From the Desk of the Headmaster – 14 October 2020

It is wonderful to see the school back operating close to our 100% attendance on a daily basis.
Let me express my personal gratitude to staff, boys and parents for making this return to school happen with such smooth functionality.
It is even more encouraging to observe how each partner at school is enjoying being together each day.  When I visited the boys in class, I called on them to respect this week as the “friendship” week where everyone can make the extra effort to connect and enjoy the camaraderie and goodwill amongst each other which also includes the staff.   This has been a most rewarding period to note that our “Prep boys – our lighthouses – are back shining brightly.”  Here we go Prep – let’s go! for the remaining 39 school days of the 2020 academic year.
I also remind you of the National holiday break with school closing for one week next Friday 23 October through until the return on Monday 2 November.
Break up day closing times:
10h30          –        Grade R
10h45          –        Junior Primary
11h00          –        Senior Primary

We welcome the recent announcement for schools to re-introduce an activities programme for the children.  Our boys and staff have looked so forward to being out on the fields exercising and having fun in our newly designed extra mural programme that caters for the wide variety of interests.  This return has seen our boys attending early morning swimming and fitness drills before school, swimming and PE lessons during the day and then a choice of activities during the day and then a choice of activities during the after school programme.
If your son has not yet attended, then please encourage him to do so urgently judging by the keen interest and sweaty bodies which is so great to see.
Thank you to all partners – A Proudly Prep effort!

Please make sure that your son still has his “health” reply slip in hand for screening in the morning.  We have, as you will have noticed, streamlined the entry format to speed up the process whilst still respecting all protocols.  However, one forgotten slip now slows down the entire process as the staff member has to complete the form whilst the rest of the boys in line are waiting.
Reminder:  Keep these slips in the car – with the request that the slip is completed at home and not on arrival at school when parking.

We do hope that you are enjoying the virtual JP/SP interviews taking place with the respective staff members throughout this week.  Please ensure that you do not miss your opportunity to interact and then again to report back to the family and most important to your son.  Time is flying past each day so I urge you to please implement and maintain the constructive guidance that has been shared as we all prepare for the important academic finale.  Boys are to be prepared for the responsibilities relating to their personal academic achievements which means that constant application, full attention during lessons, daily attendance and a positive work ethic are paramount at this stage of the year.


  • Gates open and screening commences at 6h50.
  • Gates close on the ringing of the bell at 7h25.

–  Please respect the starting time for school by adjusting the early morning routine at home to allow each boy to enjoy a relaxed start to each day.  This punctuality for school must be a priority for each family.  Once again we as a school applaud the vast majority of our families who have given this matter their full attention.

I will be re-introducing our Mr Prep of the week in each JP/SP phase officially from next week.  It is so pleasing to note that there are going to be so many serious challenges for this honour in each class as our boys have responded to the call to maintain our levels of excellence in appearance – ie. polished shoes, garters in socks, clean uniform, the wearing of our Prep cap, the use of the sunhat at break time as well as the correct haircut/style namely short back and sides with no mop of hair on top.
Mr Prep (for this week spotted by Mr Wilson personally to re-launch Mr Prep into our school.

Grade 1        Caeden Murugass             Gr 1LA

Grade 2        Noah Deeb                       Gr 2JE

Grade 3        Kyungsoo Kim                  Gr 3VE

Grade 4        Coby Forster                    Gr 4SCH

Grade 5        Matthew Southwood         Gr 5TH

Grade 6        Yahya Moolla                   Gr 6HA

Grade 7        Ntsika Mkize                     Gr 7JA


“You can’t fall if you don’t climb. But there’s no joy in living your whole life in the ground.”

Kind regards
Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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