From the Desk of the Headmaster – 22 November 2021

Down to the ‘tens’ now with only 18 school days left until the final day of this academic year.  I am sure that you are just as amazed that we are moving rapidly to the month of December – the last lap to run.


Very recently we received a resignation from Mrs Kasia Vosloo our part time Drama Teacher in the JP section of the school.  Mrs Vosloo travels in from Ballito and has been fortunate to secure a position in a school closer to home.  Thank you, in abundance, must go to Mrs Vosloo for her active and enthusiastic involvement noted in her lessons and involvement in various drama activities in the school.  We wish Mrs Vosloo well in her new adventures from next year.  Our school immediately began the process to find a most suitable replacement as a JP Drama Specialist.  We have managed to secure the professional expertise of Mrs Daisy Spencer who is highly recognized and well respected in the general drama arena in the performing and teaching circles.  Mrs Spencer has performed in productions on stage herself, choreographed shows etc. but more important she also displays an overwhelming passion for this subject and the performing arts.  Thank you again to Mrs Vosloo for her 6 years of service at DPHS – welcome to Mrs Spencer in 2022.


Our senior grades 6 and 7 have been focused on their final testing period during this past week which we believe has gone exceptionally well.  Our older boys definitely learn from this lifeskill of sitting down to a more formal assessment programme, especially our grade 7 boys in preparation for their high school years.  The staff throughout the school are presently assessing, marking and preparing for these end of year results besides maintaining the structures for their daily teaching programmes.  DPHS looks forward to presenting our end of year reports which will reflect your son’s overall progress and development before moving into the next grade.  Please note that the academic programme still continues on a daily basis.  I remind our boys that the “holiday season” has not begun yet.  All academic responsibilities must still receive their very best attention.


As we are still restricted under the Covid regulations we have had to plan for this end of year ceremony with the focus on our senior Grade 7 boys.  This is their final academic celebration so the only grade that will be in attendance, will be our school leavers namely Grade 7.  This will also allow for their parents to attend in their final year in our close monitoring and control of people present at this gathering.  The prize giving will involve all Grade 7 boys, choir members and prize winners from grades 4,5 and 6.  The Assembly will be live-streamed via our Facebook Page on Thursday 2 December for the greater Prep community to enjoy.  Please ensure that you follow the information sent in a Prize Giving letter so that all boys are well aware of their involvement or time to be collected from school on this day.

Boys not involved in Prize Giving are to be collected punctually or 9h30 with Grade 4,5 and 6 boys leaving from the Rosetta Road gate.

Please note that Homework Centre and Aftercare will not be open on this day – Thursday 2 December.  I also share with you that this is going to be my final Prize Giving after 37 years in education.  It is with great pleasure that I announce our Guest Speaker for this event namely Dr Kim de Vasconcellos who was Dux at DPHS in 1991. We can look forward to his address and memories of his DPHS experience as Prep “prepared him for his journey in life.”  I look forward to enjoying this finale as in this Prize Giving with you as the Prep Community.


Thank you to Mrs Phipson and the Grade R staff for hosting a most successful new boys visit this week for our families preparing to joining our “Prep family” in Grade R.  It is always so heart-warming to see the entire family of mom, dad and son arriving with much excitement, to meet their new teacher and school in preparation for their 8 years at Prep that lies ahead.  These families left even more ‘Proudly Prep’ after their visit to their classroom for next year and also received their stationery and uniform items.

The New Boys Visit from Grade 1 to Grade 7 will take place this coming Wednesday 24 November at the main school campus at 13h45.  This day also brings much joy to these future Prep boys in their preparation here at Prep for 2022.  Thank you again to all the staff members involved in hosting these ‘New Boy’ visits.


This week Thursday 25 November brings both the JP and SP galas into action at our Gordon Road pool.  This inter house competition is also fiercely contested amongst the boys as they challenge to be that champion swimming house for the year.  I do believe that the excitement will flow over to the parents now that we are able to allow spectators in to support.  Please can I remind you to wear a mask and be prepared to be screened at the entrance to the gala – this serves in the best interests of all attending.  The JP gala begins at 9h00 and the SP gala at 12h00 with attendance compulsory for our boys at these respective galas.  All boys show such pride in representing their House both in the pool events and in full support from the sidelines.  Best wishes to Bullimore, Evans, Haysom, Stubbs.


Our 1st XV will have the opportunity to play a three ‘Test’ series against Glenwood Prep as indicated below.

Fixture 1  –  Friday 26 November at Kings Park 2 (Sharks Stadium outer field) at 16h00

Fixture 2  –  Wednesday 1 December at Glenwood Prep at 15h00

Fixture 3  –  Saturday 4 December at DPHS at DPHS at 10h00

We are really looking forward to our first team flying the Prep flag at its highest levels during these fixtures – Go Prep!~


The statistics for the past week showed that there were no Prep boys positive as well as 0 Prep boys in isolation because of a close contact who had tested positive.  Let us stand united in our call for these amazing statistics to continue.

Congratulations Mr Prep

JP –    Aphile Mvuyana – Grade 1 Langley

SP –    Blake de Bruin – Grade 5 Huber


“You are the artist of your own life.

Don’t hand the paint brush to anyone else”

Kind regards



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