From the Desk of the Headmaster

“Double 2 = 22” = the number of academic days left to celebrate of this action packed second term.  To think that next weeks newsletter will be counting down into the ‘teens’ with regards to the academic days still available for us to enjoy.
We are delighted to share with you the news that Brett and Annie Sklarchick, the Directors of the Press Club Refreshment Centre here at school welcomed their daughter Brooklyn into their family on Monday this week.  The family are overwhelmed with joy at this, the birth of their daughter who also has a very proud brother Tyler, celebrating the news here at school.  We as Prep look forward to seeing the Sklarchick family enjoying family time in the Prep Club in the very near future.  Go Prep!
Once again I sincerely hope that all our ladies on the staff, mothers, grandmothers etc were spoilt in abundance last Sunday when we officially celebrated Mother’s Day.  I express the sentiments of our entire DPHS community, as we honour our ‘magnificent Moms’, by loudly applauding these ladies in acknowledgement for the love, support and wisdom that they provide in our homes and in our school.  We, as DPHS, greatly value and appreciate these genuine and constant efforts that our Moms display on a daily basis.
Thank you Moms.
PS – Do not worry Dads – DPHS has a Father’s Day Assembly diarized for you on Friday 31 May.  Please enter this date into your busy schedule now so that we can enjoy your company on this day at a special assembly.

Thank you to the staff members who worked late into the early evening last week to host their respective parent/teacher meetings.  It was also so encouraging to note that many families had used this opportunity to attend these extremely important sessions where constructive guidance and overall encouragement is presented so that our boys can strive for their level of excellence in the academic programme.  Please do not hesitate to share this information to your son so that he can celebrate his success and be further encouraged to ‘create that Champion’ within himself.
The continuous programme of assessment has been taking place throughout the term with the final section of work and marking being conducted at present.  I remind the Grade 6 and Grade 7 boys that they will sit to write their mid-year standardized tests next week.  It is imperative that each boy gives his full attention to his study tasks and learning responsibilities in the build up to these tests, so that he is well prepared to reward himself with a most pleasing set of results for this second quarter.  The boys are thus encouraged to make a Champion effort to finish off the first half of this academic year!
You will have noticed that the lane has now been secured and blocked off with a precast wall at the Windermere Centre end.  We are at present about to commence with the installation of a solid gate at the top of the lane which will serve as a secure fence which will enable us to remove the wire fence that has stood at the top of the bank running down the lane.  Our boys will shortly be able to use the lane to gain access to our Trust facilities without having to leave the school grounds.  Thank you to our parents who have reverted to dropping and fetching their sons who are in the SP phase from the Rosetta Road gate which has alleviated the traffic congestion that used to take place at the back end of our school.  The security tower along Claribel Road is about to be utilized as the base for our guard as this elevated vantage point will definitely assist with his observations throughout the day and night.  It is so rewarding to hear from so many Prep parents and visitors to our School about these amazing upgrades and how the community is embracing these facilities and new initiatives that we as a school are introducing.  There has also been positive feedback from our neighbours, as in the residents in the flats at Lothian Court regarding the lane closure and upgrades.
Thank you for the support and appreciation Prep!
There is much excitement in the school with regards to the boys who will be on tour to Trinity House in Johannesburg from tomorrow.  I am also well aware that there is even more excitement amongst many of the parents that I have spoken to, who will be on tour as well.  Please note that I will be at the provincial U13 rugby trials in Pietermaritzburg at this same time through to Saturday in my capacity as Sharks Chairman of the trials etc.  This unfortunately means I cannot join this U10 tour but I will be kept well informed by our member of management Mr Ross Bedford who will be our official tour manager.  Mr Bedford will also be there to support the coaches, parents and boys, including his own son and represent DPHS at Trinity in this official capacity.  Best wishes to all our coaches/staff and Prep community – please keep the flag flying at the highest level both on and off the field of play.  I look forward to positive results and feedback about this annual event where we as Prep have really excelled over the years.
May each Prep partner have a ‘Champion’ experience whilst on tour – Go Prep!
I am looking forward to attending this presentation tonight which showcases our multi-talented musicians who display their talents across a wide range of instruments and age groups.  Every family is encouraged to please be there in the audience to loudly applaud our boys who are so willing and confident to perform for us.  Thank you to our Director Mrs Briscoe, our staff in the Music pillar and the respective tutors for forming part of our DPHS music family in guiding our boys in their music development.  I am sure the call of ‘Bravo’ will echo throughout the Maurice Wilkinson Hall here tonight at 18h00.
I have listed a variety of events that we can look forward to and enjoy in support at our school.
DATE                                                           ACTIVITY
Wednesday 22 – Tuesday 28 May – Grade 6 and 7 standardized testing programme
Thursday 23                                         -Grade 5 – Ancient Civilisation Day
Friday 24                                             – Rugby fixtures vs Merchiston (away)
Sunday 26                                           –  Inter Schools Body Boarding Competition
Tuesday 28                                          –  Rugby vs Clifton (Home)
Wednesday 29                                     – Performing Arts Evening (18h00 – 20h00)
Thursday 30                                         –  Mothers second hand sale
Friday 31                                             –   Father’s Day Assembly (7h30/8h30)
                                                          –        Reception Unit Winter Walk(8h00 – 9h00)
Saturday 1 June                                  –   Rugby vs Glenwood Prep (away)
Tuesday 4 – Friday 7 June                – Mothers Committee Café Prep
Wednesday 5 – Friday 7 June          – DPHS Rugby Festival


Let a day pass without expressing their love to their family. Proudly show their love to
their family members.
Become distracted from their
studies at this time.
Prepare well for their
academic responsibilities.
Misbehave on tour. Value the learning experiences
gained on tour.
Drop the ‘baton’ at this late
stage of the term in their
overall efforts.
Commit 100% to all that
they are involved in at this end of term phase.
Forget their manners Display a positive attitude at
all times

Life has no limitations, except the ones you make!
B WILSON Headmaster

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