From the Desk of the Headmaster

A warm welcome back to school and the exciting programme that lies ahead for 2020.  I also share with you that the school will also celebrate 110 years of excellence in education this year.  Please enjoy the journey ahead with your son so that we can again record a most successful year of events as the ‘Prep family.’

I had already at the end of last year, shared with you the announcement of new staff joining us.  It gives me great pleasure to again officially welcome these staff members into our team.  We look forward to their most valuable contribution and professional expertise that they will add to our school.
Grade R        –        Miss Teagan Hardwick       –        (Teacher Assistant)
                             Miss Hannah Tostee          –        (Teacher Assistant)
Grade 2        –        Miss Lauren Hardouin      
Grade 7        –        Mr Luke Turner

  • The Prep staff can take a bow as they have already shown their genuine commitment and enthusiasm in preparing for the start of this academic year.  Thank you to all the staff in the respective phases, departments, sections and offices for the ‘hands-on’ deck service already noted – believe me – we are in for a great year.
    Please attend the Parent Information evenings next week which will enhance these positive sentiments expressed.


Please diarize the dates below relating to the information evenings.  It is strongly encouraged that at least one parent, preferably both if possible, attend the evening/s.
You are reminded that this evening is for the adults only so please make the necessary arrangements for your son’s supervision whilst you are in attendance here at school.
Monday 20 January          
Grade R            –        17h30    
Grade 5            –        18h00
Grade 7            –        18h30
Tuesday 21 January         
Junior Primary (Grade 1/2/3) –   17h30
Wednesday 22 January    
Grade 4                                     –        18h00
Grade 6                                     –        18h00
We look forward to your attendance at these extremely important information evenings.


  • You received a year planner in the year-end report envelope of 2019.  I encourage you to bring your year planner with to your information evenings so that you can refer to and highlight events of importance relating to your grade.
  • Please refer to your year planner on a regular basis at home so that you and your son are well informed of the school functionality.
  • We do make every effort to plan these events and activities well in advance but do note that we will only shift the dates/activities when matters are beyond our control and the need to do so is urgent.
  • You are thus encouraged to work with these dates so that your son can commit to his full programme at Prep both in the classroom and in the extra mural activities.
  • Other personal arrangements are to be planned around these school responsibilities so as to avoid any conflict issues going forward.

This method of communication is sent home on a weekly basis.  Please will you look forward to receiving this Patter on a Wednesday as it is sent via the D6 updating you with important information, feedback, results and school matters.  I am sure that you can appreciate the time and effort that it takes to prepare and present the Patter timeously so I call on each family to enjoy our combined input to keep you well informed.  We also request that you share the Prep Patter with your son/family each week so that they too can celebrate in the success of DPHS.
I bring to your attention the system that will be implemented from this coming Monday 20 January.
This is not only put in place for “late-comers” for the start of the school but also to tighten the security aspect around the school.  I share with you that there are those families/boys arriving late for the start of the first lesson of the day gaining access into the school at the front and back entrances.  The back gates have, although been closed, still allowed access for parents/visitors to enter the school.  Please respect the new system that I now present in point form below.

  • All gates around the school will be locked at 7h25 ie – the first ringing of the school bell.
  • The only access will be via the front reception area where Julius our security guard, will be stationed.
  • Members of Management and I will share the responsibility of being on duty in the reception area to record late-comers in the LATE Register.
  • The boys who are thus “late” will be kept in the hall/foyer area under the supervision of Management until 8h00 ie for the first lesson of the day.
  • Boys who are late from Grade 1 to 7 will thus be monitored on a daily basis and will sit quietly and read for that period.
  • At 8h00 – the Management member/I will dismiss the boy so that he can now move to his classroom for the next period.
  • Any boy who is late ie for the third time will also receive further consequences eg break detention.

We stand firmly in this new system so that those boys who make the necessary effort to be punctual can now also enjoy this first lesson without interruption from the late-comer to class.
You are thus encouraged to rather have your son at school by 7h20 at the latest.  Your support is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for monitoring that your son is neatly presented for the start of the school year.  We at DPHS are extremely proud of our levels of excellence (in appearance) in both our academic uniform and extra mural kit.
Hairstyles form part of this standard so I again state that the only acceptable style is:

          “Short back and sides and with no mop of hair on the top of the head”
Fancy styles/steps/colours are not part of the DPHS uniform at any stage of the year.
Our DPHS school cap must receive the respect of the 110 years that it deserves by ensuring that your son has his cap on his head when arriving and departing from school.  It is so important that we as Prep continue to believe in raising the school cap off the head in greeting.  This practise is recognized as a Proudly Prep tradition in our combined efforts of developing our boys for life.

I have introduced a general theme for our school each year.  We really lived up to our 2019 call of “Celebrating Champions” and I do believe that we will shine brightly in 2020 with the call of:                    “Lighthouse Leaders.”
I briefly share this with you now but please be ready to join in with our theme
eg – the solid structure of “lighthouse parents” being there to support the “lighthouse” staff as we guide our ship into the safety of our Prep ‘harbour’.


Miss their first day back to school. Really look forward to returning to Prep.
Continue in casual holiday mode when returning. Fire on all cylinders from day one.
Look for their past classroom friend only. Make the effort to form new friendships.
Sit back and wait for things to happen. Make things happen.
Wait to be led. Lead the way for others to follow.


Our weekly ‘Mr Prep’ achievers programme for both JP and SP boys will begin next week.


“Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save,

they just stand there shining”



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