From the Desk of the Headmaster – 17 March 2021

I begin with the reminder of the total number of academic school days left for this quarter which now stands at 25.  The days so far have been extremely busy with much activity taking place throughout each school day across all sectors of the school.  These remaining days promise to be just as exciting with new challenges, initiatives and experiences ahead to also enjoy.

Please remember that Monday is a Public Holiday.  Wishing all our Prep families a safe and enjoyable long weekend.

“Then the paint dries ……”
I have been visiting the classes and speaking to our boys about this heading above as it is at this stage of the term where reminders need to constantly be put in place.  We have been back for a solid month now where attitudes, lifeskills and commitments could seem to be ‘drying up’ for certain individuals ie. – that commitment noted in the first two weeks when the boys approached their academic responsibilities at the highest level.  This meant that focusing on homework tasks, orals, studying for tests etc. was of paramount importance.  Covid-19 had also kept us from school so we were all raring to embrace the new year with the main spotlight on the academic day.  It has also been encouraging for our boys to become actively involved in the exciting activities, clubs on offer here at school which has also crept into the time-management challenges for our boys.  My intention here is to ensure that we as Prep partners focus again on many issues that we embraced with diligence, determination as well as a sense of pride.
I explain further with a call for a fresh coat of paint.

  • The attention to homework needs to be highlighted – no more rushing to simply get it done.
  • As a parent, are you still checking and signing your son’s homework book?
  • Academic books/items cannot be left at school or at home when needed on a daily basis.
  • Our boys meeting academic deadlines ie. – ready to present an oral, hand in a project, prepare for a test.
  • Does the school bag need to be cleaned out of paper, stationery, extra books and be re-packed for the remaining days ahead?
  • Is the lunch sent in the cooler box being appreciated and not wasted?
  • Are our boys going to bed or waking up later each day resulting in a rush?
  • Has the start to the school day become a challenging rush relating to no breakfast, racing to school and a last minute panic in planning for the day?
  • Do we arrive well before the bell rings or 7h25 or way after the bell?
  • There are more boys now been left to wait at the gate to be collected – what has happened to that punctuality to collect our boy after his day at school?
  • The “back to school” haircut at the start of the year now needs attention – especially with the growth on top of the head.
  • Please ensure that ‘fresh’ polish is applied to the school shoes on a daily basis.
  • Garters are still compulsory.
  • The DPHS school cap must be respected for daily wear and usage.
  • Sunhats must be worn at break.
  • Friendship, kindness, caring and respect amongst all will remain of paramount DPHS importance.
  • Manners and positive attitudes are essential at all times throughout each ‘Proudly Prep’ week.
  • Please keep the cellphone out of sight at dropping off or collection times – that is the quality time for your son.

So after just listing a few reminders above I call on all Prep partners to get our paint brushes out again, especially our boys, so that we can together apply the fresh colours to our Prep Rainbow to take us through until the end of this term, at least.  The longer we allow “the paint to dry” the more scraping off and plastering will be required to return those colours to that original bright shine that we all believe and admire.

“Don’t let the paint dry in any manner here at school or at home so let’s get painting Prep!”

I take a moment to reflect on life and society over a brief time period with there having been some alarming changes – I leave it up to you to decide.

  • Son’s would not follow Dad’s combed hairstyle with a clear parting on one side of the head –nowadays to be bald like dad is the fashion.
  • Any jeans that were torn got immediately stitched up and patched.  Today the more tears in the jean the more expensive the item is.
  • Remember the size of the desk top computer screen and tower compared to the latest iPad of today.
  • It was embarrassing in ‘yesteryear’ for trousers to fall down – nowadays it is fashionable for such items to be worn way below the waistline.
  • People waiting is queues lined up reading the newspaper – take a close look at the next queue and see the cellphone in hand.
  • You would have to buy a huge TV cabinet to rest your TV in – today the flatscreen is mounted on a wall.
  • Children would go outside to fly a kite compared to controlling the drones of today.
  • In actual fact mom would drag you back inside the house from playing outside so late.  Now mom tries to drag you outside to go and play!
  • Before the entire family raced to answer the landline – now we each answer our own phone at home.
  • Shoes used to be polished to glow before going out – the duller, faded look seems to be more fashionable now.
  • Children looked out of the window to admire the scenery when travelling on holiday – now the focus is on a playstation in the car.
  • ‘Dressing up’ to go out was part of the exciting experience – ‘dressing down’ is the norm today.
  • Playing board games eg. Monopoly as a family was the highlight of the day – computer games have taken over now.
  • To have popcorn and a milkshake was a major treat – today it is almost part of one’s diet.
  • To pack the picnic basket was such fun – call for take away delivery is used instead.
  • ‘Test Match’ cricket meant an afternoon with neighbourhood friends in the garden not watching it live on television.

I merely share this endless list for a trip down memory lane remembering how some of these core values were so relevant in our life then.  However, those lifeskills learnt then have laid down a solid foundation for many of us to respect in our modern lifestyle where they are still needed and valued.
Hence “I proudly raise my Prep cap to you as partners of our beloved DPHS.” – may our DPHS value systems shine through as that powerful rainbow image from Yesterday, Today and into the many Tomorrows ahead.


Congratulations to the following boys:
JP      –        Cooper Fry   –        Grade 2 Hardouin
SP      –        Zamir Patel  –        Grade 4 Richards

Headmaster’s quote for the week
“Life is a great big canvas – throw all the paint you can on it,
– don’t let the canvas dry”

Kind regards

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