From the Desk of The Headmaster – 22 July 2020

Once again, I begin by acknowledging the combined efforts of staff, boys and families for your continued support amongst each other and towards the school.  Thank you for the constant messages of appreciation sent through to the staff acknowledging their general efforts and the respective service provided in assisting you and especially your son.  Let us continue with this positive synergy throughout each day of these challenging times.


You will have also heard across various media platforms of the ongoing debate at various levels, relating to the closure of schools.  Schools are also anxiously awaiting some clarity as to whether schools remain open or not hence the letters sent to you last Friday in case of any sudden announcement.  Please rest assured that the staff are well prepared to continue to be of service to the boys/families irrespective of when any announcement is made.  We will inform you as soon as we do hear or receive any such feedback, however, I do encourage all families to pay close attention to the various media coverages and news bulletins.  Please remember that the official notification will be directly sent from us as DPHS regarding our school functionality.

GENERAL QUESTIONNAIRE (see D6 – please return that Section only)

Please rest assured that your personal safety is of paramount importance to us as a school.  We value your involvement and support with the school however it is necessary and of the utmost importance to ensure that various aspects are checked and constantly shared during this sensitive period.

I thus call on all families from Grade R through to Grade 7 to please complete this Questionnaire in case there has been any change to one’s personal details and/or health status.  This information is to be checked against our own records and will be kept confidential on file.


It has been heart-warming to note how our boys throughout the school from Grade R to Grade 7 have in general made the necessary and expected effort to present themselves as a “Lighthouse Leader” for school.  Boys are making an effort to dress neatly for school following the dress code guidelines which has included having the required DPHS haircut standards, respected by most boys.  Our boys have continued to practise their manners and greetings which is a Prep core value that we all believe in.  I have personally enjoyed observing the mature and sensible approach from our boys during the school day, from the moment they arrive, during their academic day and until they are collected.  I extend these same sentiments to the boys following the alternating day programme and our DPHS home support on line programme with your interaction to your staff members.

I have always said on many occasions that : “you may at times knock a Prep boy down but you will never knock him out”.

Well done and thank you to our Lighthouse Leaders ie. – all our Prep boys.


 “We can’t choose the number of our age, but we can choose the age of our attitude”

Kind regards


Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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