From the Desk of the Headmaster – 17 June 2021

This month of June seems to be a term of speed as these days are flying by with the countdown reflecting that there are 17 days left, until the last day of the quarter namely Friday 9 July.


I draw your attention to the important academic period that we are now moving through towards the end of the term.  Teachers have been following a continuous assessment programme across all grades from day one of this second term, with the senior grades also having had a standardized testing programme.
Please note the academic time ahead is essential to the teaching and learning programme for the term and year.  It is thus important for our boys to attend school on a daily basis during this term end.  There cannot be a different mindset from any Prep partner that encourages the “term is over,” as our wishes of ‘Happy Holidays’ will only be expressed when the final bell rings on break-up day.
I thus emphasize that the Prep programme continues through into the extra mural activities where the same positive input, commitment and attendance is required.  This awareness goes further with regards to maintaining our levels of excellence relating to the ‘general appearance’ of our boys in their academic uniform and extra mural kit.
Please ensure that our boys remain ‘Proudly Prep’ in appearance each day.


The time has come to place the spotlight on our ‘Superman’ members ie – our Dads in our families and the male staff here at school.
I begin by calling on all family members to really spoil dad this coming Sunday 20 June.
We are well aware that ‘Dads’ do get spoilt throughout the year but please highlight this coming day to make it an extra special day of love and caring.  I especially call on all our DPHS boys to take the lead by being the first to treat Dad with a card or a huge hug.  Your expression of ‘I love you Dad’ and “Thank you Dad” will make this day a day to remember for these Supermen.  Please do not forget to extend this to the ‘Grandfathers’ as well who also deserve that spoiling and well wishes.
It is also of importance to acknowledge our ‘Super Dads’ here at school – our male staff across all grades and departments in our school.  Our men here also go way beyond the call of duty in serving our boys whether it be in the classroom, coaching, specialist lessons and in the maintenance of the school, so they too are ‘Super Dads’ to all of you.
May all our ‘Dads’ in whatever role be blessed with abundant love, positive cheer and good health not only on Sunday but every day throughout the years.
Thank you for being our Super Dads in your families and for our school.
“Happy, happy Father’s Day.”


Yesterday marked the 37th anniversary of the 16 June uprising which was celebrated under the theme “Working Together for Youth Development and a Drug Free South Africa”.  As we enjoyed the public holiday with our family, I highlight the actual reason for this day to be declared a public holiday as we pay respect in memory of Youth Day.
May our youth of South Africa be blessed in abundance across our beautiful country.


  • Grade 1 – Grade 7 to be at school by 7h25 at the latest.
  • All boys are to be collected straight after the school day and/or the extra mural activities.
  • Homework Centre and Aftercare boys need to be fetched by 17h00, if not earlier.
  • School Cap and Blazer are to be worn to and from school.
  • Parents are to please contact the school immediately if they or their son has been in contact with a person who has been tested positive for Covid.
  • Please do not send your son to school if you have any concerns relating to a Covid case until further clarity is provided.
  • The Mothers Committee Treat Sale takes place next week.


Grade 3 celebrated their hat day designs at school on Tuesday.  It was amazing to see the creativity and attention to detail shown in these creations.  The Grade 3 boys and their teachers then had the opportunity to go on a ‘Hat Parade’ down to the field where the Grade 1 and Grade 2 boys had lined up to admire the talents of the Grade 3 section.  There are definitely fashion designers of the future in the making.
Congratulations to the staff and boys.


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –    Benjamin Schröder – Grade 2 Murphy

SP      –    Muhammad Asmal – Grade 7 Turner


When you feel a father doesn’t have your ‘hand’ rest assured he will have your ‘back’

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