From the Desk of the Headmaster – 19 November 2020

Midway through November now which leaves only 18 school days left to enjoy until the final day of this academic year.  There is much activity taking place throughout the school at present which is exciting to see as Prep moves closer to full functionality with our planned programme of events as indicated below.


  • Last Friday, we enjoyed seeing our Grade 7 seniors conduct their ‘Prep Pal’ meeting with the JP boys so that that bond of Prep brotherhood could be practised again.  It was so encouraging to observe the warm inter action and caring that was emphasized throughout the meeting.  Well done Prep!
  • Thank you to the many boys who participated in the Inter House Tennis competition that took place at Westridge Tennis Stadium on Saturday morning.  It was just as encouraging to be able to greet so many parents in attendance who we have not been able to see regularly during this Covid-19 year.   It really was an event of positive cheer in been able to encourage our boys as the Prep community.  Once again the spotlight must shine brightly down on our tennis Co-Ordinator Mrs Anne Smith for arranging/planning this event with the support of the tennis staff namely Mrs Miloszewski and Mrs Fletcher, as well as to the parents who assisted on the day.

Congratulations to all the boys involved, across the many courts with honour of Champion Tennis House for 2020 going to Evans House – SP and Bullimore House – JP.

  • Monday brought the start of the standardized control test programme for our Grade 6 and Grade 7 boys which continues throughout this week.  We as the staff have been constantly reminding our boys about the importance of this week, which also refers to the rest of the academic programme for other grades across the school, as they too finalize their assessment programme.  We have covered the curriculum for the year and our boys have been well prepared, despite the challenges of the year, to confidently embrace this academic assessment period –  all that is required is for each boy to thoroughly prepare himself for his final academic responsibilities at this stage of the year.  Keep giving of your very best learning efforts until the end of this 2020 academic programme boys!
  • Can you remember the day that you brought your son in for this Grade R Orientation Day visit in preparation for the beginning of his journey at DPHS?  Well those day/s are actually taking place this week.  We had to amend the programme slightly to respect the Covid protocols but Mrs Phipson, her own staff and the school have combined to ensure that this standard introduction to Prep still remains a highlight on the DPHS calendar.  It is always so encouraging to see the joy and excitement on the faces of all present ie. – families and staff as we proudly unite as the future Prep Grade R team.  Thank you in abundance Mrs Phipson and staff for your combined hosting of this event which allowed everyone to participate and leave believing in “from small beginnings …”
  • You will have also recently received the extra mural programme that shows the variety of activities that our boys can enjoy across the respective age-groups and codes.  It is imperative that our boys continue to remain actively involved in such activities throughout this busy period and through until the final day of these activities.  Well done and thank you to Mr Dick, the Sports Department, Staff and Coaches and Mrs Briscoe (Cultural Activities) for the organizing and running of these practices and clubs.
  • We have noted that it has become time for us to revisit the actual break routine of where our boys have had to patiently sit in groups throughout each break.  Our boys have always looked forward to their break times where they could interact with their friends through games and play.  You will have noticed that our boys are actively involved in the extra mural/PE programmes hence the need for some further flexibility at break time.  It has been arranged for the JP and SP breaks that each grade will have the opportunity to use the fields for controlled/supervised activities eg. – a mini cricket format, hand tennis etc.

Eg. – first break      –        Grade 4 and Grade 6 use the John Smith Field

                                      Grade 5 and Grade 7 are seated on the stands

      second break    –        Grade 4 and Grade 6 seated on the stands

                                      Grade 4 and Grade 7 use the John Smith Field

The same format will apply for the JP break times with the grades rotating the use of the Walshaw Field for some fun activities.

Please rest assured that the staff will still be present on duty to monitor and supervise so that all activities are conducted in an orderly manner, still respecting social distancing etc.
Our boys need to stretch their legs and play whilst having some controlled fun at break time.

  • As I previously wrote to you, we as DPHS are already planning ahead for the smooth start to next year irrespective of the challenges of Covid.  We have closely monitored how our planning that was put in place since our boys returned on a daily basis has been successful.  This means that DPHS will be operational from day one to cater for all our boys both during the academic and extra mural programmes whilst still applying our attention to the health and safety protocols.  Our planning is already focusing on teaching spaces that will be continued to be used whilst we aim to enjoy the full DPHS experience on a daily basis.  You will be kept well informed of our further planning.



JP –    Thomy Sweeney – Grade 2 Hardouin

SP –    Jake Wang  – Grade 4 Fletcher


“Life may not always be the party we hoped for but whilst we are here,

 we should dance”.

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