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Into the third week of November already which reminds us of the very important events that still lie ahead in the next 15 days until break-up day on Friday 4 December.  It is difficult to believe that we only have 12 school days left for this eleventh month of the year.


  • There is much excitement in the school relating to us formally welcoming our future Prep boys into their respective grades for 2020.  Our first official ‘welcome’ took place in the Grade R section yesterday, followed by a further visit today and finally ending with the last group visiting their classroom/school tomorrow.

We have split the boys over three days to allow smaller groups that quality time to meet some of the respective class mates and the teacher, as well as allowing parents to have more time to meet each other and also do their purchases of stationery here etc.  We have had, as in previous years, all the families on campus at once which has led to a rather jam-packed venue and for longer lines of parents waiting patiently to purchase the necessary items.

  • The JP and SP New Boys Visit takes place next Wednesday 20 November with this day also receiving a new format.  These families have also been in for interviews and been shown around the school, so we have now planned a meet and greet your teacher and friends for the new boys earlier in the day, in smaller groups too, with parents thereafter been introduced briefly to the respective teachers in the JP phase.  We have thus done away with the longer formal sit down in the hall to be welcomed and then entertained by the choir with tours around the school etc.  In most cases parents need to return to work so we do believe that this flexi-time arrangement will assist families to use their ‘lunch break’ to attend the event, be introduced to the class teacher and purchase their items whilst their son is in class for a while on the day. 

It is encouraging to witness the excitement of the boy and his family during this time which is testimony to the fact that the family have made the wisest choice by bringing their son to DPHS.  May I also add that we as the staff are just as thrilled to see our future in-take all raring to go – I am sure that many of our present families can wind back the clock to the day that you enjoyed your ‘New Boys Visit’.
Thank you to all the staff, committees and families who have ensured that our combined synergy makes this start to the journey at Prep, a most memorable experience.
A Proudly Prep event!


Our senior boys in Grade 6 and 7 are focused on their examinations in the hall which has been transformed into a testing venue similar to what these boys will soon experience at High School.  Teachers are in place to invigilate and ensure that all examination requirements are adhered to.  Thank you to the rest of the school who have understood this important time by respecting that this zone is now a ‘silent area’ so not as to distract the boys in these exams.  Please take the necessary time to discuss the daily process with your son so that he can give you feedback on hopefully how confident and content he was with the exam paper that he wrote on the day.

No boy needs to feel anxious or uncertain of himself in this process unless his study preparation had been inadequate or maybe left to this last minute stage of the year.  We are extremely proud of the general high standard of academic achievements shown by our boys when the respective year marks are now formulated, as well as to their continued success in the next grade here at Prep or when their academic journey continues throughout the high school years.  I confidently proclaim that our past DPHS boys achieve in these secondary academic years ahead.


Another highlight of our calendar year is the exhibition that is hosted here at school starting on Tuesday next week with the official opening taking place on that evening ie. – 19 November at 18h30.  It is here that the cultural pillar combine to provide music and dance displays to add to the evening programme.  Please note that as per last year there could be as many as 900 Prep masterpieces displayed throughout the Maurice Wilkinson Hall and across the gallery upstairs.  These exhibited items always draw much admiration and compliments from those members in attendance so I do encourage you to please use next week to also take the time to enjoy walking around this Proudly Prep exhibition – do not miss the efforts of our boys and staff who have created these master-pieces during their lesson time throughout this academic year.  Your time will definitely be well spent, even more so if you visit with our entire family.  Thank you in abundance to our Director of the Arts Mrs Brenda Thatcher, so ably assisted by Mrs Loren Firth, the teachers and our multi-skilled boys for combining their efforts to place the 2019 Visual Arts exhibition at the highest levels of excellence.  Enjoy!


We are reaching the last round of Inter-School fixtures taking place this weekend into the early part of next week.  We have cricket fixtures against Glenwood Prep throughout the age groups with a round of Water Polo against Highbury on Friday afternoon.  Our sports results during the year have been so rewarding for our school, with many a victory carrying through into this final term.  May this last set of challenges be the most rewarding for staff, coaches, boys and their families.  I encourage our Grade 7 boys to make this last involvement to be a memory of a life-time not only in their individual performance but as a team.

Remember:  Prep boys do not stumble at the finish line but break the tape and cross the line with pride.

Well done and thank you to Mrs Parry, staff, coaches, officials, boys and families who were at the beach front on Sunday to complete in our Inter-House Body Surfing and Body Boarding competition.  The programme has been jam-packed so I really do acknowledge all partners to afford our boys the opportunity to partake in these beach/ocean learning experiences especially that out school is on this amazing coastline.  Congratulations!


I need to call on all partners to pay extra attention to the neatness of our boys on a daily basis throughout these few remaining days of the year.  Many of our boys have continued to show that personal pride on a daily basis since January but it is now that we need to highlight this aspect, especially with many assemblies/prize giving and year end events that require all our boys to be at their smartest.  Attention must be given to ‘hair’ and uniform ie. – haircuts are still required, buttons on blazers must be sewn on, shoes need to be polished each day etc. – the ‘holidays’ have not begun yet so we cannot afford to be complacent in these non-negotiable standards.


Drop the ‘academic’ baton now. Focus on all their academic responsibilities until the end of their year.
Let their parents miss the art display and talents of our boys. Proudly display their art pieces at the exhibition next week.
Become casual in the extra mural efforts. Finish their extra mural involvement with their most positive contribution.
Spoil their ‘appearance’ standards at this stage of the year. Present themselves at their neatest until the final day of 2019.
Display a selfish behaviour. Care for other people that they interact with.


Once again I emphasize the fun that is been had with your child reporting to my office to secretly share the code that I have included in each Prep Patter recently.  Please forward the code for this week on to your son so that he can visit me tomorrow to receive his reward.

This week’s code is:

“A Prep boy stays strong until the end”


JP      – Mandisi Msimang – Grade 2 Horning                       –        

SP      – Zachary Ungerer – Grade 6 Armstrong

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us!”


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