From the Desk of the Headmaster – 15 July 2020

We are now well into the second week of our 10 day cycle ie. – our ‘Alternating Day’ programme.

Thank you as a family for your support in adjusting to this ‘new’ system since all our grades returned last Monday (6 July).  Please note that we still have two more days of this week 2 before we revert back to week 1 this coming Monday – for the next two week cycle.

It has been most encouraging to note how the boys have settled into the routine whether it is here at school or with their online programme.  Boys throughout each grade, on arrival, have shown such a mature attitude taking themselves to the respective gates, lines and waiting areas.  I really do wish to acknowledge the staff, boys and parents for the team work noted before school and on collection time.

Once again I say a huge thank you to the staff, boys and parents for your positive teamwork noted in the DPHS online home support teaching programme.  I really do appreciate the efforts noted in the planning, presenting, receiving and in ensuring that the work programme is completed at home.  Well done staff, boys and parents.

Thank you as well to the families for ensuring that their son is dressed correctly and neatly for school and for following the guidelines given regarding the weekly dress code, which includes the wearing of a cloth mask at all times during the school day.

I will be sending a DPHS ‘family’ questionnaire to each grade.  I had originally sent this copy to Grade 7 on their return which relates to an update on family contact numbers (in case of change) and general questions relating to the health status of you as parents at present.  This page will be filed and followed up on if need be.

Thank you to those parents who have immediately contacted the school to inform us of your own person health status or that of your family members.  I call on every parent to continue with this responsibility of letting us know if you have been exposed to someone or are isolating, going for tests or have a positive result.  Your own personal health, that of your son and that of our DPHS community is of paramount importance.

In conclusion, please note that your constant support, encouragement and understanding is greatly appreciated by each and every staff member.

These are anxious and testing times with each of us as a DPHS partner focused on ‘new’ challenges that each day may bring not only here at school but across our homes, workplace, city and country.

Let us all commit to remaining “Proudly Prep” ready to embrace our days with combined energy as we continue to build on those levels of excellence that we all so proudly have contributed to and believe in.

“When we learn to find the blessing in any situation,  we’ve mastered this journey called “life”

Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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