From the Desk of the Headmaster

The ‘Lighthouse Lights’ are shining brightly across all grades, phases and departments in the school.  There is such a positive vibe buzzing across the school with keen participation and enthusiasm definitely noted by many.
May we continue to turn up this power voltage during the next 37 academic days left in this term.  Well done Prep!

I hereby share with you my ‘Welcome’ message for St Stithians who arrive at DPHS this coming Thursday.  This message will be in their programme, but I include it here now so that you as families are also well informed of their visit this week and of the general hosting and organization.  Please make every effort to be present to support the fixtures between our schools irrespective of whether your son is directly involved or not – we would welcome your attendance!  As stated this is the traditional bi-annual tour which means that DPHS will tour to St Stithians in 2021 to then enjoy the Saints hospitality.  You are reminded that our boys who are spectators after school hours can attend in their Prep supporters kit ie. white running shoes, white DPHS short socks, blue DPHS tour/sports short and white DPHS sports (cricket) shirt with the blue and gold collar.  School uniform can also be worn.
It gives me the greatest pleasure on behalf of DPHS to formally welcome Mr Jakes Fredericks (Headmaster), the Staff/Coaches, boys and parents of St Stithians Boys’ Prep on their bi-annual visit to Durban Prep.  We fondly remember the wonderful hospitality that we, as a school received during our stay with St Stithians last year and now really look forward to warmly receiving our guests into our school and homes.  May your positive experiences here this week be pasted into your memory bank for each person to cherish for years ahead.  The fixtures have always been played in a friendly and respected rivalry on the golf course, tennis courts, cricket fields and in the water polo pool with each member proudly representing their respective schools whether it be during the fixture or in support from the sidelines – long may this valued spirit continue each year.
Please allow me to pay my respects to our Director of Sport, Mr Michael Dick for his thorough attention to detail in co-ordinating this event.  The appreciation is extended to the DPHS Staff and Coaches who have supported the call to service for this tour both in the front lines and behind the scenes.  We also pay our respects to Northlands Primary, Clifton Preparatory, DHS, Mitchell Park Tennis Club and Royal Durban Golf Club for the use of their facilities.  This tour would not be possible if it were not for the support of our DPHS parent community who have again opened up their homes to cater for 120 St Stithians boys on tour.  Rest assured that our guests will be extremely comfortable and cared for as DPHS prides itself on these expected needs when hosting.  Thank you DPHS.
May the results be of importance for each team but may the friendships and learning experiences made, continue to be the ultimate reason for these tours to take place.
We as DPHS welcome St Stithians to Durban – Let the Games begin!

Thomas Taylor receives his Grade 7 Leadership Tie from Mr Bedford (HOD)

A full school assembly was held on Monday with many Grade 7 parents in attendance to celebrate with our senior boys who received their leadership tie.  Each grade 7 boy was called up onto stage to officially receive his tie from me on behalf of the school and the Grade 7 staff.  The boys were informed that this tradition recognizes that our seniors are now there to lead the school, not only in service but as the ‘Prep Pal’ care-giver to the boys.  Our seniors are there to look after the boys in the lower grades, especially in the junior phases so that our Prep boys can feel secure and comfortable, knowing that they can approach these ‘lighthouse leaders’ at any time of need or assistance on a daily basis.  Today was definitely a day when the lighthouses along the ‘DPHS’ coastline shone at their brightest.  Please encourage your son to also acknowledge and respect these boys as our seniors during the school day as these young men are all extremely proud to be in a position to serve.  Your son will also be in this position in the years ahead when he too will receive his leadership tie.  Congratulations to the Grade 7 staff, boys and their families.
A Proudly Prep experience.

The hard work and efforts noted at practices shown by coaches and players has definitely paid off with regards to our results in our first round of school fixtures played last week against Clifton.  Please refer to the results section which makes for interesting reading especially when one notices that DPHS won all thirteen of the matches played – some quite convincingly.  I look forward to this foundation being built on in our fixtures against St Stithians this weekend.

Reminder:    ●       The school blazer and school cap are part of our cricket uniform for matches.

                    ●       The first list of Headmasters “top ten” batting/bowling achievements is enclosed in this Prep Patter – has your son made it onto this list?                               Such high standards have already been set from this first weekend.

Top 10 Championship Gala 2020 : Kings Park Outdoor Pool

It was so encouraging to note the personal achievements of many of our boys who had worked exceptionally hard in training, to now be competing in this championship gala.  Once again we are blessed with the quality of swimming talents in our great school amongst coaches and our boys which was clearly evident at last night’s DPHS Championship Gala held at Kings Park Swimming Pool.  This gala is held now in preparation for the Durban and Districts (D & D) inter-school galas that are rapidly approaching.  Our 4 swimming squads need to be well prepared to again achieve levels of excellence with our A squad ready to win the gala for the ‘twenty-first’ time.  Congratulations to all involved in coaching and competing with our lighthouse shining brightly in support for our Director of Swimming Mrs Richards, who will be leading the way for Prep during this swimming season/term.  Here we go Prep – let’s go!

All grades have made a solid and positive start to the year.  Special mention must be made of our boys in Grade R, Grade 1 and ‘new’ boys who have settled in to their new adventure here at Prep.

Miss out on the opportunity to host a St Stithians visitor. Welcome the opportunity to host a training visitor in their home.
Disrespect our Grade 7 leaders and their ‘Prep Pal’ position. Respect their Grade 7 “big brother” who will be there to care for them.
Display any selfish behaviour when their peers achieve. Congratulate their peers when they achieve.
Become casual in any efforts now. Build on this positive start to their year.
Compete with average efforts. Get passionately involved in all activities at Prep.

There has been a major improvement to “late arrivals” for school under the new system.  Congratulations DPHS – keep this going!
You will remember from last year that I introduced this fun arrangement for families regarding the reading of the Prep Patter.  I hereby remind you that once you have read the Patter to please share the information with your child and then tell him the ‘secret code’ for the week.  He must then come to my office – (don’t tell others the code) – next morning to pass on the exact code to receive a ‘reward’.  Please encourage this request with your family and son – his arrival also makes my day!  Secret code this week is:
“I am a Lighthouse Leader”

JP      –        Kian Naidoo –        Grade 2 Murphy
SP      –        Liam Wilson  –        Grade 6 Armstrong
“This is a wonderful day.  I have never seen this one before!”

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