Grade 7 Learners have made every effort to present themselves neatly for school.
  • Please note that we have received a directive recently from the Department to confirm that a mask and or visor is now permitted for usage during the school day, as well as in public places.
  • Each boy will be in the possession of the following masks on this return.
  • His own personal mask
  • A DPHS branded mask – supplied
  • A Department mask – supplied
  • We remind you that each boy is encouraged to carry his own medical bag which includes some wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer and another personal mask.
  • Please note that we have the above items supplied here at school and in/around each classroom.
  • Academic Work Books are also placed at the front entrance to our Maurice Wilkinson School Hall – this will be under the direction of the Grade Leader/Class Teacher.
  • We hope that you are enjoying your Google Classroom and on-line teaching lessons taking place each week.
  • PE (Physical Education) lessons have and will continue to take place during the academic day as these lessons fall under the life orientation (L0 section).  Social distancing and health/safety needs are practised.
  • Thank you to our Grade 7 boys who have returned their very interesting “Corona Character” designs that are displayed in their classroom – we are looking forward to these ‘characters’ returning with your son when he comes back to school.
  • Reminder – Dress Code for the Week

Monday/Wednesday/Friday – School Uniform with Cap

                                          Blazer not compulsory/optional

                                          School jersey can be worn

Tuesday/Thursday       Full School Tracksuit – (jacket and long bottom)

                                           No Cap

                                            Predominantly ‘White’ running Shoes

                                          White DPHS ‘tennis-short’ Socks

                                          DPHS Blue ‘Tour’ Shorts may be worn underneath

                                          DPHS White Sports Shirt

Thank you to all the families who have continued to pay towards their school fees – it is greatly appreciated.


I would really like to again acknowledge the patience, understanding and support that you as a DPHS family have shown during this lockdown period.  We have all had to adapt to this ‘new’ way of life where hardships, pressures and a change in lifestyle has been forced upon each of our families. We have had to call on each other to remain positive as a combined unit of staff, SGB, boys and parents as we take on these new challenges and lifestyle experiences both at home and here at school.  Yes, there have been those curve balls thrown in our direction but in true Prep style we have been able to share, discuss and re-align our combined pathway in moving forward.  Let us all not spend unnecessary time on what should have been done but rather on what is to be done so that we can continue to stand united in embracing the fresh initiatives that lie in wait.  The spirit within each DPHS partner has and will always provide that shining Lighthouse Team of reassurance to guide us towards our common Prep goal.  There will always be someone to listen to you, advise you and care for you in this ‘Prep Family’ so I strongly encourage all of us to continue to believe in this synergy that is so powerful at Prep.  Please do not hesitate to communicate your concerns to us as the DPHS Staff in order to hopefully create that ‘win-win’ solution for the benefit of all partners – especially with our spotlights focussing on the boy/s in each situation.  May I also encourage you to also share those many heart-warming and positive experiences/outcomes that you have enjoyed with us as a Prep partner as well as amongst your friends and the community.

I will always remind everyone that we are all blessed to serve, belong and be identified as a Proudly Prep partner so let us continue to build on our skyscrapers of excellence on a daily basis.

When all this Corona dust has come to settle one day, then we will stand even more united acknowledging our combined energy, decisions and achievements ie. our outcomes of success where we as individuals, families, teams, classes, etc. have grown in paving this new exciting pathway together.

Stay healthy – Stay Positive in mindset – stay Proudly Prep.


“We must let go of the life we have planned so as to accept the one that is waiting for us at these times”

Kind regards

Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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