From the Desk of the Headmaster – 19 August 2020

Every year we as a school host our “Friends and Founders Day” celebrations which begins with an Assembly in the Chris Cubitt Memorial Quad.  Invited guests, parents and Old Boys from the respective High Schools return to join us as DPHS to pay our combined respects to the 110 years’ history of the Prep, as is recorded now for 2020.  The hosting of the JP and SP athletics meetings follow on throughout the day leading on to the function in the evening.  It is on this day that the present and past community of DPHS join to honour our school throughout the programme for the day.  Unfortunately, we have had to change from the standard routine of past years but in true DPHS style have made the necessary adjustments to continue with this respected tradition by at least hosting Virtual Online Assemblies over two days, due to our ‘alternating days’ attendance procedure.  We will thus have half the school present each day with our Grade 7 boys attending the Assembly as this is their final year.  The Assembly will be streamed live to the rest of the boys in their classroom as well as to parents/Old Boys around the city, country and the world.

Another initiative is that Old Boys have been asked to send in a video message sharing any memories of their time spent at Prep under the title “We are Prep”.  It has been so encouraging to see the response to this request – well done and thank you to our staff members Mrs Hunter and Mrs Elliott for launching and steering this “Proudly Prep” initiative.

Please enjoy my own contribution as an Old Boy of DPHS which I forwarded to also be involved in this exciting programme.


Speech and Drama

It really is so encouraging to receive feedback from the Speech and Drama Association that DPHS took the initiative and has been congratulated to be the first school in the 77 year history of the Association to be adjudicated online.
DPHS had 558 submissions with outstanding achievements recorded by our boys namely:
185 A+  Gold Certificates
184 A   Gold Certificates
This means a total of 369 boys received 80% or higher ie – 66% of our boys recording gold merit certificates achievement to be exceptionally proud of.  Congratulations staff, boys and parents on this “Proudly Prep” effort.

Virtual Play

Every year we have enjoyed our highly rated House Play productions which have entertained the packed audiences in the hall over two evenings.  Prep has risen above the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic to still afford all partners the opportunity to present a –  Virtual School Production – “Durban Prep’s Got Talent”
How true the theme is because we can proudly agree how evident the talents are of all DPHS partners in all areas across the school.
A letter has been sent out to Grade 6 and 7 families explaining the auditioning and the online screening for the whole school to view online.  I do wish that many boys again take up the challenge as the “health and safety” protocols will be practised during the entire planning and presentation.  Well done Prep on this outstanding initiative.
Further outstanding initiatives have been in the form of “extra mural” activities hosted by the sports department where our boys have been given the opportunities to participate in golf, tennis, surfing and body boarding and new initiatives in bike club and running club.  Again it is so rewarding to see the staff, boys and parents supporting these activities aimed to add further to the weekly programme at school.  An excellent team effort – Proudly Prep.

Understand that ‘clouds’ may come floating into your life no longer to carry rain or usher storm but to add colour to your ‘sunset’ sky.

Kind regards
Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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