From the Desk of the Headmaster – 17 March 2020

Congratulations to every DPHS partner of staff, parent and boys for your overwhelming contribution and dedication given to our school in all phases and sectors in the school.  We have thus been rewarded with so many positives to celebrate, with ‘Prep’ standing tall and proud as a “lighthouse leader,” in our achievements across the city, province and country.


I have been so impressed with the reports that I have signed from Grade 1 through to Grade 7.  The teacher’s general comments have been extremely complimentary, acknowledging so many boys throughout the school with the results proving that levels of excellence have been reached across the grades.  Please sit down with our son and enjoy that quality time together in sharing the success or the constructive advice given.  Looking at the scores or percentages only is not analysing these reports correctly – look at the comments and effort symbols that tell the true story for the start of this year.  You will also note the Top 10 boys per class as well as the merit (+80%) achievers that would now be looking forward to our traditional Headmasters tea treat at the end of the term.  I will be looking at finding a date early on in the second term to still pay respects to these first term academic achievers.  You are reminded that the second quarter which now lasts only for 43 school days is a major academic term, with assessment tests taking place in the senior grades.  Midyear reports will also be sent for all grades across the school.  Hence your son is encouraged to return to school ready to give his academic responsibilities his utmost attention from day one of the second term.  Enjoy the reports.


I hereby include letter 3 that I sent home yesterday that was on the D6 to ensure that every family is well aware of the information sent.  Please ensure that the “April work” as set is done and ready to be returned on the first day back.

“Dear Parents

I hereby write a third letter to you relating to the pro-active stance taken by DPHS with regards to the Coronavirus outbreak.

There could be many staff, parents and boys who are extremely anxious at this time so this letter is sent to express our plan of action now and going forward.  We held a School Management meeting this morning before school where I addressed this staff team on these issues and with our combined input we can now state the decisions made in point form.

Please see the Agenda points as discussed below:

  • This is a period of a National Epidemic Crisis and not an ‘extension’ of the holidays.
  • Please use that mind-set as expressed by the President – not your personal viewpoint.
  • I will be informing you now of decisions I am making as the Headmaster on behalf of the School Management Team which may include you personally as a SGB member/grade/educator/staff member/coach/parent and boy of DPHS.
  • It is sincerely hoped that you will in whatever capacity fully support these decisions.


  • School closes tomorrow Tuesday 17th March at the following times indicated below ie. normal times and schools will open on Tuesday 14th April.

Grade R                             –           12h15

Grades 1 & 2                     –           12h40

Grades 3,4, 5, 6 & 7         –           13h40

  • Academics   –    We will be sending ‘workbooks’ home with your son that must be worked on as per grade/teachers instructions as this is given as our main means of classwork.If there is any additional content you can download it from the website and D6 – by clicking on “April Classwork”.This academic work must be returned on the first day back of the second term which will be used constructively in class.We are trying our utmost to have the reports ready to be sent home tomorrow, Tuesday 17th ie. the final day.  Please note that we would have had the week to prepare these reports but with the latest announcement we are under immense pressure to have them ready by tomorrow.  If we cannot meet this deadline then we will issue reports during the first week back.  Please rest assured that we are aiming to send them home tomorrow.


There will be no:

  • Assemblies this week ie. – JP/SP, Chris Cubitt Memorial, Academic Assembly or final term assembly.
  • No physical contact ie. – no handshakes/hugs/fist pumps/elbows etc. use a thumbs up or a wave in greeting or acknowledgement across all grades.

Parents can please explain this further especially to the younger learners.

  • Our cleaning staff will do extra sanitising on top of what we have already implemented continuing into this period when school is closed.
  • NB. – Please do not send your son back to school for the start of the second term if he is unwell.  Please take him to a doctor to be 100% sure of his good health for the first day back – this request is to be followed especially if he is displaying flu-like symptoms.


There will be:

  • NO extra murals this week.
  • NO practices/rehearsals/clubs/individuals called during this closure period.
  • NO staff member/coach will be entitled to suddenly arrange any such activity at any stage during this closure – even if it is requested or encouraged by the parents/boys.
  • NO Private Holiday clinics are to be conducted by DPHS staff as was previously arranged. 
  • The 1st & 2nd team will not be participating in the Primary Schools Festival at Glenwood High this weekend – it has been cancelled.
  • The Glenwood Prep Rugby Festival that was originally set for the first weekend in April has also been cancelled.


You would have received a letter today informing you of these points/as well as a hard copy which will be enclosed in the reports in case of absentees this week.

All parents must ensure that they are on the D6 system at school.  We need you to do this urgently to ensure that we can send any important messages to you as a family during this closure if we need to.


The Prep Carnival arranged by the Mother’s Committee that has also been cancelled.  Please will moms who paid via Zapper contact Cheryl Turner directly with their banking details.


All Grade R/JP aftercare and SP Homework Centre boys are strongly encouraged to leave school immediately at the end of the academic day.  Please support this urgent request – however staff will have to be here for those parents who cannot collect as requested which means aftercare/homework centre will continue today and on the final day tomorrow only.


Unfortunately, credit card facilities will not be available for school fee payments as the school is closed.  Please make all school fee payments via eft and these will be followed up and monitored by the Accounts Department.


  • Staff members travelling overseas have been asked to check if they are still continuing with their trip.  The very few who had planned to travel will have to present a medical clearance certificate to me that they have followed the national procedures for clearance of good health, before entering back into the school to resume service.
  • Any parents/families travelling overseas are to follow the above procedure as per staff member.  ie – you or your son need to present that medical clearance certificate before entering back into school following all necessary isolations and precautions.
  • I respect the integrity of each staff and family member that the above points will be honestly respected as the DPHS community do become aware of who has travelled overseas and need re-assurance that the necessary medical clearance have been submitted for everyone’s peace of mind.

Your support and understanding in the content of this letter is greatly appreciated.  We plan to have a Prep Patter also enclosed in the report envelope tomorrow which will also indicate Top Ten achievements in the Senior Primary classes.


This programme will begin straight away from the first day back which is a Tuesday – namely U13 rugby practice day.  Please be prepared for practice with the correct kit – I note that 99% of the boots have been blackened out with a few boots till showing too much colour.  Please dye these boots during this break for complete uniformity in our appearance.  Please purchase bigger socks for your son as he is now older and bigger and definitely outgrowing his old socks.  We can look forward to fixtures against Umhlali in the first week.  Well done to all the age groups in your respective performances noted at the Midlands Festivals held this past weekend.


Look for excuses when reading their report. Reflect honestly on their positive achievements and areas to improve.
Forget to do their “April Work.” Become accountable to complete the “April Work” sent.
Return after this longer break with a casual mindset. Return ready to focus on all academic tasks.
Become casual in their hygiene focus during this period. Practise “healthy living” on a daily basis.
Say they are bored. Keep themselves actively busy during this period away from school!


We have managed to ensure that we can close the term today in a meaningful manner with the sudden announcement that schools will close immediately.  The staff have been extremely diligent throughout the term and this commitment to respond positively to this final call to prepare reports and worksheets is yet another example of the professional service provided.  I also include the specialist staff, administration and maintenance teams, security staff and the dedicated efforts of the ‘coaches’ in all age groups and DPHS clubs.  I also highlight the dedication noted in the Grade R/JP aftercare teams and the homework centre staff who pick up the reigns after each academic day.  These staff members listed above are solid “Lighthouse Leaders” who have shone brightly with their caring and passionate service.  Thank you and well done to each staff member for your valuable contribution to the start of 2020!

I also applaud the combined efforts of our boys and their families who have responded so positively to the call of “all hands on deck.”  You as ‘Lighthouses’ have guided DPHS through any challenge faced this term ensuring that this ship can now dock peacefully in the harbour waiting for the second term journey.  Please make sure that this ‘ship’ receives a fresh coat of paint in appearance during the break ie. – ready to set out on day one with a Prep standard haircut of short back, sides and no mop of hair on top of the head – no fancy styles permitted.  There will be consequences for any boy who does not ensure that his hairstyle is befitting of a Proudly Prep boy on that first day.

Please take care of your health and the well-being of your family as the Prep cargo is far too precious, especially during these anxious times experienced in our country and across the globe.  I call on our DPHS family to keep our beloved Prep and all its partners safe in our combined prayers.  Enjoy time now being with your loved ones.

Congratulations again and thank you Prep!


Teaming up with other people who want to make a difference is the multiplying factor that makes is possible to change a family, a community, a city, a country – the world.   Just ask a DPHS partner!”


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