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Halfway through the twenties now which leaves ‘25’ academic days left for this year.  It is quite alarming to think that next week will record less than 20 days, with the first day of November actually this Friday.  Where has this year raced to?


I would like to pay respect to the staff in all departments and phases in our school for going well beyond the call of duty to provide for the needs of our school.  Yes our staff have their responsibilities and duties to fulfil but I need to acknowledge their hands on commitment to providing for the members of the Prep community on a daily basis.  There may only be ‘25’ days left but we still need to focus on a hundred events, deadlines and presentations in those days.  As you are aware we now move into that end of year phase of marking of papers, preparing reports, planning for prize-giving/special assemblies whilst teaching, coaching with functionality in all areas still essential until that break-up day on Wednesday 4 December.  Thank you in abundance to those many parents and boys who constantly express their appreciation to the staff and school in general for these combined efforts in making DPHS a leading school in our city, province and country.

Dale Benkenstein : DPHS Old Boy


There will be the respective events held across the school to recognize the achievements of our boys in the days ahead.  However I do remind you of the school speech day and prize giving that will be held on Thursday 28 November at 10h30.  This event is compulsory for all grade 6 and grade 7 learners as well as the respective prize-winners from grade 4 and grade 5.  School will close at 9h30 on this day as has been on the year planner throughout the year so please be informed again, well in advance.

I also proudly announce that the guest speaker for our day is Mr Dale Benkenstein who was recognized as the “complete Prep Boy” – at his prize giving at Prep in 1986.  Dale has captained the Dolphins, played for South Africa and was at the Cricket World Cup in England this year as the Assistant Coach to our National Proteas side.  This internationally respected leader, player coach and proudly DPHS Old Boy will definitely be a highlight for us to enjoy at this prize giving day – 33 years after he was honoured as a grade 7 boy on this stage.  Please diarize this date and be ready to be punctual with your reply in attendance when the ‘invitation’ and further information is forwarded to you.


It gives me great pleasure to hereby again follow-up on the invitation already sent for all mothers to attend the traditional Mothers Tea hosted by the Headmaster on behalf of the entire school.  We really do value the attendance of our Prep ladies at this tea where we can gather to pay respects to our ‘moms’ for their presence, love and support in our school and their families.  It is so important that you attend so please respond positively to this reminder.  I do look forward to hosting and welcoming you this Friday at 11h00.


I share with you that our Grade 3 team of staff and boys have been totally committed to the rehearsals to ensure that you will enjoy a “Hollywood’ production this Thursday evening (tomorrow) at 18h30 in our Maurice Wilkinson School Hall.  The rehearsals have been so enjoyed by the grade R/1 and 2 sections and especially today when we hosted the ‘Senior Citizens’ as the audience.  These ladies and gentleman always cherish this festive concert and make sure that they are on their buses each year to celebrate the JP Grade 3 Concert at DPHS.  It is a heart warming occasion as we as a school, with the help of our Mothers Committee and generosity from our parents, provide not only an excellent show but also a delicious feast for our guests to enjoy.  Thank you to everyone for your combined input and dedicated efforts noted on this day.  Congratulations in advance are extended to our overall Director Miss AJ Logan for her clear direction given to this school event and to the Grade 3 staff who have supported her as the co-producers.  Please bring the family and be ready to cheer on our talented cast throughout the performance.

NB – Dress code – Please note that any DPHS boy from grade 3/4/5/6/7 if attending an event as in this concert, are to attend in their neat school uniform which includes the school cap – blazers are not needed in this fourth term.


We look forward to a very exciting gala that we will be hosting here tomorrow afternoon at the Gordon Road Pool.  The following schools will be attending the gala which promises to be a most exciting event.

●        Fatima                            ●        Clifton

●        Glenwood Prep                ●        DPHS teams

Your attendance and loud cheer for our DPHS swimmers will add that positive energy and motivation for our boys who have excelled in the galas held throughout the year.  Special mention must be made of our Director of Swimming Mrs Paige Richards for her overall co-ordinating and organization of this inter-school event – thank you, as well as to the swimming coaches and DPHS staff serving as officials.  Another Proudly Prep event.


Congratulations to our water polo squads for their clean sweep in victories against Clifton yesterday.  Our boys operated as well-drilled units recording some very impressive results.  The programme ended with a resounding win of 8-3 for the DPHS 1st team squad in the final fixture of the day.  The entire group of coaches and boys need to be complimented on their Proudly Prep performances.


It is so encouraging to see boys from Grade R, the JP and SP sections being brought or sent to my office to celebrate their Champion effort in outstanding work, positive work ethic and general good behaviour on a regular basis.  The boys are extremely proud of their achievements that have been recognized by the staff and arrive with much pride to share their success.  Please check with your son if he has had the opportunity to ‘celebrate’ his efforts so that you too as a family can praise him on these well-deserved recognitions.  Well done boys!


There has been much fun during these last two weeks of the Prep Patter editions with some boys visiting me in the office to whisper the secret code taken from this weekly newsletter.  This means that their family have read the Patter and thus shared the code with their son.  There are boys who have not missed a weekly visit recently to correctly announce the code.

Please note the code for this week – pass this code on to your son and encourage him to visit me with the code and he will receive his reward.

The code for this week is: “Celebrating Champions at Prep” (all four words are needed)


Display any ‘silly’ behaviour at this stage of the year. Display positive behaviour until break -up day.
Forget to remind their mom to attend the ‘tea’ this Friday. Invite mom on behalf of our school to the tea this week.
Become casual in their academic efforts in this final lap Give all their academic responsibilities their best attention now.
Miss out on the opportunity to display their ‘Champion’ skills. Rise to the occasion on a daily basis in our drive of ‘Celebrating Champions’
Misplace their School Cap. Proudly wear their Prep cap – an important item of the DPHS uniform.


JP      –        Takunda Dembaremba      –         Gr 2 Murphy

SP      –        Channing Bedford             –         Gr 4 Schamotta

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet”


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