From the Desk of the Headmaster

It is almost goodbye to the tenth month of the year and to the last of the ‘thirties’ which actually means there are only 30 academic school days left until the end of this academic year.  Let us together ensure that these remaining days are so rewarding for all partners at DPHS.


We are already under way to preparing for next year so that our academic, sporting, cultural and general events held yearly, are recorded well in advance.  This calendar is rapidly filling up will all staff already focusing ahead with their hands-on planning to ensure that DPHS enjoys yet another successful and rewarding year in 2020.

I thus share with you now that the school year begins next year on Wednesday 15 January so please make your holiday arrangements well ahead of time ie – please respect that your child is expected at school on this date and not a day/s later.  It is so important that your child and his family can be present to enjoy the first day and week back at school, in his new grade with his teacher and class friends.  As you know, the Prep extra mural activities also begin immediately so no boy should be missing out on these opportunities to challenge for the respective teams.

Please respond positively to this advance notification so that 2020 ignites with all hands on deck ready for the exciting challenges of the New Year.


I am grateful and impressed with families who did relay the message on to their son to visit me in the office with the ‘secret-code’ word ie – “Proudly Prep”.  This proved to me that there are family members who read this weekly presentation and I again encourage these loyal supporters and other readers of this edition to please send their son to me tomorrow for another reward.  It was a moment to cherish when those boys arrived so proudly to announce that their parents had shared the content of the Patter with them and that they know the code.

I look forward to this amount doubling-up now and each week thereafter.

The secret code for this week is:

“From small beginnings better fortunes follow.”

Please make sure that your son visits me in the office tomorrow as his ‘reward’ is waiting.


It is so encouraging to be able to announce and acknowledge the result and success of our boys each week.  By this I refer to the boys who have been recently selected for National/Provincial and District teams and boys who have achieved in their extra-mural activities/fixtures.  I personally compliment the coaches and boys in their resounding victories as a school over Clifton this past week with our Prep teams producing many amazing results.  I would like to highlight the 2nd team for their score of 323 for 5 wickets in 35 overs with Trisan Uys scoring a magnificent 171 runs to ensure a comfortable victory for Prep.

I expect the school to continue with this standard of excellence in our many fixtures against Merchiston this week/end.  There is always a healthy rivalry in these fixtures played in Durban and Pietermaritzburg and the same competition is expected now.  Whilst I am referring to Merchiston I also call on the DPHS community to pay respects to the Headmaster of Merchiston Mr Dave Beetar who was rushed in to hospital for a double- bypass heart operation this past weekend.  He is in a stable condition but it has been a shock for the family and the school.  Please keep Mr Beetar in our combined Prep prayers so that he makes a speedy recovery and is blessed with great health going forward.



Thursday 24 (tomorrow)   –        2020 budget presentation to parents – 18h30

Friday 25/Saturday 26       –        Cricket vs Merchiston

Wednesday 30                  –        JP Concert for Senior Citizens

Thursday 31                     –        JP Grade 3 Concert – 18h00


Friday 1                           –        DPHS Mothers ‘Headmasters’ Tea

Thursday 7                       –        Staff / Sport Representatives / Scholarships – photographs

Friday 8/Saturday 9 Cricket vs Glenwood Prep

Monday 11                       –        Grade 6 and 7 Standardised Testing Programme begins

More reminders to follow in the Prep Patters.


It was a proudly South African and Prep assembly held at school last Friday with Grade 5 Fisher hosting an outstanding ‘World Cup’ presentation.  The entire school celebrated with the theme of the assembly by being dressed on their South African support kit.  I firstly on behalf of DPHS congratulate our Springboks on reaching the semi-finals that will be played against Wales on Sunday.

To show our loyal and continued support, I hereby inform the school that Friday will again be a Springbok dress up day following the same dress format as previous Friday dress codes.  Go Bokke.


Waste their opportunities in these last 30 school days. Remain positively and actively involved in those next 30 days.
Miss out on the ‘Prep Patter’ rewards. Visit me in the office with the ‘secret code’ words from the Prep Patter.
Weaken in their team and individual efforts ahead. Build on their team and overall performances each week.
Let their focus slip in the academic programme. Give their academic responsibilities their full attention.
Stay away from school. Attend school for each remaining day of 2019.


JP      –        Vaughan Radley               –         Gr 2 Martin

SP      –        John-Allan Harding           –         Gr 4 Miloszewski


I hereby, on behalf of the school wish all families a peaceful, joyous and happy Diwali


“Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save –they just stand there shining”


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