From the Desk of the Headmaster – 19 May 2021

The weeks are moving on rapidly since the start of this busy second term with there now being 36 school days left until break-up day on Friday 9 July.  This means that the third week of this academic term is almost over so please fasten those seatbelts as we continue with a full programme ahead.


The professional adjudication for this Festival here at DPHS has begun at the start of this week with our senior boys leading the way.  Please follow up with your son as to how he felt his presentation went and on any general comments that may have been shared with him.  This programme will continue through until the end of this month to cater for the many DPHS boys who have willingly entered.  It is so encouraging to note how our boys become actively involved in both their preparation and presentation on the actual day, showing much confidence but more important an “enjoyment” in sharing their talents.  Your monitoring and rehearsing with your son at home is again essential for the overall learning experience and success.  Thank you to our own staff namely our Director of the Cultural Pillar Mrs Briscoe, Mrs Harker and our Mrs Vosloo in the Drama Department for steering the programme on an annual basis.  It has not been easy to do so under these Covid Challenges yet these ladies and the class educators have combined to make it happen.  Thank you Prep for promoting and hosting the Speech and Drama Festival for 2021 – bring those Gold certificates back in abundance Prep!


It really warmed the heart to see our boys back in action on both fields here at school last Friday.  We have waited close to 15 months for this to happen with boys in our U9 age group playing their first contact game since they were part of the mini programme in the JP phase.  Our coaches and boys rose to the occasion, as expected when we call on our Prep boys, by not losing one fixture against Umhlali.  I was personally impressed with the spirit in which the games were being played so credit is given to both schools.  My pride grew immensely in watching our boys commit to their tackling and for the manner in which the teams had been prepared relating to structures and game plan.  This had been done in a short period of time after the respective trials for each age group had taken place. Congratulations on this first round of fixtures DPHS!


You are reminded of the academic letter sent to you as parents regarding these interviews taking place next week, starting on Monday 24 May.  Please ensure that you have read and followed the guidelines provided in the letter with regards to booking an online interview time with the educator.  You are strongly encouraged to secure a time slot especially as this second quarter is an extremely important academic term.  It is of the utmost importance that you then share the relevant information with your son so that he fully understands what is expected of him with regards to his academic responsibilities.


We are enjoying a full programme of activities here at school on a daily basis which actually means that there are many responsibilities for our boys to focus on to ensure a successful and enjoyable day.  It is thus important for our boys to also take ownership of the timetable of events in their planning.

Please read through the points mentioned below and assist us in ensuring that our boys are prepared for the tasks instead of expecting their parents and their staff to be “accountable.”

  • Laying out their school uniform for the next day.
  • Placing their used uniform and kit in the wash basket.
  • Assisting with some preparation for their cooler box items.
  • Making sure that their school cap is on their head before leaving home and on arrival at school
  • That the blazer is worn to and from school.
  • Homework is set for the boys so they must be ‘accountable’ for doing their homework at home, which includes their reading.
  • Please ensure that your son brings his homework book to you for signing each day.
  • Your son must be responsible in handing you any letter or documents sent from school.
  • Each boy at Prep is able to take ownership of his own health and safety matters eg – to wear his clean mask, to bring a bag with sanitizer, wipes etc.
  • To ensure that he washes his hands regularly and sanitizes his hands frequently.
  • Arriving at school on time well before the first bell rings even if it does mean that he has to chase his parents up to leave on time or even earlier.
  • To polish his own shoes and to make sure that he is wearing his garters.
  • To be accountable for his manners, behaviour and positive attitude towards his family, staff and peers.

The list is endless and may seem very general but if each boy could tick each point as he takes ownership for the above then he will be amazed to see how further positive outcomes will follow.

Please be careful that in your caring approach do not do “too much” for your son.  It is important that he too learns from these tasks and the respective lifeskills that are related to each one which lead to his personal growth and development.

“Prep boys do not wait for things to be done for them as they are leaders and will show the way – being accountable for their daily routine and tasks is essential in proving this statement”


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –        William Briscoe      –        Grade 2 Hardouin

SP      –        Shaiyur Somlal       –        Grade 7 Jali


“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result”

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