From the Desk of the Headmaster – 17 September 2021

Almost down to the single figures now which leaves 11 school days left until break-up day on Friday 1 October.  I also remind you of the public holiday in celebration of Heritage Day which is next Friday 24 September – this will create a long weekend before the final week of the term.


How wonderful it was to be able to welcome our parents back into the school to enjoy the opportunity to browse through your son’s academic work and to have a general chat with the teacher.  It was so encouraging to see the positive attendance in such large numbers across the school following the set programme and Covid protocols that needed to be implemented.  We do hope that this brief visit did afford you the quality time to share in your son’s academic development especially here at school.

Thank you parents for your punctuality in the time you had available as well as for respecting the social distancing and health/safety requirements.  The cleaning and sanitizing of areas followed into the evening after the last parents had left in preparation for the next day.

Please share with your son the constructive feedback discussed in the classroom and what you as parents personally noted with regards to your son’s efforts in his work books and learning spaces.

Thank you again to our entire staff team for your overall involvement in hosting the parents in all areas across the school whether it was in the classroom or in preparing and co-ordinating for the day.  Another Proudly Prep achievement!


I place the spotlight on the hockey code this week as to acknowledge the excellent efforts made by coaches and boys in such a short period of practice time before our first inter-school fixture that was last played last Friday.  The boys always thrive on representing their school and did so again with distinction.  We played 16 matches against Clifton from U9 age group through to the U13 seniors with the overall outcome scored as for DPHS:

Played 16    Won 9    Drew 5    Lost 2

Our teams are encouraged to build on this great start during this busy week of hockey practice and fixtures played against Umhlali on Wednesday and Friday.

The 1st team will also host Glenwood Prep 1st team on Friday with fixtures for our school against Northlands on Saturday.  I call on all our teams to raise the Prep flag even higher throughout this week so that we can continue to celebrate the combined input of all hockey partners.


I can again report that our Covid statistics are extremely low with there being 2 Prep boys who have tested positive for Covid during this past week.

There are 3 Prep boys who are away in isolation due to a family member being tested positive.

Once again I personally acknowledge the combined efforts and communication noted amongst the staff and parents when sharing information about any Covid cases in the respective classes.  Thank you Prep.


Even though we are down to the last few days of the term it is imperative that we as Prep maintain our high standards of dress appearance on a daily basis.  Please ensure that your son is neatly presented for school which includes a standard DPHS haircut that is part of his uniform presentation.  This appearance focus must also follow through into the extra mural dress code for hockey, swimming etc.  Each boy knows how he is expected to arrive dressed neatly for school practices and fixtures and the items he needs to be wearing.  Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated.


You have recently received a letter explaining Sunflower Day where we as Prep are supporting the “Sprout Project.”  Please support this lifesaving cause by purchasing your own Prep sunflower pot set for R10 here at school and grow your own sunflower at home.

We really appreciate your involvement in this initiative – Thank you.


Thank you to Mrs Muthusamy and the Grade 4 teachers for arranging this fun reading and dress up day for the grade.

The staff and boys dressed relating to a character from a book they had read which was so well supported.  The boys then spent time having a “reading picnic” that included various activities for them to enjoy.

This was followed with a “book swop” for those who wanted to amongst the grade.  This is such a worthwhile learning experience which was so thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Enjoy your reading Grade 4.


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –        Giorgio Forno         –        Grade 2 Everitt

SP      –        Sfundo Shabalala   –        Grade 7 Jali


“Your children need your presence more than your presents”

Kind regards


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